If they did a survey in which they asked you what they repeat the most and most tires you like never before, what would you release first? We ALL have something we have heard so many times that, possibly, we have even phobia … That’s right, each of us carries our own burden and in this case, it was not going to be less. People tend to judge before knowing and knowing firsthand and there are times when THAT PEOPLE repeats itself more than a grated disc. Next, we are going to show you that the signs are very tired of hearing again and again … The typical “topicazos” that already smell rotten and that people still use. There they go:



“WITH THAT CHARACTER OF SHIT NOBODY WILL LOVE YOU.” If you had charged the minimum for each time you had the pleasure of hearing that phrase, right now you would be reading us from your own private castle, because you would poop millions of Aries and you know it. Being born with a strong and determined character like yours is no reason to be remembering it every two by three. Truth, Aries? But it is that the people around you lately make all your sayings or doings sprig … Either they buy a life of their own, or this ends badly.


“THE DAY YOU CHANGE OPINION, TAURUS …”. But what about the day each person gets into their own fucking affairs? That day when will it arrive to benefit you? Taurus, we know that you are up to the very **** of having to endure such demands. To whom your opinions are attracted, to chew them more slowly. There is also the option to respect your fucking opinion at once. Taurus, you know that your opinion can change a minimum drop when you think it is necessary, but if it is not, no. End point Give it to others.


“YOU BEGIN THOUSAND THINGS AND DO NOT COMMIT TO ANY GEMINI”. You are so tired of this kind of Gemini accusations. We know. Doesn’t anyone stop to think about all the good things there are thanks to your intelligence? People around you always tend to get the bad out of you. YOU know very well what you want or don’t want to dig deep, right? Well, give the rest Gemini. This is what does not have a life of their own, they have to entertain someone and casually, they always see you as a very appetizing victim …


“YOU ARE CARITA DE ÁNGEL BUT WITH HEART OF DEVIL”. You are very tired of having to endure such comments, and you know Cancer. It’s as easy and simple as asking yourself this question: WHO NARICES HAS THE POWER TO BE INSIDE YOU TO KNOW HOW YOU ARE IN REALITY? NOBODY. End point Nobody knows how you are inside, only you crab, so, a lot of shit for those people who say they know who you are but who has no fucking idea of ​​the truth. You are more light than shadows and that, we know crab …


“OKAY…. ARE YOU LEO? THAT BAD…”. FORGIVES???!!! What’s wrong with being the lion of the jungle? Oh my friends, how bad is envy…. Leo, you know that you have had to deal with very judgmental gestures and sometimes looks of contempt for being who you are … But, you know what? If they tell you that, it is because deep down they are shit of fucking fear. They know that against your intensity and your leadership power, it is impossible to compete. They shit and attack you. They have no other …


“YOU ARE COLDER THAN A HARD ROCK.” And the others, are they ever-so-bright mini suns with a splendid character? Come now … What happens here is that people are very badly used. They want you, dear Virgo, to act as they please and according to their preferences. They look for you to follow the flow and to dance the water … What do they get? On the contrary, because a VIRGO will never be false for and to be with others. Deep down there are many people who envy that strength of yours to remain very faithful to your Virgo essence.


“DECIDE ONCE”. It really upsets you that people take the privilege of managing your time and your life at will. Libra, it makes you very nervous that your indecisions are in the public domain and that everyone thinks they are the owner and lord of being able to judge and criticize them. People, in general, only see what they have in front of their noses and that’s it. You, on the other hand, and making a difference as always, doubt because your range of opinions to choose is bigger and much better. No more no less.


“UPS, YOU ARE SCORPIO. I already understand everything. ” What the hell is wrong with people with you? Does your fame stink of devil or something bad? Or is it finally pure and hard envy of what they have? Scorpio, you are very tired of being judged like that, but deep down, it doesn’t matter to you and THAT is what counts … Obviously, the people who are by your side have to be very authentic people, and the people who give you Go like someone bad, it’s not … So, problem resulted. What they have is an envy that can not stand.


“SAGITTARIUS, YOU WAS BORN WITH A FLOWER IN THE ASS.” You get very much that kind of comments. Especially when you know that deep down IS NOT THAT. If you have more than others, it’s all thanks to a lot of effort, a lot of energy, your smart head and a lot of sweat and tears. AND THOUSANDS OF DAMAGES, that people think that you don’t fail… Neither more nor less. People who criticize you for having beautiful things and who are NOT happy for them, are toxic people. Send her very, very far Sagittarius.


“YOU LIVE TO WORK AND DO NOT WORK TO LIVE.” It irritates you enough that your environment is very aware of your personal and work life. Moreover, it worries you a lot … Is being a hardworking and responsible person bad, is it perhaps? Or is it that others are very lazy bums? Oops, oops, oops, that the last option seems to be the most successful of course … You are criticized for always acting like that, with a lot of head, but people who criticize you should be encouraged to study and work harder. And they know it.


“YOU ARE VERY RARE / OR AQUARIUS.” You are very lazy to hear this because it is something you really live with. But deep down, you take it as a good compliment, because there is nothing better for you than being able to differentiate yourself from others … We are in the 21st century and yet, there are many people who are surprised at many of your hobbies or your tastes … Sincerely Aquarius, we need more clean and open minds and less old and older minds than the cough that gives us when we are KO


“YOU ARE TOO DRAMATIC PISCES, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN…” That people continue to think today that you live in the clouds, that you dramatize when you get bored and that you are all day with the mucus hanging, they are people who give you TRUE PEREZA … To the end already. It’s obvious, you’re very sensitive and yes, you like a good theater, but they get confused when they judge you that way. Many would like to have the strength you have had at times that, honestly, very few people could have overcome. But here you are Pisces, shutting everyone’s mouth.