Intense red, powdery pink, golden nude, orangey-red, plum … The possibilities in lipstick colours are numerous. Result? You do not know where to turn! To help you choose, discover the lipstick that suits you according to your astrological sign. So, are you rather natural lipstick, glamorous or eccentric?

Find all our Makeup tips.

1. Aries: a bright red

When the Aries woman puts lipstick, it is because she relies on this detail to give character to her outfit. As usual, she is not one to put on a lot of makeup. Inevitably, she uses a colour associated with her personality, a beautiful bright red: traditional hue but that does not go unnoticed!

2. Bull: a burgundy

When it comes to make-up, the Taurus woman plays it sensual but discreet. And often, she sets her sights for a burgundy lipstick. Timeless and elegant, this shade perfectly highlights its casual and sophisticated outfits.

3. Gemini: an orangey-red

Spontaneous, bubbly and always eager for discoveries, the Gemini woman likes to use makeup as a grain of madness revealing her personality. She can change colours every day but will always have a soft spot for an orange-red lipstick!

4. Cancer: a pale pink

In general, the Cancer woman wears makeup so that it is not noticed. To emphasize her lips, she usually turns to a soft, clear and romantic hue. The ideal? A pale pink lipstick to emphasize his lips naturally.

5. Lion: a brilliant red

Wherever she goes, the Lion woman is not always noticed. And for good reason, she always makes sure to be at the top of the trend side look. As for her makeup, it’s often the same: a red lipstick bright and bright. What to be spotted for sure!

6. Virgin: an old rose

In a rather classic style, the Virgin loves discreet makeup. She only wears lipstick for certain occasions and when that happens, she chooses a sophisticated colour and all in poetry: old rose.

7. Balance: a slightly golden nude

Queen of beauty, the Libra woman masters the subject as a person. Makeup question, it cracks for the elegance of a nude lipstick. And to accentuate her femininity, she chooses it with a slightly golden effect for a result of the most glamorous …

8. Scorpion: an intense plum

Of an anti-conformist nature, the Scorpion woman likes to play it femme fatale. To make up her lips in a sulphurous way, she chooses an intense plum hue. Perfect for his atypical and mysterious personality!

9. Sagittarius: a coral rose

To emphasize the playful and optimistic character of the Sagittarius woman, the coral rose is the ideal colour. One thing is certain, it radiates and is only suitable for the most adventurous signs of the Zodiac. No wonder it’s made for the Sagittarius woman.

10. Capricorn: a matt red

With a relatively traditional style, the Capricorn woman only sees by the dull red when she has to wear makeup. But beware, she only puts on special occasions! The rest of the time, she prefers to focus on the lip balm.

11. Aquarius: multicoloured

Deep black, midnight blue, electric purple, fuchsia pink … The Aquarius woman is the most daring of the Zodiac in her choice of makeup. She changes her style every day and likes to try all the latest novelties. It’s simple, it’s the chameleon of makeup!

12. Fish: a powdery pink

A romantic sign, the Fish woman hates the excessive use of make-up. She finds it vulgar. Of course, when she puts lipstick, she turns to a light and discreet shade like powdery pink!

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