Chinese horoscope follows the lunar year that will begin from January 25, 2020, and end on February 11, 2021. The Chinese zodiac follows a 12-year cycle with each year represented by a specific animal. 2020 is the year of the White Metal Rat and it will affect the 12 zodiac signs differently. 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, and 2008 were also the years of the rat previously.

The Chinese New Year is celebrated just like Christmas where families come together to spend time. There is no fixed date for the Chinese New Year as it follows the lunar calendar. However, it usually falls between January 21st and February 20th of the Gregorian calendar, according to Travel China Guide.

Let’s take a look at what 2020 will bring for you:

1. Rat

The social and charming rat has a good time coming their way but they have to grab the opportunity before it leaves. The first three months of the year are the perfect time to bring in some changes. This will be a year of trying new things and meeting new people. Since this is your year enjoy it as much as you can without forgetting about the “real” world. You will be blessed with good company and good times.

2. Ox

The dependable Ox is someone who is relentless. They don’t rest until they have achieved their goal and this year will test them, but not harshly. They will need to put a little extra effort physically and mentally to go after a better future. The past year may have been difficult and you can change it around in the coming year. You might need to sacrifice some time to ensure that in the coming year, you have everything you dream for.

3. Tiger

The tiger has leadership qualities like no other. They are organized and meticulous people who are generally on top of things and this year will be smooth sailing because of those qualities. They will have things under control in all aspects of their life, like family, relationships, work, and health. The coming year is a great time to make new friends who are positive and inspiring. They will help you and introduce you to newer arenas that you didn’t know you were capable of.

4. Rabbit

The efforts you put into your home and life in 2019 will directly affect you in 2020. You might have to continue working on some of those things into the next year and see them to completion. While you were probably floundering a bit last year, you have a handle on it this year and know exactly how to go forward. The sweet and sincere rabbit will have a good time on the home front. Your relationships with your partners and other family members will seem easier.

5. Dragon

Generally, you feel that drama follows you but this year will be a peaceful time where you get to spend more time with yourself. While you are aware that you dream big, this year you will know how to set realistic goals. You are much more aware of what your strengths and weaknesses are and you will likely be working on honing your plus points. Your ability to make friends might help you meet the right person too.

6. Snake

The intelligent, determined, and ambitious but shy snake is going to have an easier year than 2019. You will find support in unlikely places and that might surprise you. While good things might happen more often than not this year, it will also require you to be more involved. You might feel a sense of ease from within as well and it will give you a sense of freedom. So, you can be at the helm of everything that you take up.

7. Horse

You are most likely to be the person who dislikes surprises and sudden changes but this year will test your ability to adapt to change. It will work in your favor if you take up the challenges that the year poses. You might be thrown at the deep end and will have to learn to swim quickly. You are a free spirit who loves their space and you also like to go at your own pace. Embrace change this year to find prosperity and happiness.

8. Goat

The soft and gentle goat can be passive sometimes and this year they will need to be more spontaneous. You might find yourself becoming more private this year to work on self-growth, which is where most of the changes will happen for you. You will look towards transforming yourself into a better version and the year of the white metal rat will be in your favor. You might find yourself finding new friends and family.

9. Monkey

The light-hearted, intelligent, and positive monkey will have many new beginnings that will make you more optimistic about the future. You will usher in changes in your life because you get restless with the same old things. You will find more excitement in your life this year as you work on yourself. On the home front, there will be much news of joy and changes too. It will make you closer to your family because they will seek your support.

10. Rooster

The trustworthy and detail-oriented rooster will have an emotional 2020. Not just your daily life but your romantic life too will call for higher emotional involvement. This will be a great time to communicate your needs to your partner and hear about theirs too. You might be called on to weigh in on difficult matters and the decision could alter your life. They will be important decisions for which you will have to stay strong.

11. Dog

You might find things changing subtly in your life at the beginning of the year and while you might crave major changes, especially if you have been working towards them, be patient. The results will show up towards the second half of the year. The friendly and trustworthy dog should focus on being themselves with everyone this year as that will help them succeed. Your loved ones will be happy to accept you as you are.

12. Pig

This is a bittersweet time for this zodiac sign. You will find yourself a lot more in tune with your family and partner, but some instances of conflicts could arise. However, don’t be disappointed. With good communication skills, those issues can be solved easily. On other fronts, you might have an easier time than 2019 going ahead as people will recognize your talents and skills. Take care of yourself a little more this year.


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