What The Signs Do When They Feel That Place Is No Longer Theirs

What The Signs Do When They Feel That Place Is No Longer Theirs

It hurts a lot when you are still next to a person and you realize that the flame has already gone out, that they are together out of habit, and that the distance is more evident every day. Zodiac signs know when to say goodbye, even if it means facing the pillow for a couple of nights crying. Letting go of conversations, photos, and moments, is synonymous with pain, but sometimes it’s the best. What the signs do when they feel that this place is no longer theirs:


You know very well that relationships have their ups and downs, and are you one of the signs that throw everything away, due to a simple misunderstanding. However, you are not going to stay to be rescuing something that is over. You leave when you feel that you are treated like another piece of furniture when the conversations are forced and the distance breaks your heart. There you know it’s better to say goodbye.


You can be the most compassionate and loving partner when you put your mind to it, but you also have a very decisive side and you don’t intend to settle for mistreatment in love. If you have to be the one who is always looking for the solution, the one who does not dare to let go, the one who gets hurt, you better not stay. A dishonest love in the long run ends up hurting twice as much and you know that you don’t deserve that. 


You are a committed soul when it comes to building a long-term relationship with your partner. Of course, you like to feel safe next to the person you love, but if their love is getting scarcer, you are not willing to beg. If he doesn’t like to say nice things to you, spend time by your side, laugh, or dance, you simply know that you no longer have anything to do with that person.


If you open your heart it is for something serious, you don’t like to play with people’s emotions and you expect the same from them. You realize that nothing has a solution anymore when they minimize your feelings. It’s not fair that you pour out your heart with your worries and the other person ignores you. Cancer, if your partner stresses you more than he loves you, you know it’s time for each of you to go your own way.


You are a very respectful person with your partner, you like to see for their well-being. You work very hard to get what you want and that’s why you enjoy it when they become supportive. However, the moment the criticism becomes constant, you know that something is not right and that you should not tolerate anyone’s indifference. For you, love is mutual, you don’t plan to settle for leftovers, you better leave. 


Although there are times when you take silence hard because you have a hard time opening your heart, you also have many things to say and you would like your partner to understand you. However, when they don’t have time for you, you start to get disappointed, Virgo,  you won’t tolerate being put at the bottom of their priority list. You are very determined, if they do not value you, you withdraw without a return ticket.


You get tired, that is the reality, because you are a too empathic sign, always looking for a way to understand the other person’s actions, even if they do things to hurt you. It hurts that they treat you as if you were a stranger and that it is only you who fights for the relationship. When everything begins to fall apart you feel it, you are too intuitive and you do not plan to stay with such a dry and bitter love. 


For you loyalty is sacred, you don’t stay with someone who betrays you even if he begs you on his knees. You know that the relationship stops being healthy when intrigues and secrets become part of every day. You are very passionate, you love intensely and it may be difficult for you to say goodbye at first, but you know that sooner or later, you will because you no longer trust the other.


Relationships for you are a support, they should not turn you off or make you feel small. Sagi, you try too hard to find your best version every day, to be broken by someone who supposedly claims to love you. You are not going to stay in a negative circle, you are here to be loved completely. You are definitely not going to deal with the traumas of someone who doesn’t want to change and takes their anger out on you.


The problem with you is that when you fall in love it is not a game, you really like to give yourself in a very dedicated way and that is why when you realize that the feeling is not reciprocal it is difficult for you to let go. However, you are not going to be the person who bends over backward to maintain something that no longer exists. It’s going to hurt a lot, but you know what’s best. Someone will come who does value your way of loving.


The last thing you want is to be with a person who makes you feel tied down, you love your independence above anything else and you enjoy following every crazy idea that your mind dictates. However, when your partner begins to say that you are crazy, that you should change your way of being, you know that you cannot stop there, because it would go against your convictions. You will not lose your essence for anyone. 


It’s true, that you don’t hide your romantic side, you love to show that you are capable of doing many things for people. However, Pisces, you protect your heart a lot, because you have already had to be with those who only want to steal your light. You do not want a selfish love, a relationship in which you give and give, but do not receive the same in return. You deserve to be loved and cared for, if they can’t give you that, let them go. 


What The Signs Do When They Feel That Place Is No Longer Theirs

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