What Sign Is Not Suitable For You To Have A Relationship

What Sign Is Not Suitable For You To Have A Relationship

Sometimes, no matter how much passion crosses and love is willing for something to work between two people, in the end, it is not enough. There are couples who do not honor each other, who are incompatible, and a little coexistence is enough for gray clouds to become part of their daily photography. Deep down you know that they are not meant to be together, but it hurts so much that it is very difficult to accept it. You cling and stay there, hoping that tomorrow everything will change. The bad thing is that when you least realize it, those mornings turn into years and that’s when you understand that it’s better to say goodbye to that person. What sign is not suitable for you to have a relationship


Brave, authoritarian, impulsive. Aries is the type of love that envelops you in seconds and suddenly all you want is to spend a lot of days by his side. It really doesn’t matter how long the fairy tale lasts, because it leaves indelible marks, which make you value every moment. However, there is a partner that does not suit him, it is Pisces. Their personalities are like black and white, but they are not opposite enough to complement each other, they are enough to cause tremendous chaos. When they decide to unite their lives, they have to be prepared to deal with the such annoyance. Aries has to be patient because Pisces does not exaggerate and cannot let go of all the emotional charge that prevents him from moving forward. And Pisces has to understand that Aries does have a heart, but like her, she can’t wear herself out trying to make him change.


Without a doubt, Taurus is the sign that does not take things of love for granted, the one that is capable of reminding you how much you are worth and invites you to commit, to give yourself from the depths. However, there is someone who does not fully fit their way of loving, it is Gemini. Their relationship is synonymous with ups and downs, one day they declare love and the next they don’t want to see each other even in a painting, it’s not that theirs isn’t genuine, they can love each other madly, but both have to lower their guard from time to time. Particularly in the case of Gemini who is very emotional, changeable, and complicated. It is not usual for Taurus to see all this, on the contrary, this is a sign that honors stability, likes routine, and is sure that the person he loves will be there every morning. Taurus does not want to live that uncertainty in which he loses his loved one every day. And Gemini can get very overwhelmed by Taurus’s demands. What he hates the most is that someone comes into his life with the intention of changing it.


Do you know what is ironic about some relationships? Many have the power to bring out the worst in you. Suddenly you trust that attraction is necessary, that it is enough for you to lose yourself in the gaze and in the way the other person caresses you, to create a beautiful love story, but it is not enough. There are couples that are like oil and water, that when they come together they say the worst, they are cruel and the bad thing is that they learn to live like that. To normalize the fact that tears are part of every day. That’s what happens when Gemini ends up in the arms of a Virgo, their personalities are so opposite that they do not know how to coexist. Virgo wants Gemini to behave as he pleases, with his perfect rules, and Gemini gets crazy and domineering when they try to tie him down like that. If someone doesn’t like him how he is, why does he have to change to please him?


Yes, call it crazy, romantic, intense, moody. Cancer is like that, he lives embraced by the emotions of the Moon, and many times he doesn’t even understand himself. However, in his eyes there is no lie, they shout everything when they propose it and they do not sit idly by when love knocks on his door. The bad thing is that there are times when they idealize the other person too much. Suddenly they dress her up in her dreams, her fantasies, and that’s when they end up involved in a relationship that only exists in her imagination. It’s just what happens to him when Capricorn gets tangled up in his heart. It’s not that it’s a cruel sign, but it’s hard for him to deal with the fragility of Cancer’s heart and when he least expects it, he breaks it. Capricorn is very practical, he can’t understand why Cancer suddenly cries or gets angry. If you want to be together, it is important that the two of you put yourself in the opposite place. Capricorn has to be more understanding and Cancer has to learn not to drown in a glass of water.


They say it’s never where, it’s with whom. There are people who have the gift of filling you with joy in every way, who transmit you a good life and inspire you with confidence, peace, and love. Leo becomes light when someone like that comes into his life because he brings out the best in him and is able to deliver the deepest part of his being. However, there is the other side of the coin, when he finds himself with a cruel love, with someone who is capable of awakening his desperate, proud, and evil side of him. That is why it is not convenient for him to have a relationship with Taurus because they can hurt each other in such a deep way, that scars are left for life, those that hurt just remembering them. Leo is very impulsive and Taurus stubborn, in an argument they have to stop them because by themselves they can get to the worst. If they want to be together they will have to work twice as hard.


A minute of silence for all the times Virgo has asked for patience and boy am I talking about something unique, because it is one of the signs that breathe a thousand times before losing control. Somehow, he wants everything to happen just as he dreamed it would, but when love doesn’t respond that way, his stress and anxiety are present. That is why it is not recommended that he have a link with Sagittarius, at least not beyond a friendship. And they love very differently. Sagittarius lets things settle slowly, without ties, but with great intensity. And Virgo needs to know where he stands, if that person is looking for something in the long term, if he has projects in mind, he needs to know everything. Which becomes too much for Sagittarius. If they want to function they have to find a balance or they will live with their emotions on the floor.


It’s simple, Libra is looking for healthy love, someone who is able to stay by her side even when her worst demons are present. They say that it is the most balanced sign, the one that clings to the balance, but there are times when the least important thing is balance, they simply strive to get ahead and show the best of themselves. There are days when they want to devour the world, where their attitude is contagious and the only thing they want is to feel calm, but… there are other days when their emotions are knotted and they don’t even know where they stand. Hence, it is not convenient for you to have a link with Cancer at all, because theirs becomes a camp of feelings, it’s as if they had a magnet and they attract one crisis after another. Cancer loses control and Libra too, instead of becoming supportive, gets worse. They need to put too much of their part to make it work.


Like everyone, Scorpio has a sweet, charming side that is capable of stealing the attention of any heart. But he also has a dark side of him, the emotional one that he doesn’t understand the reason and lets his intuition take control. There is a part of Scorpio that is very determined, that wants things to go as planned, but it is not always possible and that awakens the worst part of him. As it happens to Leo, hence it is not very good that they end up sharing in the game of love, because their confrontations end up worse than a war. Their love is like the one they call Apache, those who hate each other but don’t leave each other, because passion stirs everything up and they always end up stuck together. It is possible that they will work, but they would have to be very empathic.


Sagittarius there is nothing that can erase your smile, you are the type of sign that even with wounds in the heart has the gallantry to move forward and let yourself be carried away like a leaf in the wind. Sometimes at full speed and other times at a slow pace. Life has taught you that it is not easy to find love, especially for someone who is able to put himself in your place and understand the thirst you have to travel every space in the world. You are synonymous with adventure, collecting a lot of magic, and being a lover of risk. Without a doubt, a personality that fits very little with the way of being a Virgo. Theirs is indeed a risk because they can end in the worst way and that makes them go crazy. Let them hate each other, and humiliate each other, especially when Virgo has no tact in telling Sagittarius that they don’t take anything seriously. Mistake!.


The Capricorns and their particular way of delivering the heart. They do it in a very meticulous way, not everyone has the privilege of reaching their deepest state. However, once they promise you, love, they mean it, they don’t beat around the bush. Capricorns want something loyal, lasting, a partner with whom they can share future projects, not just be. That is why it is not very convenient for him to end up in the arms of some Aries because they are too authoritarian for his liking. They think they have the answer to everything. Right there is when they lose with Capricorn because it is not a sign that is ruled. Their discussions are the ones that are scary because very hurtful things can be said. Neither of them is used to losing. So they will have to work on giving in from time to time.


It is clear that it is not easy for Aquarius to have a bond with anyone who comes to their door talking about love. It really is hard for him to show his vulnerable side of him, for him to feel comfortable they have to show him with facts that they want something serious. However, he does not tolerate ties, contradictory right? That’s right, Aquarius can be very loyal, dedicated, and passionate when he wants to, but don’t try to rule his days because there you will find a huge wall. That’s why it’s not a very good idea for him and Scorpio to be in a relationship… It really is like trying to cover the sun with a finger, as much as they cling to smiles, the shadows will be present when they least expect it. Scorpio is very demanding, he wants to be shown love in every way and feels frustrated with the freedom of Aquarius. If they decide to have something they will have to work twice as hard on their individuality or they will end up like cats and dogs.


Sweetness, huge heart, seriousness. It is more than clear that when Pisces loves, she does so selflessly, with the desire to build something in the future. A couple with whom she can share the good, the bad, the dreams. All! The person who will be able to embrace her wounds, the one who is not afraid of her mania and has the courage to give her a hand when things go wrong. Pisces is capable of taking the bread out of his mouth in order to help, he does not expect less from the person who accompanies him. Hence, it is not convenient for him to give himself to a Gemini because he will turn his world upside down, their emotions, and their aspirations. Gemini has a very fiery way of changing overnight and that can break Pisces in the blink of an eye. In addition, it is a very proud sign, it would not understand all the goodness that lives in a Pisces. If they want to be together they are going to have to set boundaries and talk it all out or they will end up confused and hurt.

What Sign Is Not Suitable For You To Have A Relationship

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