He’s a guy who will never put you in first place because his needs will always be first.

You are just someone with whom he spends time when he does not know what to do. He will never appreciate you as you deserve.

He loves to make love all the time and for him, sending nude photos during the day is a normal thing, even if you told him not to do it.

He likes to boast of his romantic talents and he will never give you credits for the effort you make in bed.


He always acts as if he is the most important person in your life, even if you did not give him that place at all.

He likes to make big decisions without you because he thinks he knows the best. The sad truth is that he does not care at all about you.

All he wants is money, love and a lot of alcohol. He is a true hedonist and when he gets what he wants, he will disappear. A real Damn, is not it?


This sign is difficult to manipulate because of its nature.

One moment, I will love you, and the other, he will have nothing to do with you. The truth is that he does not love you and he does not care.

All that interests him is himself, and his needs will always be first on the list.

And if you do not play according to its rules, it will simply drop you.


Since this is one of the most emotional signs, he will want you to give him your full attention.

If he does not get what he wants, he will find someone else and forget you in the blink of an eye.

In bed, he will like you to give him nicknames that reinforce his ego.

The truth is that you have to maintain a constant effort if you want to have a happy relationship with him. So, tell me, are you able to handle that?


This guy is a narcissist who has little self-confidence and flirts with everything that has feet just to feel better.

The problem is that he will completely forget you when he is in the company of other hot girls.

He loses his sense when he flirts, so that a caress, a kiss, and BOOM can happen – he has already deceived you.

If that happens, he will somehow find some good reasons as to why he did it, and in the end he will hold you guilty of everything.


This guy is someone who will seduce you but who will not try at all to improve your relationship.

He thinks you are lucky to be with him and does not understand that it takes much more for true love.

Leave it as long as it is time because it will not give you what you need.


The Libra man does not like to express his feelings, so you will never know what he feels for you.

Even if you go out together for a long time, you will always have to find your way to your heart.

It’s hard to handle and it gives too little love back, so if I were you, I’d think twice about it being the man of my dreams.


Scorpio is never in search of true love and all it wants is to romance.

He always comes out with hot girls, so if you are not what his ideal wife looks like, he will never give you a chance.

He thinks that there is only one life and that it must be lived fully. He always boasts in front of his friends with the number of girls he has slept to reinforce his ego. What a damn, huh?


As he talks to you, on the other side, will flirt with the lovely waitress of the club.

Emotions are not his cup of tea and he never ties deeper ties with women.

He makes romantic movies on every girl he meets, and he dreams of taking off his pants and taking action.

He’ll take advantage of you and never call you back, but that’s the only way he knows to behave with women.


This sign likes to argue a lot and it will never let you win the argument.

You can never get love and respect from him because he does not give it to anyone.

Even if he goes out with you for a long time, he will always think that he is the boss in the relationship and will never give you credit for all the things you have done.

He will make your life hell and he will have no remorse.


This sign is one of the greatest seducers of all signs. He will use you for his sick games and he will never let you make big decisions in the relationship.

He is not happy with his life so he wants you to feel bad about yours.

Many girls are attracted to him because of his interesting stories and his intelligence, but as soon as he reveals his true face, they all disappear.


This guy is a damn who will do anything to seduce you but as soon as you become his girlfriend, he will begin to neglect you.

It will make you feel bad about yourself and you will spend many sleepless nights trying to understand why you are not enough for him.

I suggest you run as fast as you can because a man like him will never give you the love you deserve.



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