What risk should you take in November? According to your star sign.


You should finally take the risk and reveal your feelings to a specific person. I know you’re scared, but no matter what answer you get, it’ll take a load off your shoulders.


You should take the risk and turn your back on someone who has no good influence on you. You should leave this poisonous situation in which you are stuck, because there is no improvement in sight and you do not need to hope that this person will change for the better.


You should take the risk and take a step toward the person you have not spoken to for a while. You both are missing and want to be in touch again, but so far your pride stood in your way.


You should take the risk and seek the open conversation with the person who has been stressing you unnecessarily lately. It will be good for you to let off some steam and clarify a few things that will make it clear to the other that you will not let this happen to you anymore.


You should take the risk and you openly and honestly apologize to a certain person. Make it clear that you did not mean it that way and that you did not intend to hurt someone consciously.


You should take the risk and make some changes in your life, even if you do not like changes. There are certain things that have to be done differently, and you realize that much more clearly now.


You should take the risk and share something that you have been keeping for a long time with a person who deserves to know your secret. I know you hate it when someone really knows everything about you, but this time you should open 100%.


There are certain fears deep within you and the month of November would be a good time to deal with them and face them. Because fears only gain in power when one flees from them.


You should finally take the risk and meet the person who has been waiting for you for some time. You have thought a lot about it and were not sure if you wanted it or not, but now in the month of November you are ready to take the next step.


You should finally take the risk and tackle the job you’ve been wanting for so long. There is nothing in the way of you to promote your dream job.


Take the risk and leave your comfort zone, otherwise you will not reach your next goal in life that you already have in mind.


You have been home a lot and have worked a lot this year, this month you should take the risk and travel where you always wanted to be.

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