What The Signs Do And Will Never Admit

It is clear that no one is perfect in the list of zodiac signs, each one has a chaotic, unpredictable, and a bit cruel side. That moment when they can’t control their emotions and end up hurting in the worst way. Although they never admit it, there are things they do and they are not always positive. Even for themselves, it is annoying that their character leads them to such tense situations, in which they actually feel very vulnerable. This is what the signs do and will never admit:


You know that your pride does not warn you, it comes with all the force in the world and makes you break ties in the blink of an eye. You hardly forget a bad attitude, you keep in your memory every moment in which they made you feel inferior. That is why many times you are only on the defensive, waiting for someone to emit minimum criticism to put them in their place in a ruthless way. Take care of yourself in those cases. 


The last thing you want in this life is to deal with problems that do not correspond to you, it is already hard enough to turn off your mind and ignore everything you have planned to do. Often, you become a bit distant, because you don’t want to mess with your mental and emotional health. Okay, but you don’t have to lie. It’s time to leave the excuses behind and bravely face when you don’t want to do something. It’s no and that’s it. 


One thing you obviously don’t like to admit one bit is your dramatic side. The moment things get out of hand, your inner child kicks in and all you want is to make a tremendous scene to get your way. You tend to be very intolerant, you don’t listen to reasons, you insist on having the last word and that’s when people who love you can get hurt.


Usually, you put the flag of peace ahead, you like to analyze both the negative and positive sides of everything you do. However, there are times when you close yourself off, become the harshest critic, and do not forgive yourself for even the slightest mistake. That is detrimental to your mental health because at the least expected moment you explode, you get stressed easily and end up offending someone who is not even to blame. 


Leo, you have put a firm image before the rest, you want them to see you as a being who knows what he wants, who does not let himself be dominated by anyone, and deep down you have very clear goals. However, there are times when you feel too vulnerable and terrified to say so for fear of being judged. They are used to seeing you shine, but not dealing with your darkness.


Most of the time you act disinterested in everything because you don’t want to be seen as the sign that begs. However, when you feel attracted to a situation you do not take your finger off the line, your stubborn side cannot be tolerated by anyone. You are so controlling that it scares you because you become cold and that makes the environment quite tense, but you do not accept it.


What calms you the most in this life, is to stay far away from the drama. Libra really dislikes being around people who only communicate through fighting, yelling, and revenge. However, your kind and supportive part end up getting you involved in these types of situations and things get worse when you have a hard time setting limits. You give in because you want to do good, but the other takes advantage of you. 


You like to do things in a firm way, you do not take steps in uncertainty. It may seem that your impulses govern you, but you always analyze every detail beforehand. You do not believe in coincidences, you understand that everything in this life has a reason and that is why you think serenely. However, there are times when you use manipulation to your advantage, you can be too clever in that aspect and rule people as if they were your puppets. 


Although you never admit it, you are a sign that hides a lot of insecurities. There are situations that awaken your fears because you don’t want to make the wrong decisions. In the background, you also have a controller, who gets desperate when something goes out of his rules. However, you have become an expert in disguising that everything is fine, you perfectly pretend that you do not care about things and that you are as strong as an oak.


You have taken it upon yourself to show people that nothing brings you down. Capri, you are an independent sign, very cunning, and always ready to look ahead. However, you hide your weaknesses, you don’t want anyone to take advantage of your fragile side. Unfortunately, this has led you to live painful experiences in silence, because you hide what you feel. Nobody sees your tears, but you have felt the most broken soul in this world.


You have a habit of shouting to the world that you don’t need anyone’s support. For that reason, you show yourself as someone cold, distant, the one who never gives his heart, but you do, perhaps much more than the rest. Your feelings are very soft, you tend to fall in love and trust your friends in a short time. You don’t like that part of you, it makes you angry to put yourself in the hands of someone who often doesn’t even value you. 


You are a super emotional sign, even if you try to avoid it, there are situations that break your heart, but you do not say them for fear of being judged as someone exaggerated. Your level of empathy is so high that you regret not being able to help everyone who crosses your path. You give too much Pisces, but you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. It is the person who does not value you who should feel bad, you are doing well. Never regret your kindness.


What The Signs Do And Will Never Admit

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