What The First Kiss Means For Each Sign

What The First Kiss Means For Each Sign

They say that all lips know how to kiss, the difficult thing is to find those that make you feel. There are kisses that fill voids, that make us doubt, there are kisses that steal our sighs, kisses that invite you to everything, that take your breath away, calm you and accelerate you. How was your first kiss? Sometimes he’s not the first, he’s the one that made your legs shake and shook your heart. Sometimes you have to remove one or another kiss from the resume to remember the one that really matters. This is what the first kiss means for each sign:


Aries is the one who meets other lips at the rhythm of the second hand, has the necessary enthusiasm to break away from shyness. Aries is one of those who gives his first kiss when he feels safe, when the person loves him, he is very passionate and he does not care if it is the first or the fourth date. Love that unexpected kiss, against the wall and with a wild touch that makes you feel everything. Aries learns very quickly and becomes one of the best kissers, if you don’t believe me, give it a try.


Taurus needs more than physical attraction to dip his lips into another soul. It is the sign that honors real connections, likes to express what it feels and may get lost in the right mouth. Taurus enjoys courtship, is not in a hurry, wants the first kiss to be soft, with a slight romantic touch and in a place where both are comfortable. Taurus loves constancy, it goes to the rhythm of an instrumental ballad, which is capable of caressing you to the corners.


If there’s one thing Gemini includes on their hobby list, it’s kissing. However, he is very selective, he has a dreamy side but that does not mean he gets carried away with anyone. Geminis want their first kiss to include a touch of adrenaline, something that makes them break their patience. Geminis enjoy their urges, to let their desires run wild. He doesn’t really care about the place, if there are spectators or not, it’s not something that worries him, he just wants to see how good you are at French kissing.


Cancer needs more than two intertwined love, it needs an emotional bond to let go. Cancer is the person who tells you in a kiss all that has been accumulating, he is the one who is not in a hurry, he is going at a slow pace, with tenderness ahead of him until he is leveling up. She is the one who begins with something tender, persuasive, deep and ends in something very sensual. Without a doubt, one of the best kissers. Cancer does not enjoy a kiss with a stranger, it wants more than the superficial.


Leo is that pinch of passion that surrounds you, it is like a soft caress, which little by little rises until you shudder in his arms. Leo does not think twice, if he feels attracted and reciprocated, he takes the first step. Although your expectations are high and many times you may end up disappointed, but you are not tempted. Try to get to know yourself thoroughly, but it doesn’t take long to make the first kiss. Leo does not want loves for a while, he wants someone who is not afraid to share a cup of coffee at dawn.


Virgo is the sign that gets very nervous when it knows that the first kiss will be present. He is one of those who feels that his heart is going to leap and the sweat on his hands screams his despair. Virgo is very methodical, he wants to take the time to know that he will have an ideal chemical reaction when the right person touches his lips. Virgo wants everything to be perfect, anxiety does not allow him to imagine it as something insignificant. Virgo focuses on pleasing and may end up stealing the kiss in the meantime.


Libra is the one who kisses like this, without pauses, with passion, with a touch of tenderness and with a lot of desire to break with the established. There is a part of Libra that is not afraid of the first kiss, on the contrary, it surprises you because it makes you feel everything in the first seconds. Libra has the gift of turning something simple into the most unforgettable moment of your life. He is the one who is not in a hurry, his goal is to awaken each of your emotions, make your skin crawl and your heart can no longer. Their kisses leave traces, the beautiful ones, the ones you remember even after the years.


Scorpio is the one who marks a before and after on your lips, it is the type of sign that does not take the kiss lightly. He wants something long-lasting, sensual, and helps you connect on a deep level. Scorpio is the one who gives you the assurance that he has no eyes for anyone, he is the one who loves to surrender, who puts his emotions first. He is the one who gets lost in time and just wants to make you feel everything. It is the sign that does not think about it much, stares at your mouth and at the least expected moment gives you the invitation that takes you straight to heaven.


Sagittarius is the one who enjoys courtship, wants something more than the union of the lips. He is the one who, once he decides to surrender, looks for the most unusual moment to steal a kiss from you. He likes to be remembered as something unique, something that breaks the rules. An affection, sweet encounter with a touch of adrenaline. Sagittarius is the one who gives unconventional kisses, the kind that you will end up telling your grandchildren. Sagittarius breaks boundaries, but also adds a fun and interesting touch to everything. The perfect place with the necessary lighting is enough to make you shiver.


Although Capricorn most of the time is very direct and hates little organization when it comes to kissing he becomes the most indecisive person in the world. Capricorn is very shy at first, he gets quite nervous and it is very unlikely that he will be the one to make the first move. However, once the passion overflows there is no one to stop it, it gets carried away and always wants more. If Capricorn likes the way you kiss, he doesn’t get tired, he tests your breathing and the way you play with your lips. Capricorn goes from the softest to the most intense.


Aquarius is the one who teaches you to kiss, he does not have time to dwell on the matter, when his mind and heart are motivated, he does whatever it takes to finish between your kisses. Aquarius is the one who makes you blush, takes the role of dominant and no one stops him, it is very unlikely that he will keep his composure. Aquarius is one of those who applies that now or never, of those who take you with a little force and can bite gently. Aquarius is extravagant, romantic, sweet, he is the one who kisses you for life. To remember him even after several loves.


Pisces is the zodiac kisser who adds a ton of dreams to the moment. He is the one who honors romanticism. He is the one who lets himself be carried away, just feel his breath a few inches away to immerse yourself in his world. He is the one who acts impulsively, when he feels that connection. Pisces caresses you, admires you, whispers to you, he is the one who takes everything into account until you get lost in the beautiful way he sees life. Pisces leaves you kisses forever, to remember them in the middle of the night while a lot of sweet thoughts travel through your mind. Pisces kisses like this, from the gut.


What The First Kiss Means For Each Sign

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