What lesson awaits you in January. According to your zodiac sign.

What lesson awaits you in January. According to your zodiac sign.


Allow toxic people to no longer be part of your life. Don’t give them permission to hurt yourself a second or third time. Don’t give them another chance they didn’t deserve because they blamed you for being disappointed.

Do not allow yourself to flee back to the arms that will hurt you again. The lesson in the first month of the new year is for you to learn not to let loneliness drive you into the arms of poisonous people.

BULL (APRIL 21 – MAY 20)

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t always just list the things you don’t like about yourself or things that went wrong in your life. Stop talking to yourself that you are not beautiful in your own way.

You deserve to know that you are beautiful and that it is you who are holding back from doing wonderful things. Your lesson in the first month of the new year is that self-love should come first for you.

TWINS (MAY 21 – JUNE 21)

Don’t push good people out of your life just because you’ve been hurt in the past. Don’t always assume that everyone who comes into your life wants to hurt you. Don’t let your past turn you into a bitter person.

Don’t let your heart become a block of ice. Your lesson in the first month of the new year is not to become the person who hurt you in the past.


Don’t expect the rest of your life to be as hard and messy as the last few weeks of 2019, and don’t let your anger and disappointment consume you.

Do not project your frustration on the people around you who mean well with you and who helped you to survive the last weeks of 2019. Don’t forget that there are also good people in the world and that good times will come again. Your lesson in the first month of the new year is not to lose sight of the good in people.


Too often, you forget yourself while thinking about how others are doing. You forget far too often that you are only a person with needs and desires, which leads to inner emptiness.

Don’t be too distracted by others because you want to take care of them and forget about taking care of yourself. Practice taking care of your soul. Practice self-love and exercise respect for yourself. Your lesson in the first month of the new year is to appreciate yourself more and find respect for yourself again.


You can’t let up in the first month of the new year just because you’re not in the mood to motivate yourself. Let the excuses be why you can’t or don’t want something at the moment and stop moving things just because you don’t feel able to do it.

Don’t get into the habit of postponing everything until tomorrow if you can do it today. Don’t hold yourself back if it is in your power to change things in your life for the better. Your lesson for the first month of the new year is to pick yourself up and not give up.


Don’t compare yourself to others. Stop talking to yourself that you are on the wrong path because you have not yet achieved your goals. Maybe you are just not ready for it and should be patient. It’s perfectly okay to have questions about life.

It is perfectly fine to feel lost. It’s absolutely okay if it takes a chapter longer to get where you want to be. Your lesson in the first month of the new year is to exercise patience.


Don’t feel bad just because you can’t help everyone. Your kind heart is a blessing but also a curse. If you always put your energy into other people’s happiness, you will end up being unhappy and unfulfilled.

In the first month of the new year, you should take care of yourself and put your own happiness first.


Stop talking to yourself that you always have to be “strong” on the outside. Don’t be afraid of being vulnerable. Do not suppress your emotions and do not hide your heart from the world. Don’t push anyone away who cares about you just to protect yourself. Your lesson for the first month of the new year is to bring out your sensitive side.


Be careful not to get burnout. Work hard, but don’t forget that you are just a person with limited strength. You also deserve a break for one or more days.

You can have fun and you can enjoy life, do not forbid yourself to participate in your own life. Your whole life shouldn’t just be about work and finances. Your lesson for the first month of the new year is to let yourself drift away from life without ever thinking about what needs to be done.


Don’t waste so much time imagining the worst scenarios. Don’t drown yourself in worries that may never happen. Stop imagining problems that may never become real.

Don’t always focus on what could happen tomorrow. Try to live in the here and now and give yourself the opportunity to appreciate that more today. Your lesson for the first month of the new year is to focus more on the beautiful things in life and to focus on the present.


Don’t be so impulsive and don’t act without thinking first. Do not listen blindly to your gut feeling without first thinking about it. Weigh the options before you make important decisions, the first thought is not always the right one. Make sure what you’re getting into so that you don’t make a mistake that may be irreversible. Your lesson for the first month of the new year is to listen more to your mind and less to your intuition because it has been getting you into trouble too often lately.


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