What The Signs Will Never Do

What The Signs Will Never Do

This is how it is, in the end, you get used to it even if everything around you is rotten. There comes a point where you have to keep walking through the garbage and smile. However, the fact that you associate with negative people does not mean that you are the same. There are certain things that zodiac signs will never do, even if mixed with the worst in this world. As they say out there, without grudges, but with memory. It sure has happened to you. What the signs will never do:


Yes, it can be an intense, impulsive sign, the one that doesn’t have time to think about it but does have time to listen to its heart. They may be proud, but they don’t let their guard down easily and one thing they would never do is pretend. They are true to themselves, to their convictions, to those dreams that they have been carrying since childhood. Aries will always try, but he is not going to dress in something that he is not, he needs to have the confidence that he is doing what he likes. At the moment that he gives you his friendship, his love as a couple, or that family loyalty, there is no more, he will be in the good times and the bad. Aries does not have the need to dress in hypocrisy, that is left for those who do not value themselves one bit.


For Taurus there are no grays, he does not accept white lies, because he believes that the moment someone starts to lie, no matter how small, the vase already begins to fill with cracks and it will never be the same again. Taurus is persistent, he knows that it is very difficult to find honest people, but he does not lose hope. It is the sign that he prefers a thousand times two genuine friends, that a lot of people smile next to him and then go and talk behind his back. Taurus does not have time for such childishness, he wants transparent souls, those who are not afraid of losing as long as they show themselves as they are. He is brave because he prefers to embrace his loneliness rather than betray himself. He hates lies because he has lived firsthand the way in which your soul is torn apart by so much pain and he does not intend to be one more.


Call it cold, changeable, call it what you want. Gemini has long since decided that he is not going to get hooked on what is not worth it, people who do not deserve his tears, his time, or the best version of him. It is a very meticulous sign when it comes to giving the heart and something that he will never do is trust in the extreme. That is to say, he is not willing to stick his hands in the fire for anyone, because life has taught him that even the brightest and sweetest soul of his day can be the cruelest. Gemini needs to check that he is with someone trustworthy, he doesn’t care about the many words that can be promised, he wants to see the facts. Otherwise, they’re going to have to settle for the careful version of him, the one where he can’t just say ‘I love you.


If there is someone brave when it comes to love, it is Cancer. It is a sign that has a thousand stories to tell. The one who has had to wipe his tears full of pain after a disappointment. The same one that one day he believed that everything would be perfect and they betrayed him in the worst way. Yes, with everything and that pile of scars he keeps throwing himself into the ring because his soul does not stop believing that there is real love. What Cancer would never do is lower his guard, he is not willing to put an end to matters of the heart. He will try as many times as necessary because he has learned that the fact that the other is not ready to love is not because he is not enough. He will go more cautiously now, but he will not stop.


They say that Leo has an ego beyond the sky, that he is not satisfied with anything, and that his demands make more than one tremble. And so, I could go on with a whole list, but the truth is that there are few who truly know the face of a Leo. Sometimes, this sign allows people to talk, to make up their own minds because they don’t intend to defend themselves against someone who is so close. However, those who have the privilege of having the friendship of a Leo know that it is not a game, that from the first moment they are loyal and that no matter what they are doing if someone needs them, they are there. Leo will never speak ill of a friend or pay him back with treason. One of the things he values ​​most is friendship and it is very special to choose, he is not going to ruin it just for the sake of it.


Like everyone, Virgo has flaws, which he does not think to justify, but he strives every day to improve those parts. The problem is that many describe him as stubborn as if he doesn’t have the ability to admit when he makes a mistake. Virgo knows that he is not perfect, but he does have a frightening pride, that even with himself he is very cruel, but that does not mean that he cannot lower his gaze from time to time. Deep down, he is a very kind sign, capable of putting himself in other places, and does not intend to hurt anyone. Sometimes he can seem cold, but he is not selfish, he just decides to follow the logic part. That is to say, Virgo cannot get lost in a fairy tale, he is going to land you and you may not like it, but it is real and there the only thing you can do is face it as he comes.


An indecisive, insecure sign, who has to walk very slowly in matters of the heart, because he is afraid of taking a false step and falling into the void. Without a doubt, it requires time, more than words, and deeds. Libra can’t give you the vulnerable part of her just because, she wants much more than a pretty face or an interesting conversation. However, the moment she decides to open the doors to her sensitive side, there is no turning back. That’s when she will show you the true meaning of unconditional love, no matter what happens, she will not betray you. When Libra loves, she does it from the inside, that’s why she prefers to end a bond before becoming a traitor. Do not doubt her love, if she promised you that she will not let you go, so it will be.


And yes, all Scorpios have a mysterious side, a strange connection with their witch part, the one that predicts, the one that makes the heart flutter without stopping when something goes wrong. Scorpio is a bundle of energy that doesn’t stop, stealing attention with its smile and the pleasant way it makes a conversation flow. However, one thing you will never do is ignore what your sixth sense is telling you. Yes, you can call them crazy, impulsive, and weird, but it’s not something that Scorpios care about. If something inside them tells them that this is not right, they will walk away, it does not matter if it is something they have planned for months. Scorpio does not take these things lightly, because there are many times that he has proven that he was right and that he did not have to be there for a reason.


The adventurer, the madman, the one who desperately thirsts for his words to be heard. Sagittarius is like that unexpected hug that fills you with calm, he is the person who always has the best words of encouragement, the one who reminds you how much you are worth and the many opportunities that you still have ahead of you. But something that I would not even do as a joke is makeup situations. Sometimes people don’t understand him because he goes through life without filters and says things the way he feels. Sagittarius has a huge heart, but no matter how much he loves you, he will tell you the truth, even though he knows that this is synonymous with breaking your soul and tears are present. He prefers to be the person who opens your eyes to a vile accomplice of deception.


Capricorn is a master when it comes to putting things in order in his life. What goes in the heart, stays there, and what goes in the mind too. He is very thorough when it comes to bonding with someone, but rest assured that once they consider you important, they will be. It is a sign that has enormous humility, it is capable of lowering its guard if necessary. One thing they would never do is deny someone who once shook their hand. Capricorn does not forget, even if that person paid him poorly, they may not remember him with the best of smiles, but if he helped him with that, it is enough to confirm that he will be there when that person needs him. It’s not hypocrisy, it’s gratitude.


If there is someone in this world who perfectly knows the term judging, without a doubt, we are talking about Aquarius. And it is that he has had to deal with people’s prejudices, with the erroneous way in which they make fun of him without even knowing him. Aquarius has opened the doors of his home to people who betrayed him in the worst way, but that will not change him, he will continue to be a good person. What he will never do is pretend something that is not just to be accepted. Aquarius does not need anyone’s approval, it is enough for him to believe in what he wants to launch himself into success. No matter what happens, he will remain authentic and there will be someone who understands him.


Yes, life can shake them mercilessly, their friends can betray them, and love can make fun of their emotions. All of this is something that Pisces cannot control, but that does not mean that they will become bad people. They have had to learn that they cannot always give and give because there are those who only take advantage and end up leaving terrible wounds. Pisces is love, he is the one who puts himself last in order to help the other. But something he will never do is forget, that’s when he learns the lesson when he understands that as much as he loves someone, it’s not enough for him not to hurt him. Now he knows that the problem is the other person and not him, but as good as Pisces is, he is not going to give second chances to people like that.

What The Signs Will Never Do

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