Everyone has their hobbies, in love, at work, with relationships, and the signs also have them on their first dates. It is very clear that there is an exception and that not 100% of Aries will act in the same determined way. In the end, we are not only the sun sign but there are many more energies within us that influence us all the time. But it is true that there is a common energy in each of the signs, although later, due to other factors, it becomes more marked or more diffuse in people. As we said, sure you know someone who is the exception but in general, this is what the signs will not do on the first date: 


It is not that Aries does not accept that you invite him, it is not that he does not like it, it is not that he does not appreciate it … But on a first date he does not always like that the other person pays for everything and will have that impulse to invite or if not, to divide.


If the time comes to jump in, Taurus will be embarrassed to do it publicly, he will prefer to keep his kisses private and not give everything all of a sudden. Of course, at some point it has been launched but always with shame. Better, alone.


Despite being super chameleonic, he has it very clear, from that first date, Geminis refuses to pretend to get something. In fact, it is more, sometimes it sins to count of more in that first time. From minute one, he / she is himself / herself, although at some point later, he / she regrets.


Cancer will always look for a way to leave if it feels that there is no chemistry so, it will be rare that it depends on the other person. Surely he has already looked for a thousand plans to escape from there if the thing does not work out. You may take your own car or have the taxi number saved or know all the times of public transport to leave alone. Just in case…


It’s not that Leo refuses to take the first step. If it has to be done, it gets done. But it is true that he will wait for the other person to give it. You like to feel persecuted and desired. A lot of. Maybe on the second date he will go, but on the first he will prefer that you do it.


Virgo will not always speak up on the first date, in fact, they will feel quite awkward if the other person is quiet and just wants to listen. You value very much that that person knows how to listen (many lack this quality) but they need them to talk and listen. Virgo won’t tell you about his life on a first date.


Libra will not be the type to keep anything inside. It is more even if it makes you look vulnerable. It will let go of what it is feeling, with the danger that instead of being vulnerable it may be too spontaneous. This is a quality that is usually liked, but not everyone takes it well. A Libra at that moment that scares you, it will not give him the same.


You won’t get too serious, you really don’t want to scare anyone on a first date. He will joke and the truth is that he will not tell anything too deep. You may talk about your life yes, but you will know exactly what to say. The more confident you are, the more you will count.


Sagi refuses to do things he does not want, something too quiet can bore him but he will not want to get drunk and give it his all. He will want to get to know you and he will want to do well. You can have a first date at home but always with some action.


Capri refuses to lie, that is clear to her. He can be a strategist in a lot of moments in life but on a first date, he goes with the truth ahead and without games. He will be brutally honest, even if he is rejected. It is clear to him.


On a first date, you would rather meet in a public place than lock yourself in his house (or yours). You need to see how they behave outside and also have enough confidence to be alone with that person. You are more of staying in a terrace, or restaurant or even a park bench …


Pisces refuses to go on a date that is too busy, he wants to go somewhere where he can talk, where he can really get to know you. Someplace where you can find peace, where you can let go, where you can talk about what worries you, what doesn’t, and what you want. He will not express all his feelings to you but he will let you get to know him a little.


What The Signs Will Not Do On The First Appointment

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