Luckily, each of us has a way of being, and also, also a role in each relationship. But it is true that people of the same sign have many more things in common (even if they are different in others) than others. In this article we will focus on friendship and tell you what kind of friend you are according to your sign:


Aries: You are the friend who is always when they need him. And in addition to listening, you try to motivate that person to be better, to fight for their dreams, not to give up. You are a very active person and also listen, and that quality is super important in a friendship. You love to surround yourself with people who add and for that reason, you are one of those who do not remain. You are always contributing and the best, that you encourage everything. Having friends like you is worth it.

Taurus: You are that patient friend who respects the times of others. You always give good advice, but you don’t say what others want to hear. In fact, you will always be sincere in everything you say, sometimes without much tact but always with good faith to try to help your people. Often, you are too honest and that makes you have more than one anger but when time passes and they see that you were right, everyone thanks you to death.

Gemini: You are a super communicative friend Gemini. In addition, you are super generous with your feelings and your emotions. You say what you think and do it with very good intentions. It is true that sometimes you screw up a bit but those who know you, know that you do not do it on purpose or wanting to hurt. You are that kind of friend who does not miss almost any meeting or any event and in fact, if you are missing, the rest notices your absence. Although you often do not believe it, you are essential in your group.

Cancer: Despite your grumpy reputation, you are the kind of funny friend who joins the group. Others can live without people Cancer nearby but deep down, nothing is the same when you don’t have them. The Cancer friend is a joker, has touches of humor that not everyone understands and knows how to laugh at himself/herself, something that is great. In addition, you are super empathic with others, you know how to put yourself in their place and treat your friends with love, especially when you know they need it.

Leo: You are an honest friend of the Leo group. Sometimes even too much, but deep down, in the end, they always appreciate it. Also, you are a person who is always there when they need it. And besides really. Come on, it won’t cost you anything to move mountains if a friend needs you. Be that as it may, you will be by his side, and if not, he will notice your presence in some way. You can be sure of that.

Virgo: You are a sincere friend Virgo, a thoughtful friend, that long before they ask you, you are already there, giving everything of you so that that friend does not have to ask you anything. You are a loyal person, very faithful to your friends and your people in general so, your friends can be very calm with you. Of course, if you have to act Karma from time to time, you will too. You rejoice in the success of your people but if they do it to you, they will pay it

Libra: You are a super helpful friend, one of those who are no more. In addition, although when you are in bad shape you lose all touch when they really need you, you have a lot of empathy and always put yourself in the place of the other. Even many times forgiving more or giving opportunities that should already be spent. Libra, you are that friend that you know will never let you down, that friend who supports you to death. Forever.

Scorpio: A friend like you does not often find Scorpio. You are a loyal person to yours, defender, protector. Come on, no one messes with your friends because they will be the first to get your nails out of them. You give incredible advice to everyone and with you, it has light within all the darkness in which they sometimes get. Although your sign has many complicated things, you shine and make it shine who is with you, who is close to you.

Sagittarius: You are the typical funny friend of the Sagi group, even sometimes, even unintentionally. People miss you when you are not there, and you tend to be a person who puts a lot of sanity in extreme situations although, you have to recognize it, you also really like salsa. You are very faithful to your friends and for them, you are able to do many things. Losing yourself is losing a strong weight of friendship.

Capricorn: You are a constant friend Capri. It is true that the impression you give is of being a cooler person than normal but, deep down, you are always there when they need you. Ok, it is very rare that you are giving hugs and kisses to everyone but it is also true that if someone you love needs your phone it takes half a second to get where it is. Your friends, the real ones, have a treasure with you.

Aquarius: You are the weird friend Aquarius. Well, you’ve even learned to live with that label. You even like it and everything. You are that friend who is able to cancel anything by being by your side if you need it. But you are also a little detached and sometimes, for you, time flies because you always walk with a thousand things in your head, and it seems that you do not remember yours and often miss you. But it doesn’t matter because when yours say “come”, you go. Forever.

Pisces: You are the sensitive friend Pisces. But not sensitive to weak, if not sensitive that everything affects you very much. You are faithful to your people, and your friends, much more. It is true that sometimes you disappear by seasons. Even you need to disconnect to reconnect with yourself. In your group of friends, you are that person who gives that touch of affection and affection to everyone. If someone needs love, ask for it, because you will give him kilos.