As if the changing leaves, fall weather, and exam stress weren’t enough to keep you excited about relationships, Scorpio season is all about stability for you, Aries.
This season, Scorpio will encourage you to analyze your relationships and the security they bring you. You are probably thinking about your romantic relationships, but also trying to examine other relationships in your life.
Wildly independent by nature, Aries should practice trusting others and letting them get the job done. You’d be surprised at how much “letting go” and trusting your relationships can help strengthen existing bonds and create new ones.


Scorpio season, as expected, brightens up your relationships. To sum up this month for you in three words: Just. To do. This. Now is the time to send that risky text, crush the beef with your ex, or finally try to get a VIP Queens card from Junior.
Thinking of going to an old connection? Do it. Taurus, use this time to focus on the relationships that matter most to you, or to try to rekindle those that once did.


This month, the determined energy of Scorpio encourages you to take this time to restructure your routines and adopt healthier habits. You tend to focus on other people’s lives rather than your own, so take this time to focus on yourself, Gemini.
If you’ve been feeling like you’ve neglected yourself recently, take the opportunity to explore the effectiveness of routines and try to fit relaxing activities into your busy schedule. Although you enjoy being the life of the party, maybe cut the party down to enjoy a night out every now and then.


Now is the perfect time to be Cancer! Cancer and Scorpio are the two most compatible signs, and as Scorpio enters your fifth house, your pleasure and creativity are at an all time high.
This month should be a month marked by passion and new and exciting relationships. The dating scene is on fire for you this month, Cancer, but try to focus on not only all the great love you are having, but the other things that bring you joy in life as well.


Feel nostalgic? It’s a month of reflection for you, Leo. It Can Be Painful Don’t be afraid of old feelings and memories that might resurface for you – embrace them. Express your gratitude for them. Embracing your baggage is growth, and growth is the human experience.


All you need to relax is the moment. The Scorpio theme brightens your communication area, so difficult or awkward conversations can be a little easier this month.
Start taking up space in the conversation. If you don’t often raise your hand in class, challenge yourself to speak up this month. This month, you may feel more inclined to open up and connect with the people around you. If you allow it, this month offers you the opportunity to understand yourself better and to understand others better.


Money, money, money. It’s the root of all evil, but you Libra can be financially successful this month. Now is a great time to start investing for you, but unfortunately as broke students most of us don’t have that luxury.

If you’re broke like me, this month is all about savings, so don’t be afraid to start exploring other sources of income or finding a part-time job.


Scorpio, now is a time of rebirth for you. As you begin this next cycle around the sun, it can be beneficial to start looking ahead. Where do you want to be this time next year? Each passing anniversary is another chance to start all over again, so take advantage of this resurrection time.


Your mentality of living fast and dying is in direct conflict with the intimate and emotional nature of Scorpio. This is not in itself a bad thing, as the intense feelings that Scorpio brings can force you to recognize past attachments and see situations in a different light. You may be holding onto some anger. This month, try to allow Scorpio’s introspective tendencies to help you work through these subconscious conflicts.


Capricorn, the Scorpio season invites you to devote more time and energy to those who matter most to you. Your ambitious nature can help you in your professional life, but be careful not to neglect other areas of life such as your social life. Even someone as hard-working and dedicated as you sometimes deserves a break. Additionally, life is all about balance, and to have balance you need to be balanced in all aspects.


Aquarius, this season you will experience intensity in your work or professional life. All eyes are on you this month, so don’t be afraid of the recognition. If you are doing well, now is the time to take advantage of the recognition for all your efforts.
If you’re not doing very well at work, this might be a good time to step up the pace and try to impress your boss or coworkers. Either way, you are being watched this month by the public, Aquarius, so be careful.


This month is all about new experiences for you, Pisces. Scorpio season is all about new and exciting experiences, so try to challenge your pre-existing beliefs and thought patterns this year. Continue to keep an open mind, and you might be surprised at what can happen when you broaden your horizons.


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