What Kind Of Footprint Do You Leave As An Ex According To Your Zodiac Sign

I once read that when you want to start a new relationship, it is because you have really pulled the ghosts out of your life. That one nail takes out another nail often ends up tearing your soul apart. Because when you kiss, hug, caress, in an uncontrollable way the memory of your ex returns to you. There are those who leave footprints for life , those who revive while biting your lip. Each sign of the zodiac becomes so deeply impregnated that it becomes very difficult to overcome it. What kind of footprint do you leave as an ex according to your zodiac sign?

1.- Aries 

You are the type of ex who causes those feelings that come back, the ones that are never completely erased. They miss you in a short period of time, because there is no one who is an adventure lover at your level. The energy with which you inspired your partner is the reason why they do not stop thinking about you. Now that person has lost its shine, but you are not willing to go back to someone who does not value you.

2.- Taurus  

If there is a reason why Taurus marks a before and after in people’s lives, it is because it is not easy to find someone so loyal and who does honor to stability. You are the type of sign that more than a love , becomes confidant of your partner and that is when the tears are present when remembering you. And it is difficult for them to accept that they will not find the discretion and confidence that they had at your side.

3.- Gemini 

They will want to enjoy doing crazy things with someone else and at that moment they will realize that no one else will be able to take your place . What kind of footprint do you leave as an ex according to your zodiac sign? You are the type of ex that they miss because you came to break their limits, you invited them to dare, to delve into the depths of their being to fight for what they really want to do in this life. They will remember you every time they feel that adrenaline rush of a new challenge.

4.- Cancer

Cancer is the kind of ex who doesn’t have time to blurt it out, especially if things turned out badly. The truth is that there your spiteful part takes control and all you want is to get that person out of your days. You cut straight, even if your heart hurts. You are one of those who gives everything, the unconditional soul that is always ready to give you a hand, that’s when they miss you, just when they can’t take it anymore.

5.- Leo 

You are proud and you know it. When it comes to relationships, no one beats you when it comes to putting an end to it. From the beginning you make it clear that you are a demanding sign and that you are not here to settle for anyone’s crumbs. You leave traces deep down, because you become the friend of your partners, because the way you work hard to achieve what you want is contagious and that’s when they remember you the most.

6.- Virgo 

Letting go of a Virgo in your life is saying goodbye to something privileged, how do you say goodbye to the one who gave you everything? It may not be the most romantic sign of the zodiac, but when it surrenders it does so without fear of anything and that is what it misses. As an ex, you leave your mark, because they will hardly find someone who gives them such a priority. Vigo appreciates getting rid of someone who was not for him, but they always end up looking for him again.

7.- Libra 

Libra is the one who comes into your life to leave a mark on the secrets of your memory. It is that love that you prefer not to talk about because it hurts to accept that it is no longer part of your life. She is the person who has the gallantry to bounce back after a breakup and become more beautiful than ever. Libra starts the page without fear,it is not a sign that he is willing to deal with loves that come and go, it is decisive and that makes them miss him twice as much.

8.- Scorpio 

Scorpios may falter after a breakup, but they always end up picking themselves up. It is the sign that when he takes you out of his life there is no turning back, even if you beg him or he continues to love you, he will not return to your toxicity. What kind of footprint do you leave as an ex according to your zodiac sign? Scorpio leaves its mark because it is the one who teaches you to love in a deep way, that love that does not demand, that accepts above all else and that embraces loyalty as if there were no tomorrow, not just anyone gives you something like that.

9.- Sagittarius 

If there is someone who knows that setting limits is healthy, without a doubt, we are talking about Sagittarius. The truth is that recycling has never been given. The moment he takes you out of his life is goodbye forever. However, they miss him because he becomes a great friend and just when they feel the desire to tell him everything they realize that it is no longer possible. He needs to spend some time to confirm if he will still give you his friendship.

10.- Capricorn 

Few couples know how to deal with the way Capricorn sets his emotions. The truth is that they do not waste time in nonsense, they focus on what they want and structure everything because they are sure that they want something in the long term. The problem is when the relationship ends and their ex-partners think they can come back as usual , but they find their coldness, the one that yells at you that you no longer deserve a seat in their life.

11.- Aquarius 

Aquarius is not going to be brought down by a lack of love, he may have loved you with all his soul, but he prefers himself above all else. You never know the resilience that is in his heart, life goes on and he knows that he has his bitter moments. What kind of footprint do you leave as an ex according to your zodiac sign? Aquarius is an independent sign, especially emotionally and when it shows you its vulnerable side you end up falling in love, but if everything is over you no longer have a chance and that is when tears win.

12.- Pisces 

Do not be carried away by appearances, the fact that Pisces is a sweet, romantic and dedicated sign does not mean that you can end him and return to his life as if nothing had happened. It is a kind sign, but from there to allowing you to see his face there is a huge gap. Pisces loves with the soul, but lets you go with the same force . The only thing you will receive from his lips is a little encouragement so that you can continue without being by his side.


What Kind Of Footprint Do You Leave As An Ex According To Your Zodiac Sign

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