What Tattoo Should You Get According To Your Sign

There are moments in life that you would like to treasure. Moments when you felt like you couldn’t take it anymore, when you turned to heaven begging for a sign. Still, in the midst of the pain you embraced your emotions and held onto your resilient part. But … there are also the beautiful moments, those that filled your soul and heart with peace, those that gave you back that sigh that you felt pressing on your chest. Those are the ones that often deserve a tattoo, something that symbolizes the before and after in your life. An ornament on your skin that every time you see it and caress it reminds you of the strength in your being. Each zodiac sign can be inspired by your personality:

1.- Aries

You are reckless, you are not afraid to throw yourself into the ring. There are times when you think you are not going to make it, but something inside you screams that you still have a lot to do. Your skin deserves a tattoo that honors the passion you have for life. You are a fighting soul, the one that many times have done less, but still you continue to rise up with more force. You are like a brave animal, like the tiger or the lion , they are the ones who symbolize your personality. But, if yours is more impetuous, you can go for what does honor to the war, such as shields, arrows or a sword. In the same way, if you go spiritual, powerful stones are a great option.

2.- Taurus

Balance, intelligence and a lot of strength. You are the sign that lives up to strategy, who does not give up easily and who embraces his stubborn part to achieve what he wants. If there is something that distinguishes you, it is determination. The moment you consider something, you work very hard until you build it. However, you have a tender side, your romantic part, which is delivered when something is passionate. That is why flower designs also represent you. You are the one who may seem fragile, but once they know your thorns they regret it. You are not aggressive, but if they look for you, they will find you. Roses are a great way to represent your days.

3.- Gemini

Moody, intellectual and sweet. Gemini is the sign that does not sit idly by, on the contrary, when it wants to achieve something it launches itself to success without thinking for a moment. You are a fun, sociable sign and do not settle for anything. You have a contradictory part that keeps you on your feet. The Ying yang of the zodiac, the one that no matter how complicated a decision is, if it no longer makes you happy, you change overnight. The tattoos that represent you are those that symbolize freedom and love. Like birds, butterflies, dandelions. Anything that involves cunning and goodness is more than welcome in your skin.

4.- Cancer

The dreaming soul of the zodiac, they say that it is as changeable as the Moon, that its emotions never cease and that there are moments when they do not understand themselves. You know that you have the courage to love with all your heart, that you launch yourself as if there is no tomorrow. Cancer, you are the one who is carried away by the tide, but you do not give up. What you could tattoo is a crab that represents your sentimental part. But also something that makes you remember your roots, like the Moon, the stars, the Universe. You have a special connection to that and you know it, but there are times when you get lost, so an anchor can remind you of your place on Earth.

5.- Leo

Independent, confident, optimistic. Leos are here to let the light in your soul shine in an incredible way. They are not scared when they become the center of attention, they enjoy the power, the luxuries, that they recognize each of their qualities. For some they are selfish, but only those who appreciate the details realize that they are simply not willing to settle for crumbs. His character is linked to dominant tattoos, such as the Sun, the Lion, and fire. Everything that is capable of honoring the gallantry with which he faces life is perfect.

6.- Virgo

Intelligence, dedication, perfectionism. Virgo is the sign that cannot take a single wrong step, it needs to analyze everything meticulously to feel at peace. He is his worst critic, he works in an intense way and he does not allow himself to be manipulated by anyone. Virgo has a funny side, but he never loses his mind, that is the reason why he always achieves what he wants. The tattoos that would fit perfectly with your personality are all those that denote intellectuality, lines, exact figures. Whatever is detailed, different, and methodical. As for the animals, you can go for the workers, those who do not stop until they achieve what they want, such as ants or bees.

7.- Libra

Love, dedication and charm. Libra is the person who has the gift of healing, he has a very peculiar way of repairing you, because his advice is full of wisdom. They are the pacifists of the zodiac, those who cannot get lost in the superficial, they need to go further, touch deeply to feel sure that they create a bond. The tattoos that fit your personality are those that represent stability: the scale, a compass, an anchor . But also those who honor their spiritual part. Libra is always in search of peace and therefore flees from conflict. Therefore, a white pigeon is ideal for its skin.

8.- Scorpio

Observer, passionate, complicated. Scorpio is a sign that doesn’t mind receiving people’s approval. He has long learned that there are those who only come into his life to subtract him and try to manipulate him. However, that’s when his cold and determined part is present, he hardly lets you enter his emotions. It is a soul that wastes sensitivity, but for you to find it you have to break hundreds of shells. You should get a Scorpio tattoo, everything that causes shivers and respect at the same time. Also, a tree, a snake , would also be ideal for your personality.

9.- Sagittarius

Free, natural, vibrant. Sagittarius is the person who comes to your days to mark a before and after. And they have a very peculiar way of giving you back the will to live, they remind you that there are no impossible things. It is the sign that every being on Earth loves, it is the one who gets lost in the blue of the sea and the green of the trees. He is the one who seeks happiness in his roots. Hence, a tattoo that represents freedom, energy and nature, would be ideal for your skin . The feathers, the mountains, the Sun, are some figures that honor the lightness with which each situation is taken. Sagittarius doesn’t hook, it flows.

10.- Capricorn

Wise, disciplined, constant. Capricorn is the sign that reminds you that strategy always yields better results. You cannot take a step without meticulously analyzing it, preferring to be criticized before making every decision of your life lightly. Their knowledge surpasses that of the rest, all the knowledge they store is incredible. That is why they should tattoo what symbolizes wisdom such as the owl, the goat with the mermaid’s tail. Capricorn is a protector, a messenger, the one who has power in the word. Also symbols such as the hand of Fatima, as it represents patience, dedication and fertility with which you triumph in life.

11.- Aquarius

Sensitive, sweet, spiritual. The zodiac sign that can get lost in the little things, the one that looks for much more, wants to immerse itself in the essence of people. That is why Aquarius is so selective, he does not get carried away easily with anyone who comes into his life. The tattoos that would look good on your skin are those that represent your carefree soul. For example, birds, the sea, fish. They can also be hummingbirds or flowers with geometric shapes. Aquarius is a very intellectual sign, he likes to focus on his projects and he rarely lets people have a say in his life. It is free and it does not matter if the rest are angry.

12.- Pisces

Tenderness, sensitivity, empathy. Pisces is the sign that has the ability to put itself in someone else’s shoes. The way she deals with life changes is unique, sometimes with many tears, but always looking for a way to get ahead. It may seem fragile, but even they are surprised at the resilience they hide. The tattoos that go very well with your personality are those that represent tranquility, strength and inspiration. Fish cannot be missing, but also the wisdom and patience of turtles. Also, symbols like dream catchers, dragonflies, the Moon; they define them perfectly.


What Tattoo Should You Get According To Your Sign

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