What Kind Of Friend Are You According To Your Element

There are many who speak of friendship, but few who really carry it in their soul and heart. A friend is not the one you see every day, he is the one who shows you that whatever happens will be around to wipe your tears, listen to what is weighing you down and celebrate your victories. You cannot go around saying that they are all your friends, you can talk to everyone, see them, but from there to being friendship there is a huge gap. Astrology influences the way you relate. What kind of friend are you according to your element? 

Fire signs 

A friend of fire is one who carries a blaze of luminosity in his soul. He is the one who invites you to break with the conventional, pushes you to improve in every way. He has the will to fill you with life with a lot of colors, his voracity is contagious.


Aries in friendship is the one who always takes the first step. He is brave, has an aggressive and warrior side. The type of person who will be with you through thick and thin. Who is capable of accepting your hobbies and your defects, is not afraid to see reality, on the contrary, he detests those who put superficiality first and who do not have the gallantry to show themselves as they are.


Leo is the one who commits himself, once he decides to give you his friendship there is no going back, it is as if they signed a loyalty contract. It has a creative, bright and rapturous side. He is the one who enjoys shining, but also encourages you to do so. He is your leading friend, the one who always finds the solution for everything. For some it may be intense and selfish, but he knows very well what he wants in life.


Sagittarius is another sign that carries fire in every pore, it is the one who enjoys the moment, adapting to the desires of the spirit. Without a doubt, he has an adventurous soul, always with adrenaline ahead. It is the friend who reminds you how much you are worth, helps you trust and infects you with enthusiasm. Sagittarius has the gift of coloring your gray days, it is synonymous with inspiration and beauty.

Earth signs 

Friends of the land are those who bring balance, perseverance and discipline to our lives. Having a relationship with them is honoring efficiency, always putting logic first. No matter how cruel a situation is, they teach you that the truth is better.


The sign that promises to give you body and soul. Taurus is the one who is committed to keeping your secrets no matter if one day they end badly. He is the one who infects you with motivation, who opens a window of possibilities for you. The friend who reminds you that you have the tenacity and tons of talents to achieve whatever you want. His stubborn part is often what your laziness needs.


Virgo is the person who shows loyalty to you in a deep way, it is not much to put emotions first, but it is an excellent listener, it gives you the most focused advice and does not waste time on prejudices. He is very meticulous, he pays attention to detail and that is the reason why he perceives things that you do not. For some it may be too perfectionist, for others it is synonymous with stability.


The zodiac sign who always takes the lead, who is not afraid of the new and who always looks for a way to make everything more efficient. Capricorn is the hardworking friend, the one who reminds you that discipline is essential to achieve everything you want. He is very responsible and structured, his intention is to improve in every way. You may feel that it is demanding, but it is for your good.

Air sign 

When an air sign appears in your life it means that you will be ready to face the ups and downs of everyday life. It may seem that they are somewhat skeptical and cold, because many times they get lost in their own world. However, they are fast, laid-back, and freedom-loving.


The friend who comes to remind you that life can go away in the blink of an eye. He is the one who gets carried away by the moment and who puts the intelligentsia ahead. He is very friendly, communicative and unpredictable. Geminis know that life is like that, that there are difficulties that cannot be solved, but you do not have to get hooked. It is the friend who invites you to dream, even if your heart trembles.


Libra is that refuge that has the ability to fill you with energy to move on. He is the one who loves you above all else, once he promises you friendship he will be loyal to you until the last of his days, even if the bond is broken, what was told in friendship does not come out of his mouth. He is the one who has a sweet, diplomatic side and who gives you the best advice, always analyzing the pros and cons of everything.


A sign that embraces madness from its guts, it does not matter whether or not it is liked by other people. They are the one who gets carried away by what is in their thoughts, they simply immerse themselves in the future and everything that has to do with innovation. His friendship is the one that puts a clear distance, he is not on top of you all the time, but he does not let go of you in the worst moments.

Water signs 

The water signs, the protective, tender, loving and charming friends. The ones who teach you what it really means to love during friendship. They become your maximum support and invite you to growth in every way. His heart is full of understanding and love.


The mixture of the emotional with a temperamental touch, the one that many times does not understand reasons and simply lets his intense side take control. This is Cancer, the friend who helps you face the adversities that life puts on you. He is the one who protects you from everyone, he will not allow anyone to harm you. It may seem fearful, but its strength leaves you open-mouthed.


Scorpio is synonymous with rapture, it is the sign that loves to be passionate and to break the rules from time to time. However, it is emotional and has a restorative part, as a friend it does not let you go. They are committed in every way, although at first they are extremely distrustful, but once they decide to surrender they will be through thick and thin, they will defend you like a beast.


Pisces is the sensitive coat, the one that fills your soul and mind with its company. He is the one who is in charge of putting intuition ahead, he has a fanciful, creative and intense side that reminds you that every moment is worth it. Pisces is too loving, dreamer, it is the one who inspires you. No matter how crazy the idea you have in mind, it will always motivate you to get ahead.


What Kind Of Friend Are You According To Your Element

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