What Signs Are Given Better Lie

First, everyone claims to be someone super sincere and they also say they are someone who always says things to their faces. But then, in reality, you begin to realize that it is not so. Although it is true that there are signs that you know that it is better to walk with lead feet and not blindly trust them, simply because of what may happen. Touch to discover and talk about which signs are the most liars and which ones you can trust without any problem.



It must be made clear from the beginning that Aries is one of the least likely signs to lie. Aries is not afraid to face others. If you have to argue, Aries will. He prefers to tell you things in the face and discuss rather than talk badly about you behind your back. Aries can use white lies, either to protect himself or someone he loves, but does not use them with intent to harm. He has no time for such nonsense, Aries prefers to save the lies and go straight to the point. He even has fun watching as people are so offended to hear the truth.


Taurus has no need to lie. All you want is to live a quiet and stable life without having any moves or problems with anyone. He doesn’t want to complicate his life or have unnecessary problems. Although he is a patient, Taurus has no problem discussing and saying things clearly and concisely. He will do it in the most polite way possible and without the need to lie. He may lie, but because of his laziness. Maybe Taurus promises you that this party is going to go and then at the last moment an excuse for not going will be invented. But in general, Taurus usually keeps what he promises.


Gemini has it very difficult when he wants others to trust him. Everyone has ever heard of the double-side that Gemini has, with that you know that perhaps you should not trust him/her at all. We must be clear and it must be said that Gemini is not a compulsive liar who is lying 24 hours a day. It’s not like that. But you also have to be sensible and accept that you lie more than you should. Gemini lies many times to save his a**s and when he does it is because he is 100% sure that this lie will not come to light. It is one of those people who know that lying is synonymous with failure because in the end reality will come to light.


As a good sign of water, Cancer is someone very mysterious. Experience situations that end up telling them in their own way. Basically, Cancer mounts a movie in his mind and will go to the end defending his version of the facts. He is able to manipulate anyone to believe him. Rather than lying, Cancer manipulates to believe your truth. That truth is sometimes that is true to reality and other times, not so much … You have to be very careful with Cancer because it is capable of misrepresenting any story and creating a lie of any situation.


Leo’s problem is not that he is a liar, it is rather someone who tends to exaggerate reality too much. Leo does not invent things from anything, Leo from what he has, makes a totally new and different world. Everything magnifies it, be it your words, your achievements, your problems … Leo is too impulsive to plan his lies. Even if he tried to lie, sooner or later he would end up escaping a laugh or something to stop him. Everything shows in his face and it is clear that he cannot lie. In the end, Leo is always someone you can trust.


Lying is something that goes against the nature of Virgo. When he is forced to lie, it has to be for a compelling reason. Since you know him, even if he transmits you a bit of coldness, you know that you could trust his words. He is so demanding of himself that he would never allow himself to lie and fall so low. Come on, Virgo would never forgive himself for having lied and made someone suffer in such a creeping way. If he lies it will be to hide that he himself has been wrong, because he does not usually accept his mistakes. But it is very unlikely that he will resort to lies to deceive or manipulate others.


It could not be said that Libra was a compulsive liar because it is not so. Libra’s problem is that he is very indecisive and insecure in life. If you have to lie, you will do so in order not to harm someone or simply to delay as much as possible having to make a decision. Libra lies yes, but to save her a**s. It is very rare that he lies to get something or to harm others. Libra wants a quiet life without movements, and for this, he is often able to release a lie or hide the truth. He will always do anything to avoid any conflict, and for that, he has to lie, there is no doubt that he will.


You better not blindly trust Scorpio. Because of its reputation, you can already know that it is one of the most liars of the Zodiac. He has a hard time saying things clearly and transparently and he always puts his movies on his head to avoid being honest. Sometimes he does it to protect himself, sometimes simply so that people don’t know about his private life and sometimes because he has the need to control a situation. If Scorpio has to be sincere, it will be and his sincerity can be brutal. But let’s say Scorpio doesn’t have any kind of objection when it comes to lying.


Like all signs of fire, Sagittarius is too clear and transparent. He doesn’t have time for nonsense and he doesn’t want to waste his energy making up lies. As much as Sagittarius tries to lie, it doesn’t come out. In the end, he will end up laughing or forgetting details of the lie that will end up giving him away. The problem with Sagittarius is that he has a hard time keeping a secret, just because of that, because it is too clear to pretend he doesn’t know anything. It is not that Sagittarius shouts all the secrets you have entrusted to the four winds … But if someone asks you, Sagittarius will not know how to say no and do as if he had no idea what they are asking.


Capricorn will never be able to lie. From the moment that Capri lets you into your heart, you know that you can trust him/her at all times and that your secrets will be safe. Capricorn will never let you down. He will only lie when he has to teach a lesson or when he has to protect his people. For his family, for his people, Capricorn is capable of anything and if he has to lie, there is no doubt that he will. But in his day to day, he prefers to be someone sincere, loyal and honest. He doesn’t have time to go green on his back. He prefers to tell you everything in the face and be direct.


You have to be very careful with Aquarius, because, although it seems someone innocent and without evil, deep down has a somewhat dangerous double side. The truth is that Aquarius has no bad background and has a huge heart, but there are times when his mind plays tricks on him. He is very stubborn and as something gets into his eyebrow and eyebrow, danger … As he wants to get something, he is able to lie to have it in his hands. That’s right, Aquarius just lies to get what he wants. If you know that lying is able to go far, it will. In the end, you don’t see anything so bad …


Pisces mind is full of a lot of imagination, so it is very easy to lie and invent a story. It is true that Pisces does not like to lie, he prefers to leave things alone and not play with Karma. He doesn’t want any more unnecessary dramas in his life. Your secrets are usually safe with Pisces, yes, as you do something wrong … Get ready because the fish may become the most liar person in the world. As you do something to him, he is able to publish your secrets even in the New York Times … You can trust him, but the price of his trust is very expensive.

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