There are times when we should not forget how strong we become, or how we are able to get out of the most complicated situations in the world, or even that we have a lifetime to change things … But unfortunately, in times of maximum stress We forget our power, we forget that we can start from scratch, that we are capable of starting a new life wherever we are, that we are masters of our destiny. Here, we show you what signs should never forget. Pay a lot of attention:


ARIES: Don’t forget that you are a strong person, a person who fights until he runs out of strength for what he considers fair, a warrior. You have to be proud / or for having arrived where you are, you have had streaks in which many people would have just thrown in the towel. But not you, you are still there, standing, fighting for what you want, enduring many things that perhaps you should not just to get it. You may not be where you would like to be yet but congratulate yourself because you have come far, and will continue to do so.

TAURUS: Do not forget that you have a lifetime to change things Taurus, do not be overwhelmed if you cannot do it now, at this precise moment, at this precise moment. Sometimes, even if people do not believe it, you are too impulsive and it seems that if something does not go as you want, you think it will never come out. Well, you are wrong / or, sometimes, it is not that it does not come out, but that it is simply not the time. Give yourself time because if it is for you, it will come. Follow your rhythm, relax a little Taurus.

GEMINI: Don’t forget that not everyone has the same intentions as you Gemini. Sometimes, as complicated as it may seem, you must understand that not all people have the same line of thoughts, and do not forget that not everyone is a good Gemini. You have to focus on other things in this world and not obsess over what Gemini does you wrong. Do not give everything to someone who gives nothing. It is important.

CANCER: Don’t forget that there are many people who love you Cancer. Yes, although sometimes you see the dark and lightless world, although sometimes you think that everything is sh**t and that nothing is worth it, there are people who love you very much, and who would give everything for you Crab. They appreciate you, they look for you and they will always be by your side, even in the worst moments of Cancer, even when you have put land in between. They love you, even if they don’t tell you enough.

LEO: Don’t forget to be yourself / or Leo. Sometimes you find it hard to admit that things may not go as well as you would like. Sometimes it hurts you to recognize that perhaps everything is a horrible disaster, that you have to put aside what is hurting you, that there are people who do not deserve you … Leo, starting a new life is not something comfortable for anyone but at least, you have to see it as another opportunity to be happy. No one deserves your tears.

VIRGO: Don’t forget that it is okay to improve Virgo, but not to be in a constant war with everyone for wanting to have everything perfect. Things as they are, you are a person who turns everything into a game, a game that must be won by Virgo. It’s okay if you’re being much more productive with everything now, it’s okay that you’ve accomplished more now, it’s okay to be right thousand times over, but there will be a day when you can go wrong. Well that day, don’t go into unnecessary wars.

LIBRA: Don’t forget that kindness is not always the answer to every Libra. Sometimes you have to speak loud and clear, sometimes you have to put the cards on the table, you have to be forceful, you have to put aside courtesy and you have to stand too firm Libra. You are too diplomatic / or Libra, and that’s fine, but you have to know who to be with. There are people who do not deserve any kind of diplomacy. Learn to ignore and understand that the problem is not always solved by being good.

SCORPIO: Don’t forget that there are people who want to know what your world is like, your ideas, your feelings … Sometimes, it costs you to open up to others, and it costs you a lot, but not everyone is bad. Put it in your Scorpio head. There are people who are not malicious and who will not extract information from you to screw you up later. They just really want to know what’s going on in your Scorpio head, because they care about you. From the heart.

SAGITTARIUS: Don’t forget that you are in control of your own destiny Sagi. If they don’t treat you like you deserve, you can go, you can go somewhere else. You do not have to endure anything while you are not comfortable. If a job does not satisfy you, you can quit it, if a person does not give you what you want, you can get away and start another type of life from scratch. You are the one who makes your own decisions and believes me, you can change the way as many times as you want.

CAPRICORN: Don’t forget to be a little more compassionate with yourself. Many times, you put too many burdens on yourself and also, you get angry when things do not go quite right when they do not go as you had in mind. Do not forget to do what makes you happy, even if it is not the “correct” thing always. You are used to choosing the most complicated paths, even when the complicated is not what interests you the most or what is best for you.

AQUARIUS: Don’t forget that nothing lasts forever, nothing lasts a lifetime Aquarius. The way you feel at every moment is the same: THE WAY YOU FEEL AT EVERY MOMENT. It will happen, Aquarius will always happen. Everything improves, and it always improves, so please be a little more positive and don’t worry so much about everything. Sometimes, you just have to let yourself be, to let pass …

PISCES: Don’t forget that you don’t owe anybody Pisces, in fact, it’s probably the others who owe you more than one favor. You have to be a good Pisces, but not a fool. Act kindly with someone who acts kindly to you, but learn to also ignore someone who does you no good. Because you have to know how to ignore Pececito, even if at times you want to go to war with everyone who drives you crazy.