What Numerology Says About Your Loving Life

What Numerology Says About Your Loving Life

People who practice numerology know that it can reveal many of your deepest secrets, desires, and characteristics that somehow define you as a person. Your date of birth contains a lot of information for lovers of this belief. Besides your life number in general, you can also find out things about your love life. For example: what type of partner are you, what is the most important thing for you in a relationship, what type of relationship would you like to have … Do you want to know what numerology says about your love life?

Like the life number, it is calculated by breaking down all the numbers that make up the birth, including day, month, and year and then they are separated and added until reaching a number from 1 to 9, to get the number of your love life, just take out the number of your day of birth. If you were born on the 13th you will have to add 1 + 3 and 4 will be the number of your love life. If you only have one digit, the number of your love life will be that.

This is what numerology says about your love life:

Number 1

The number 1 will be the number of people born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th. You tend to take the initiative on issues of love or relationships. You don’t mind taking the first step if you like someone a lot, but it can also bore you quite easily. You like the flirtation, you like the chase, the tug of war, and the excitement. Once you are in a relationship you need the flame to be constantly lit. You are very clear that you want a relationship that gives life to your years and not that it takes away from you. Whether you spend a month with that person or a lifetime. You will have no doubts about experimenting and having new sensations and you will be clear with your partner. You will not cut yourself when it comes to saying if you want to do one thing or another, investigate, try …

It is difficult for you to find someone who gives you everything you want, so it is not uncommon for you to change partners in your adult life and end up hooking on one to another. If there is no intellectual and romantic compatibility with your partner, the relationship is doomed to failure.

Number 2

The number 2 belongs to those born on days 2, 11, 20, and 29. You can adapt to any situation and give your partner a lot of security. In numerology, the 2 is associated with the Moon, and because of this, your temperament can be very emotional and of a loving and sensitive nature. You can become very reserved and not open up to someone all too quickly. You prefer to take your time to take that step but do it whenever you are sure.

Balance in your love life is very important to you and you always appeal to common sense in your relationships. It is not that complicated. When someone promises you something you take it to the end, and the same happens when you make the promise. You do it because you feel it. You don’t like them breaking their word. For you, respect, affection, and emotional compatibility come first. The rest comes later.

Number 3

The number 3 is the number of people born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, and 30th. If your number is 3, you are quite a fun, enthusiastic, happy person who is not scared at all. You are always willing to experiment when it comes to love. You like to be given your space but that is not why you will be detached. You simply need to feel that you have it, that it is there, and that whenever you want you can use it without fights or fights. If someone tries to clip your wings, you will be very restless and you will look for ways to do whatever you want. The more they let you be you, the more the other person will make you fall in love.

Love is important in your life and if you don’t fit in there, you are going wrong. Although it is true that you can give yourself some time to do it if the communication and the other aspects are good. You are not going to close in on the band because once it has gone wrong.

When you start a new relationship, you tend to be very idealistic at first and if they don’t give you what you expect, the monotony can ruin it.

Number 4

The number 4 corresponds to people born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, and 31st. In numerology, these people are reliable and quite stable, but it is important to understand that although they are able to endure a routine, they cannot endure monotony. If your number is 4, you are very good at solving problems, analyzing complicated situations and always trying to find solutions. You are consistent and you explain yourself quite well. You have a gift to fix everything but sometimes, when you go too bad, you also have it to spoil it. You can seem a bit cold and unapproachable at times, but underneath that hard exterior, a rather soft heart lurks. Softer than you would like.

When you fall in love you give it your all and you don’t mind throwing yourself into whatever comes next. It is true that you can often feel certain “crushes” that then lead to nothing. Although at first, you don’t know it, you immediately differentiate real love from a “fleeting crush”. You don’t give up if the going gets tough.

Number 5

The number 5 corresponds to those born on days 5, 14, and 23. In numerology, this number is the number of someone who is curious, who makes friends easily, and who has a very good sense of humor. You may get bored very easily and somehow need continuous stimulation. So you want your relationship to be fun and exciting. Mental stimulation is super important to you and if it doesn’t exist, you start to be very disappointed.

Oftentimes, you seem to struggle a bit with commitment. Even though you may have quick crushes, it takes a long time to settle down. People with the number 5 love flirting and flirting and sometimes this becomes a problem if they come across very jealous people in their lives. Although it only remains in that. The secret to a successful relationship is not to limit. And accept or not accept their nature. But don’t try to change him.

Number 6

The number 6 is the number of people born on 6, 15, and 24. According to numerology, if you were born in these days, you hate discord and try to find peace at all times. It’s not that you don’t get into fights but you avoid them at all costs. You prioritize your family, you dedicate yourself to them, you are loyal and you try to comply with the rules that were agreed with your partner. Without peace and stability and even without order you feel a bit lost.

Love is very important in your life and when you decide to “give it” to someone you do it from the depths of your being. In you, there is very little superficial and if the relationship in which you have invested a lot of time does not work, you will become very bitter, you will get frustrated and before leaving it, you will try EVERYTHING again.

Number 7

The number 7 is for people born on the 7th, 16th and 25th. If this is your number, you can be a person who needs isolation from time to time, to be alone, because in reality this is how you regenerate. You can be difficult to read and understand. You have a certain tendency towards the spiritual and do not show much interest in material things. In general, you attract by being a very interesting but very unconventional person. Your intuitive side is super powerful and you know how to make your partner happy precisely because that sensitivity you have makes you know what they need at all times.

Your emotions are the ones that usually drive you to act and because of that, you are susceptible to having your heart broken. Your goals about relationship or love can often be unrealistic, and you may tend to have a pretty high ideal right now. You can be quickly disappointed.

Number 8

Your number is 8 if you were born on the 8th, 17th and 26th. In numerology, you are a person with a high degree of responsibility. You are brave and quick to try to find solutions to problems. In addition, you are also practical and you play it safe. And that is precisely what you are capable of offering to that person who is by your side: security, tranquility and stability.

You can be a person who has a lot of ambition, especially when it comes to love. You want to have that person you dream of by your side, to have a strong bond and not to be broken for anything in the world. You can be a bit obsessive and you don’t like things to go off the beaten path. If your partner does not think the same as you or have the same life project as a whole, you tend to get frustrated and have a bad time. You will not mind changing the course of things if you are in love, but what you do not like is “today this, tomorrow the other.”

Number 9

The number 9 corresponds to people born on the 9th, 18th and 27th. If this is your number, you are a very understanding person in love, you need to get involved but many times, they think something of you that is not. Or they take many things for granted. You tend to take on certain responsibilities that don’t always touch you, but that’s how you often show that love for your partner. You are usually calm but if you get active you can look like an erupting volcano.

Your nature in general is cheerful and outgoing and that is precisely what attracts others to you. You have so much to give, and you long for love. Sometimes you tend to confuse in love and that ends up doing you quite a bit of damage.


What Numerology Says About Your Loving Life

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