Many times we talk about the others’ ex, about how bad they behaved, about cocoons they were or about the little touch they had when they broke. Many times we talk about our ex, and we drop all the trash they left us inside in the form of tears or anger. But rarely do we realize that we are also an ex, and some, very crazy. So, here is what kind of ex-madman you are according to your Zodiac sign.

ARIES: After a break, you become more reckless if possible. Instead of relaxing a little and trying to internalize what is happening to you by eating liters of ice cream on the sofa and watching Netflix with a handkerchief to dry your tears, you become aggressive and start doing crazy things of all kinds. Do not stop Aries, you go from one place to another and you sign up for anything that is risky. It’s as if you had to release all that adrenaline at once. And suddenly you start to like things that you didn’t before … you may have bought a motorcycle or you are thinking of parachute jumping.

TAURUS: When there is a break insight, you are the typical ex-madman whose partner never knows anything again. At least for a time. And yes, you are one of those who makes a big change in your life to overcome it. You can leave your job and leave town without thinking, or take the first flight to that exotic country to give yourself time for yourself … You do things like that. And besides, you try to cut off relationships with everything that binds you to that person. If you have friends in common, you usually get away from them. Unfortunately, your next partner will suffer some of the consequences of that insecurity they have left you. It will have to pass a million “tests” and show you a million things before you open yourself and let it happen to your life.

GEMINI: You are the typical ex-madman who begins to make important decisions about your life. In addition, spiritual and life decisions. You can leave the country, or make a radical change in your physique, or even change your diet to a much healthier one. You start looking for yourself and although you may have impressively contained anger, there is something inside you that tells you that now is your moment and don’t waste your time. Fight the fact of feeling bad with the passion of starting something new. You are that person who changes habits radically. And everyone stays with your mouth open … For good …

CANCER: You are the typical ex-madman who does not overcome Cancer. You become super obsessive (and even more so the first few weeks), you start to believe that this person is already with someone else and that you are a waste of the world. You miss that person you love, you are hurt and you want to get it back anyway. So, you are one of those who pull the agenda and probably write to other people to “lick” those wounds … ERROR. No one is going to replace you who has left. But you don’t care about that, you have libido through the clouds and you need to vent. Although 30 minutes later you are crying like an unprotected baby.

LEO: After a breakup, you’re the typical ex-madman who starts publishing everything he does on social media. That is, let everyone know that a breakup means nothing to you. Because life goes on and you have come to this world to enjoy it to the fullest. Of course, the reality is different. You can post that photo on that spectacular site and that same night you want to die for everything you’re going through. You miss the attention and affection you received and somehow you need to fill that void. You open up to meet everyone very quickly. In those moments, although you should be alone, you don’t allow yourself that time.

VIRGO: You are so intelligent that you yourself know how to ruin your Virgo life. You are the typical person who researches all the time, who wants to tie up ends, who needs answers and above all to understand why. And as you are so intelligent and you concentrate so much on what you want, then there you take it. A dose of mental streak that will last as long as you want. Sometimes it seems that you like to gloat over the bad. In addition, you are one of those who think that you are not a former madman because you do not do crazy things … The day less thought you come down and you do not understand why. Well, I explain it to you: think TOO.

LIBRA: You are that kind of ex-madman who tries to win over all your ex’s friends. When you started the relationship with that person, you probably had nothing in common with her, but when you leave here, let everyone know that her friends probably love you more than him/her. You are Libra so, you are amazing to many people. Besides, you love subtly saying “love you” doing things like that. Making others love you and remind your ex all his life how much he has lost.

SCORPIO: Recognize Scorpio, you’re the kind of ex-madman who gets super aggressive in a breakup. And as it was for a much worse deception. In your mind “no one will harm you” and that is why you plan careful revenge… Of course, but not before releasing the insults and the greatest offences in the world. Do not stay at ease if it does not “hurt” so, you will prepare your entire arsenal to give where more love. You need to see some tears to soften yourself. And sometimes, not even with those. You are a little crazy ex the truth …

SAGITTARIUS: You are the typical ex-madman who never mentions a Sagi breakup, once the relationship with that person ends, you end everything. With absolutely everything that can unite you. You take pride in not being too emotional or at least being able to control yourself in that way. And no, you will try not to worry about those relationships that are already broken for a long time. It is a practical way to move forward without caring much else. And the rest see it as you want to see it.

CAPRICORN: When there is a breakup, you are the typical ex-madman who tries at all costs to blame the other person. And you will invent a thousand ways to stay in your life. If he owes you something, until he pays it he won’t leave. If something ends, it has to be real and without messes, so that’s why you will do everything a little harder. This is Capri, justice even in the worst moments. More than anyone, you are prone to maintain very long but intermittent relationships. That is, that you endure even when you know that it is already more dead than alive.

AQUARIUS: You are the typical former madman who disappears from the world. Things as they are, you disconnect the phone and “see you later”. You don’t want anyone to come with dramas and you probably already write with someone even to kill time and have some love. Or maybe an hour after the break you are already giving eyes to that person you met on the street. Ok, you can be screwed, one thing doesn’t take away the other. But the time you, you do not lose it …

PISCIS: You are the typical ex-madman who turns his ex into his muses. It is clear that they have gone through your life and have left their mark, ok, but from there to write about that break a poem in social networks goes a world. Well, you are like that, you externalize everything in the art form. You will share a thousand states about how that love hurt you so much or gave you so much. And that person will know perfectly well what is going for him/her.