What The Women Of The Zodiac Don’t Want You To Know

There are women who prefer to be themselves, with a thousand defects, but without following the falsehoods of the rest by pretending something they are not. Nobody in this world is perfect and there are certain traits in our personality that put us between a rock and a hard place. Sometimes you have no choice but to be meticulous because not everyone is ready for your unfiltered version. It’s not that you’re lying, it’s just that you don’t want them to know certain things. Here’s what Zodiac women don’t want you to know:


She is not going to tell you that there are times when life weighs heavily on her and putting one foot out of bed becomes an unstoppable battle. Aries keeps many things to himself because he does not want to deal with someone who does not have the ability to understand him, he does not need you to solve his life, but it would not be bad if you put yourself in his shoes for a moment. She can be a sweet woman, but also cruel, it depends on the place you give her in your days and the way you treat her. She is a master of resentment when she proposes it to her, don’t expect her to pretend that nothing is wrong, because she doesn’t forget things. Please, if you are only going to play with his heart, find someone else, because if you try he will show you his worst version.


She can be charming, polite, and with insight that grabs you. It really becomes very relaxing to talk with Taurus, because his intelligence is evidenced in each of his words. He is the one who does not get hooked on the past, stays with the lessons, and keeps moving forward. Without a doubt, his company illuminates, those people who awaken in you the desire to be better in everything. Although there is a special trait in his personality, let’s say that his temper does not listen to reasons, and when he explodes it is better that they move away because he does not touch his heart a bit. Taurus, angry is very intense, it hits you where it hurts the most and it hardly regrets it, so be careful.


She is very firm in what she wants in life. It may seem contradictory to some because you change your mind overnight, but it is for the same reason. Geminis are not going to stay in a place where they do not feel comfortable, because they know that they are here to be happy and not to suffer. She is not going to keep quiet, she says things in the most honest way possible, without fear of the consequences and without caring if someone else ends up crying. What should be very clear to you is that he does not give you second chances, do not think that forgiving yourself is synonymous with the fact that you will return to his life. Gemini says goodbye to you and throws away the piece you had in their puzzle. There’s no more.


She is very interesting because nobody really knows her completely. There are even times when her own attitudes surprise her. It is a whirlwind of emotions that fills you with love today and tomorrow does not want you to be too close. However, there is something she does not want you to know, she is a goddess when it comes to making someone feel bad. Don’t get it wrong, it doesn’t mean it hurts for fun, but if you hurt him you’re going to have to deal with his ability to put you in your place. He has the gift of touching your weakest emotions and making you feel guilty no longer. Be very careful about awakening that side of Cancer.


She is the woman who the day she decided what her life would be like, she also realized that she would not give in to the requests of others. He understood how much he is worth and he no longer plans to settle in any area. He has a very determined side, when he sets out to launch himself to the success he does so even if his knees shake with fear. That is why what he does not want you to know is that his standards are very high. If as a partner, friend, or family member, you are not benefiting him, he really does not have a need to deal with you. He will not hesitate for a second to put you to the test, if you do not show that you are worthy of being by his side it is better that you leave. Don’t waste his time.


She is used to things happening the way she plans. It’s not on a whim, it’s just that you spend too much time and energy pursuing a strategy to allow anyone to come into your life and try to make decisions that are not theirs. She is a very brave woman, but also intelligent, she really is very attached to what her logical side tells her and that is why she is able to leave her emotions for later. If you hurt him, don’t be surprised that he realizes it much sooner than you think. Virgo will not forgive you for a bad move, what he most detests is that they try to see his face.


She is the woman who seems to need no one because she is tired of so many disappointments and no longer wants to continue putting her heart at risk. She is brave, dedicated, and very passionate. However, few people are going to get to know their sweetest and most vulnerable side. What women of this sign do not want you to know is that they are not the type to attack the first time, if you hurt them they will probably not say anything at the moment. But, when you least think about it, they will remind you in detail of what you did to them and that is when you will end up begging and they will ignore you.


She is no longer scared of being called crazy, mysterious, and unpredictable. You are more scared of being manipulated and giving the best of your emotions to the wrong person. She has long learned that there are cruel people and that most of them enjoy being double-faced to get what they want. She is very strong and her character is not going to allow her to be hurt. What he doesn’t want you to know, though, is that he’s not afraid of revenge. If you really hurt her deeply, you have to prepare yourself for the grudge she may hold in her heart. You need to take it out and drop it, but it won’t go away before giving you the lesson of your life.


She is independent, she loves knowing that no one dominates her and that every madness that passes through her mind is possible, as long as she sets her mind to it. She is a very dedicated woman and does not go through life looking for problems, but that does not mean that she will allow you to see her face. Sagittarius does not want you to know that he is not going to beg you even if he dies of love for you.  She prefers to put her self-esteem above all else. If for some reason you lost it, you will regret it, because it is not one of those who are thrown to lose, on the contrary, work on being much better than before.


She is hardworking, smart, and doesn’t let her emotions speak for her. She is one of the sweetest women in the zodiac, but with the fingers of one hand, she tells people that she allows them to see how valuable her heart is. What she doesn’t want you to know is that her patience has an expiration date and she’s not willing to tolerate any nonsense on your part. When he realizes that he can’t trust someone like you, he just says goodbye to you. He is not there to wait for anyone, if you want to be in his life show it because he will not lose other opportunities for you.


At first glance, you are left with the idea that Aquarius does not have time to invest in bickering. The truth is, she hates being involved in gossip, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to allow her image to be damaged at will. What he doesn’t want you to know is that he also has a beast inside him. It is not the sweet little popcorn that everyone believes, if you make its explosive side activate you are going to have to be prepared to deal with its cruel side because it can curse so ruthlessly that you will end up begging. Aquarius is loving, but when bad energies are present, she stops them without thinking.


She is a woman who gives herself from romanticism, has a charming, empathetic, and very supportive side. Pisces likes to truly love and her energy is felt from the first moment you meet her, but there are times when her calmness is put to the test and she has no choice but to set limits, no matter that it means getting people out of her way. his life. What he doesn’t want you to know is that when an idea pops into his head, it doesn’t stop him. Pisces, will tell you things without hesitation and it does not matter if your tears are present, what he wants is for you to think twice before hurting his heart. The best thing is that you do not put it to the test.


What The Women Of The Zodiac Don't Want You To Know

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