Many times people judge you without knowing Aries. Many not, many. It is true that your appearance is always someone strong, someone who can not be knocked down in any way … But you are more fragile than all that. It hurts you that others assume that you only care about yourself, that you are selfish, that you don’t look for others, for anyone. It bothers you greatly that they assume they know everything about you and about your life when they know nothing.


You care about others and let me tell you that in the worst moments you may be among the few signs that are next to those people who need it.

What happens is that when they really try to manipulate you or blackmail you into believing that it is serious when it is not, you run away Aries. And if you’ve already opened your eyes at all, exactly the same thing happens to you: YOU BEGIN TO LOOK FOR YOU. And that’s why they call you selfish. But you know that when you are selfish it is because they have misbehaved with you because they have tried to vacillate you because they do not deserve anything from you. And beware, for that, you have had to give many sticks. And as a good sign of fire you are, you have tried by all means to cling to things to work.


That is, when you really deserve that qualifier it is because you can no longer and, or break the others, or you break your Aries. Let no one take anything for granted, let no one think that you are something just for the first impressions because it can surprise you A LOT.




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