What The Zodiac Signs Expect From 2021


Aries, you are one of the most straightforward people in the world, you like to say whatever you think in the face and live because you think this is the best way to avoid misunderstandings. You have waited all this year for others to be like you and you can wait to sit down because that will never happen. There are people in this world who prefer to beat around the bush and be silent to avoid any problems. Stop waiting for this because it will never come.


Taurus, you’ve always known what you wanted in your life. You like to live your life in a calm and peaceful way. You are brave, but when it comes to throwing yourself in and doing crazy things, it’s hard for you to take the plunge. That’s why you’ve been waiting until 2021 for that special someone to take the step for you and you’re starting to be happy together. Taurus, it’s December, you’ve been waiting for this all year, so don’t wait any longer and if you see that this person isn’t taking the step, just do it yourself.


Gemini, you are fed up with everyone judging you without stopping for a single second to meet you. Everyone talks about you without knowing it and you are fed up with everyone telling you that you have a double face. You’ve been waiting until 2021 for people to stop by to meet you and realize once and for all that you’re not double-sided, there are just things you’d rather not say to yourself because you know you are. would trigger chaos. You are a very caring person which is different from being a fake double-sided person.


Cancer, you still worry about other people, but you can’t see that other people care about you and the truth is, you start to get sick of being the same old fool. Have you been waiting all year 2021 for someone to ask ‘is something wrong? »Because yes, yes it happens to you. You are fed up that no one cares about your feelings and you have decided to stop surrounding yourself with toxic people who are just staring at your belly button and you are going to start caring only about yourself.


Leo, you always give advice to others and consider them all to be good, but maybe you should think about it again because it seems like it’s not like that. You waited all year 2021 for some of your advice to work to say “I told you so”. Obviously, you don’t want the people around you to hurt you, but you’d like to say this phrase before the year is out and it looks like the right time will never come.


Virgo, you like to care about the people you love the most. You feel great satisfaction to see that your loved ones are always safe and, above all, happy. You do your best to make it work, but your loved ones ignore your worries and live their lives to the limit without worrying about a thing. You’ve waited until 2021 for those “I’m home” messages to be able to sleep peacefully, but your loved ones are not doing their part.


Libra, you love movie love stories, you’ve waited until 2021 for a fairytale love story that doesn’t exist and you need to get your feet on the ground. You like to feel like you’re in love, but to be in love, you’re going to have to lower your expectations a bit. Don’t be satisfied with anything, but neither can you dream of impossible things. Open your eyes and be aware of what is there.


Scorpio, you are a super passionate person, everyone knows that. You like to express your passion in all areas of your life. That’s why you’ve been waiting until 2021 for the perfect moment to unleash all the passion you have inside you with that special someone, but someone doesn’t show up and you start to despair. Scorpio, stay calm you still have all of December. Of course, don’t rest on your laurels and go out and find that person to give you that spicy moment you deserve.


Sagittarius, you like to live on the limit, you have unforgettable experiences all year round, but nothing is enough for you, you always want more. You’ve been waiting all year for the perfect experience to unleash all the adrenaline in you. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you and pay attention to your interior. You are about to have this experience, so don’t give up hope. Put everything on your side.


Capricorn, you like to do things right and that’s why you take your time. Things that are done quickly and quickly you know they don’t lead to any good. You’ve been waiting until 2021 for the opportunity to show off all the talent you have in yourself, but you just can’t find the right time. Stop making excuses and start showing your worth, you can’t go on like this.


Aquarius, you are a super curious person, you are always learning new things because you like the feeling of bringing new knowledge to that special intelligence that you have. You’ve been waiting until 2021 for the opportunity to show everything you know, but you never find the perfect situation to start talking and leave everyone speechless.


Pisces, you hate that everyone is judging the way you express your feelings. You are fed up with not being able to express your feelings the way you would like for fear that everyone will point them out to you. You’ve been waiting for all this 2021 for the opportunity to find someone you can let off steam with and who doesn’t judge you for it. We each feel things in a different way and if you feel them much more intensely, it is not your problem or that of others. Everyone to get involved in their own business.



What The Zodiac Signs Expect From 2021

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