What They Think The Signs Are Vs How They Really Are

Faces we see, personalities we do not know. There are many people who go through life-making ideas about us, although in reality they are not even close to our essence. In the signs of the zodiac it is very common to be labeled, let your apparent dark side be the one that defines you, and where is what you really are? They say that what people talk about you speaks more about them than about you. You are not always what others believe.

1.- Aries

The ram of the zodiac, the one that has Mars on its side and the fire in every pore of its skin. There are many people who describe Aries as an impulsive being, who does not think much before making a decision. And it is that he has a temperamental, honest, brave and unexpected part of doing things. However, that does not mean that he is irresponsible, on the contrary, when Aries sets a goal he does not take his finger off the line easily. He has ambition, courage and that becomes inspiration to achieve what he wants, it is not that he does not commit himself, it is that few are capable of meeting his standards.


Taurus is an Earth sign, the Bull that they always describe as a fool, the one who does not know how to deal with everyone and the one who can knock down anyone who gets in his way. However, Venus is your ruling planet and it also has a romantic side. Taurus is special because he is not willing to open the doors of his life to just anyone. He is the one who gives himself to those who give him confidence, strength and have patience in the soul. It is a sign that gives you balance, when it comes to your days it fills you with light, it does not want to see you fall, on the contrary, it encourages you to fly as high as you can.

3.- Gemini

Gemini is an air sign, that is the reason why few can with his so changing part, he does not sit idly by, when something does not fill him he simply decides to turn the page. It is as strong as its planet Mercury, which also gives it that communicative part and the ease of speaking with anyone in its path. They all say that he is not committed and that he can be very cruel. But no one talks about your intellect, the way you need that person to meet your expectations to really tie yourself up. Few talk about Geminis showing their dark side only when they tear him apart.

4.- Cancer

As unpredictable as its element, water. Cancer is the sign that everyone describes as someone who is exaggerated, the one who seems to have no right to cry, to express everything that burdens his heart. It is the Moon that governs him and that is the reason why his feelings are a roller coaster ride. Yes, he is temperamental, but what about his loyalty? The way this sign honors bonds is impressive, it is very deep when it comes to love and family is first of all. Cancer may be in pieces, but even with cracks, he decides to help the one next door.

5.- Leo

Impulsive, rebellious and self-centered. It’s very easy to talk about Leo when you don’t really know him. When you have no idea how much it took him to get to where he is. Yes, it has a power that scares, because its element is fire and the Sun is the one who governs it, they cannot expect it to go through life lowering its guard. Few speak of the times when Leo inspires, when his ambition becomes just what the other needed. Few say that behind an apparent arrogant soul lies a huge solidarity heart. Leo is balance, love and charisma, not everyone can handle it.

6.- Virgo

Perfectionist, demanding and not very romantic. Virgo is not for personalities who are used to acting out of other people. He is the one who needs to go through life taking meticulous steps and cannot surrender his emotions to everyone who speaks beautifully to him. It is an Earth sign, so it prefers to be selective before falling into the wrong arms. They criticize him for following his logical part so much, because there are few people who have entered his heart, those who have discovered his loyal, generous and kind part. He does not care what the majority thinks, he cares about the opinion of those he loves.

7.- Libra

An air sign, ruled by the orders of Venus. They say that he is indecisive, that it is difficult for him to commit himself, that he changes his mind overnight. They say that you don’t focus on just one thing and that stress is your worst enemy. Yes, Libra is not perfect, but they say that you can have a hundred good things, but if you do a bad thing, they only stay with that. Yet few speak of the goodness in their hearts, how hard they try to see the people they love smile. The way you do everything in your power to avoid conflict. Libra loves harmony.

8.- Scorpio

A water sign, a sign that listens to the orders of Mars and Pluto. Scorpio is the one who has earned a reputation for thinking about revenge all day. The impetuous, the temperamental, the cold. Those who dare to describe it that way is because they have not taken the time to go further or perhaps it is because they hurt him and showed them his worst side. However, Scorpio is love, it is the most dedicated sign you can know. It is intense, yes, but it is given to those who are capable of giving them security. Scorpio is looking for someone who is not afraid of commitment, who has the courage to love.

9.- Sagittarius

Sagittarius is synonymous with fire, it has Jupiter on its side and that is the reason why these steps are threatening for most. They say that it is the sign that avoids commitment, the one that does not want to love deeply. They describe it as wild and unstable, but… few realize the way it shines all the time, the way it doesn’t settle for crumbs. Sagittarius knows that dreams can come true. He is a lover of fun, of adventure, of everything that makes his heart beat. It is not that he does not commit himself, it is that the right person has not arrived and he is not going to settle for the wrong one.

10.- Capricorn

An Earth sign, governed by the changes of Saturn. Capricorn is like that, one who dares to describe as someone who has no heart, who is always thinking about work, material, someone full of ambition. Yes, your expectations may be too much for the rest, but Capricorn has a unique, strong, balanced soul, he is the one who prefers to think about it a thousand times, but always has the certainty that it is the right thing to do. It is not that he does not have a heart, it is that he prefers to follow logic before ending up giving everything for someone who is not worth it. It is not his fault that his wisdom is not for everyone.

11.- Aquarius

An air sign, ruled by Uranus and Saturn. A sign that they describe as someone devoid of emotions, the one who disappears out of nowhere and is not capable of truly surrendering. Yes, Aquarius has a rebellious soul, he evades everything in his own world, but that does not mean that he has no feeling. The way he loves is unique, but he will not do it with anyone, the problem is that there are many who end up falling in love, but the same does not happen to him, is he to blame for that? No, he prefers to be honest with himself and move on until someone who is capable of loving without judgment arrives.

12.- Pisces

A water sign, ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. People believe that all the time they are dreaming, that anyone can reach their days and do whatever they want with their emotions. He believes that his sensitivity is synonymous with being manipulated because his empathy seems to know no limits. However, behind all that romantic and dedicated personality hides a wise soul, the one that is able to follow its intuition and that will do what is in its power to fulfill its objectives. Pisces is sweet, but once you get upset about not receiving the same, forget it there is no going back.


What They Think The Signs Are Vs How They Really Are

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