What Kind Of Love Do You Deliver When Your Heart Is Stolen According To Your Sign

What Kind Of Love Do You Deliver When Your Heart Is Stolen According To Your Sign

They say that each head is a world, but what about the heart? I would say each one is a bunch of universes, you never really know what to expect. Feelings change, sometimes bitter and sometimes intensifying for the better. It depends a lot on the kind of people you meet along the way. The reality is that even if you have a relationship, you don’t always give yourself completely. You want someone who is able to take on your insecurities, your follies, and your crazy ways. What kind of love do you give when your heart is stolen according to your sign? Each zodiac sign does its own way.


Honestly, you don’t have time to think about whether or not someone wants something serious. With you there are no grays when it comes to love, perhaps that can scare some, but you prefer to pretend that everything is fine. Your personality is strong, you need someone who is able to keep up with your pace and who has no intention of changing you because he is going to meet your harshness and bad temper. You are sensitive, but only with those who deserve it.


If there is a zodiac sign that is complicated when it comes to establishing a relationship, that is you. You get along very well with being single, that is the reason why you think twice before taking such a formal step. You definitely run away from deceit, you are tired of dealing with people who pressure you or who want to take advantage of your sweet side. Your heart is cold until you find someone capable of melting it.


There is no doubt that your personality is a walking duality, it is your extroverted side and also the intellectual one, which decides to dominate you. However, when it comes to relationships you are usually very cautious, you are not going to risk your emotions with someone who can only offer you instability. You don’t ignore red flags, much less give second chances.


Your heart is made of gold, but it is precisely that sweetness that floods you that has led you to associate with the wrong people. You run away from being hurt and that can be counterproductive because many times you yourself sabotage the relationship. You walk away before your soul is ripped to shreds. It is your fear that makes you question everything and not let yourself go completely. Security is what you are looking for.


You are romantic, and tender, Leo, but you do not fall into idealization, when it comes to love, you put your feet on the ground very well and do not allow them to intervene in your expectations. If you are attracted to someone, it is because you genuinely value that person, but above all, you admire them. You are dedicated, you are not afraid of commitment, and you know that a relationship is something of every day, but there are times when you relate to the wrong souls.


It’s true, Virgo, you can fall in love like any other sign, but that’s no reason to stop being strict. Relationships for you require commitment, discipline, and love. You are not going to stay next to someone who makes you feel insecure, jealousy is not included in your affective displays and falling into that type of tie makes you sick. Your perfectionist side prevents you from destroying yourself, it is your self-love that saves you from the wrong people. 


Although few dare to confirm that your sign is the kindest of the entire zodiac, it is the truth. Libra, that’s why when you step somewhere your positive energy is perceived from the first moment. You are the sign that always bets on calm, the one that flees from conflicts, you do not allow criticism to sink you. You know that it is impossible to see everything with a smile, but you try and that is why your love honors compassion, you know no other way.


They say that your soul is terrifying, that you love control, and that when you have a relationship you are the one who decides where it has to go. Apparently, you come off as cold and unfeeling, but it’s just a layer because you don’t want anyone to walk all over you. The fact that your standards are high does not make you a bad person. You are no longer here to put yourself before anyone’s requests. Scorpio, love is not an imposition, ends.


Maybe when someone messes with you with the intention of harming you, you show them your most intense version, but when you love, your potential rises in a positive way. You do not like that they neglect your feelings and much less that they put your needs in the last place of their priorities. If you are going to love it is to let yourself go, repressing yourself is something that bothers you and of course, makes you want to throw in the towel. If they don’t appreciate you, don’t waste your time. 


As an enemy you are fearsome, Capri, the truth is that you have an ability to push feelings away in the blink of an eye, you are number one. However, when you love selflessness and speak for yourself, you are able to take care of that person’s heart through thick and thin. Really, you don’t waste your time with people who are just passing through. You are looking to build something healthy and lasting, something that gives you security in every sense of the word.


At first glance, your way of loving may seem a bit strange, because your intention has never been to follow a conventional line. The first thing you do is make things clear, you do not beat around the bush and you are not going to allow anyone to interfere with your independence. You may love that person, but that’s no reason to let your guard down for anyone. Your insecurities are already many, you do not want more.


You are shy and mysterious at the same time, Pisces. You like to start relationships cautiously, without letting them know your weaknesses from the first moment. If you like the person a lot, you do a survey, how much is it convenient for you to put your heart in their hands? Your sensitivity is not a game and picks up negative vibrations. If something tells you that it is not right, you prefer to walk away. Loves will come that do really value you.

What Kind Of Love Do You Deliver When Your Heart Is Stolen According To Your Sign

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