What Sign Sagittarius Should Away From

There is someone with whom things do not always end well. There are signs that are not the best approach if you want to keep the peace of mind and drama out of your life. Sometimes it’s better not to play with fire when you know you’re going to end up getting burned. You can’t risk it again, after having suffered so much, after they’ve made you suffer so much. What sign should Sagittarius stay away from? Here is the answer:

Taurus likes to plan the future perfectly, and you like to enjoy life and live in the present. Without getting ahead of yourself, Sagittarius. For this reason, Taurus becomes the ideal candidate to make you lose patience completely. You, Sagi, want to conquer the world as soon as possible, and Taurus prefers to go step by step. You are more of action, reaction, movement, adrenaline, trips, and unexpected plans, and Taurus is more of staying at home, sofa, blanket, and tranquility. And no, that does not go with you. Taurus is a very cautious person and for you, that is pure and simple boredom.

On another note, Taurus always has to be right, or at least that’s what they try to do. And for you, that’s very frustrating. Even if you are an intense fire, you know how to listen and understand, and you will not find that in someone as self-confident as Taurus. If Taurus says NO, it means NO, and that gets on your nerves. That stubbornness and that little empathy to understand and give the arm to twist make the relationship very chaotic. Impossible, no, but a real madness, yes. Moreover, Sagittarius, remember that you are a true lover of the forbidden. Overcoming limits, captivating disobedience that is always looking for new adventures and Taurus is anything but that. There’s nothing more to speak of.

At least you could complement each other and give each other what the other lacks. But look, why suffer if you can find someone more in line with your needs. For example, someone of fire like you, like Leo or Aries. You are fascinated by fire, you love that they want more, that they never rest, and that they love to be free above all things. Although with Aquarius, you could experience sensations that you would never have imagined. It’s all testing, so, you know. to the mess


What Sign Sagittarius Should Away From

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