We all have something that makes us feel insecure, no matter how confident we may seem. As much as we work on our self-esteem and self-esteem, there will always be insecurities. Being insecure is not a defect, quite the opposite. When you have so many insecurities, you try your best to do your best. You work everything you can to improve what you don’t like. There are situations that make us unbalanced …

This is what makes you feel insecure according to your sign :


You feel very insecure when you realize that you are not loved, Aries, when you do not have all the love you deserve. Although you may seem like a person who is not affected by things, in reality, you are not. At all times, you need to feel loved. Not only for your partner but also for your people. When you find out that you are walking away from someone, you feel super insecure. When you have doubts about the amount of affection a person is giving you, your insecurities come to light. You hate feeling like you’re doing your best to love someone and that you’re not getting that love back.


Your insecurity comes when you feel like you are not up to scratch. You are a very demanding person with yourself, Taurus, and that is the cause of all your insecurities. Even if you don’t want to, you compare yourself a lot to others and that makes you feel very insecure. When you feel like you don’t fit in or that you’re not up to the standards of society, your insecurities come to light. All of this can be a very negative and toxic thing for yourself, Taurus, but at the same time, it is your insecurity that motivates you to work very hard and meet your own goals. Try not to punish yourself as much when you’re not up to scratch, but keep working hard like you’ve been doing so far.


The fear of making the wrong decision is what makes you feel so insecure, Gemini. You are used to destroying it up, to end up doing things that are wrong. You are more impulsive than you think and that is the source of many of your insecurities. You are very afraid to lose up, to say things you shouldn’t… Because you know yourself and you know that sooner or later, without being aware of it, you will end up doing it. Gemini, for a moment and think that you are like that. After all, you are a person who relies heavily on your intuition. You move on your impulses. Despite your insecurities, all of this makes you a very special person.


What makes you feel insecure, Cancer is realizing that you are not doing enough for the people who love you. You are a very emotional person, very empathetic. You put yourself very easily in the shoes of others. That may be one of your strengths, but it also creates a lot of insecurities. You are very worried about your people abandoning you and that is why you cling too tightly to them. Cancer, your mind often plays tricks on you and makes you believe that you are not up to your people. You are strong enough to fight all those insecurities. You can.


You appear to be a super confident person, Leo, but we are not going to fool ourselves … You also have your insecurities like everyone else. You just try to put on that superhero cape that is not affected by anything. Something that makes you feel very insecure is jealousy. You are super competitive and that is what makes you more jealous than you would like. When you feel that someone is beating you or is stealing your moment of glory, you can get to mount a very fat drama. Not only do you want to fit in and be accepted by others, but you also want to be an example for others to follow.


You are a very perfectionist, Virgo, and that is what makes you feel so insecure. You know that no one is perfect, not even yourself, but you can’t stop demanding more of yourself than you can give. You don’t know that you’re doing yourself a lot of harm by being like this. You feel very insecure when you realize that you will not be able to do things the way you would like. Many times you try too hard for something that you know is impossible to achieve. Your perfectionism is a double-edged soul, Virgo. From now on, you have to try to get the positive out of this and not let it generate more insecurities. Always strive to be the best version of yourself, but don’t get hung up on being perfect.


You and your insecurities, Libra, your insecurities and you. You keep comparing yourself to others and that’s what makes you feel so insecure. You do it unconsciously, in fact, many times you struggle with yourself to try not to do it, but in the end, you fall. No matter how successful you are or how much you have achieved in your life, there is always someone who is doing better than you. Instead of looking at everything you have achieved and everything you are, you look at what is bad, what you still have to achieve, and what you do not have. If you compare yourself, let it be to motivate you. To see how far you can go if you try as hard as you have so far. Compare yourself only for the good.


What makes you feel so insecure, Scorpio is your own feelings. You are a very touchy person, but you don’t let others know this side of you. Therefore, you hide under your shell, to such an extent that there are times when you isolate yourself from the world. Time alone is good for healing wounds, but don’t overdo it, Scorpio. So much time shutting down your emotions can lead to more insecurities. The more time you spend disconnected from the real world, the more insecure you will feel when it comes to talking about your emotions. Believe it or not, learning to manage your emotions can help you trust yourself a lot more.


You are a person who has always cared a great deal about your dreams, Sagittarius. You fight day by day so that all those ideas that are in your mind come true at some point. Something that makes you feel very insecure is a failure. You are a very outgoing and super positive person. Any negative situation you turn into something super positive. But feeling that you are getting further away from your dreams, realizing that how time passes and you do not get what you want makes you feel very insecure. There is no doubt that you are the sign that will fight the most to overcome all those insecurities, so ALWAYS trust yourself.


You are very demanding of yourself, Capricorn, and it is that level of demand that makes you feel so insecure. You need things to always go according to the plan you have already established. When it isn’t, you start thinking about the worst of the worst. You demand too much of yourself so that things always go well. You do not know the number of insecurities that all this causes you. When things don’t go the way you thought, you start to doubt everything, even yourself. That excess of worry, Capricorn, makes you feel insecure most of the time. You have to trust yourself a little bit more. If you have reached where you have come, it has been because you have done things well.


Something that makes you feel very insecure, Aquarius, is when you realize that you are not as free as you want to be. When you find yourself in a situation where you can’t do what you want or when someone forces you to do something, you feel very unsure. Something as simple as routine can bring out many of your insecurities. You need to be able to do things to your liking, Aquarius. When you have to act under someone’s orders or follow rules, you don’t feel like yourself and therefore you can’t trust yourself. You have to start working on this because you already know that you are not always going to be able to do what you want. You need to think that there will always be time for you.


What makes you feel insecure, Pisces, are the crowds, the places with many people, the situations in which you have to be sociable. You have no problem meeting people, but it overwhelms you to be in the spotlight. You feel out of place and uncomfortable when you find yourself in such a situation. It makes you feel insecure to know that there can be many people judging you, criticizing your defects, talking about what you have done wrong… You cannot relax in these types of situations. Little by little, Pisces, you will start to get stronger and become great even though there are many people around you. It’s all a matter of working on your insecurities.


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