Do you like girls who are adventurous, with character, uninhibited and crazy? Or do you prefer those who go for what they want, although they are patient and calm? Or do you melt with the sensitive, loving, dreamy, and very close? Know what the girls of the Zodiac are like and what it would be like to date each one of them.


The Aries girl is dominant, impatient, sincere, and very very daring. For her life, she hopes to find someone special but does not stand still while she arrives. If he has noticed you, he will like to get your attention but do not give it all at once, he likes the game of persuasion, the difficult and the challenges. When you do get out with her, you can be sure that you won’t get bored inside or outside the house, or in bed either. She likes movement and that involves making a lot of plans, sports, traveling, and love.

He likes to feel in control but he loves to lose it with someone he likes a lot so don’t let him get bored for a single moment. Because as he gets bored with you, you will have problems. Or when you oppose him or when he feels hurt by some injustice you have done him. He will always tell you everything he thinks and feels and will expect the same from you. When you have confrontations (something common with this fierce girl) do not submit because she will want to have someone in front of her to admire.

Show him character but give him the reason if he has it, you do not want to impose yourself because he is rebellious that will leave you KO. And give him his time to commit 100% because he is very independent and has a hard time relaxing with that topic. When he wants to leave it, he will tell you without a problem. She does not fool around nor does she think much about decisions (she is the impulsive one of the Zodiac for a reason ).


The Taurus girl is responsible, the patient has her feet on the ground and knows how to be alone if necessary. She is sensual, pampering, romantic dinners, and details drive her crazy. And he likes relationships with a future more than one-night stands. But he loves flirting and challenges. She will also be the one who decides when you go to bed. She likes physical contact both in and out of bed, so kiss or roll her at any time of the day and night, give her passion and tenderness at the same time. It will go crazy, something wild, you will love it.

Let yourself be persuaded at the same time that you resist. But do not pressure her either because she likes to take her time to meet you, go out with you and so that you are something else in her life. When this happens, remember that she is jealous and possessive, that you will already be something of her that she has to take care of, preserve, pamper … When you anger her, prepare to see an angry person who will put you in your place without getting messy, there you will find out what which is dating a Taurus girl. Try to talk about the problems at the moment, if he leaves you, because when grudges accumulate it is worse. And if words can’t reach you, hold her tight and make her feel like you’re still there with her.

When he wants to leave you, he will do so without giving you many explanations, he will have thought about it a lot before. And it won’t come back because when it starts it doesn’t back down.


The Gemini girl is charming, resourceful, and intelligent, but also scattered, unpredictable and a teacher with the words with which she gets what she wants. He will persuade you with his conversation, but with that gab, he will also manipulate you when he wants to convince you of something. It has a great facility to relate and a tendency to flirt. You are proof of how to fall asleep if you are reading this. If you are very jealous, forget it. And if you do not know if it is coming or going, you will have to be patient because it does not give itself to anyone easily. He will show an interest one day and another will be distant. Remember that his personality is “double.” With her, you will not get bored because it will be like being with two girls at the same time, or with several more.

You will have to win her over with good conversation, plans that persuade her (she already has many, get it over with), with a sense of humor, and giving her attention but not all of her since she likes difficulty. With the Gemini girl, you will have to get used to her constant changes of opinion, to her brutal sincerity. And if you get to his bed, it will be like a roller coaster because he likes to try everything and if he doesn’t want something he will tell you too, whether you like it or not. When she gets angry or feels betrayed she can get very wild, in the fiercest sense of the word. Try to endure the downpour but do not go completely through it because it will be worse.


The Cancer girl is protective, loving, intuitive, and very familiar. She dreams of romance in her life, but she knows that it is not easy to find someone to have it with, although she never loses hope. If you want me to say yes soon, try to be that waiting romantic prince, listen to her, have details with her, give her tenderness every day and passion in and out of bed (when you get her to invite you to romance). If you conquer it, you will earn it to have a relationship with the future. But remember how important it is for her to connect with you both physically and spiritually.

If you go out with her, you will quickly get hooked on her way of feeling heard and loved. And if he falls in love with you, he will give you everything you need always. When he gets angry, he turns negative and his bad mood permeates everything. But the moon is very much to blame for his swaying emotions. Your Cancer girl wastes feelings and heart but when she goes to the dark side she turns them into stone.

Be careful about messing with her family or friends because that makes her very angry, and vice versa, if you win over them, you win over her too. By the way, if he introduces them to you soon, he really likes you. And if he falls in love with you, you will already be like his family and you will be on the podium of his affections. If you betray her or break her trust or disrespect her, you can now say goodbye because it is difficult for her to forget and forgive. And if he continues by your side, it will be with a lot of resentment.


The Leo girl is pure fire, confident, generous, and charming. She asks for everything she gives you, everything she asks for, she will give back to you in spades. For example, he will ask you for admiration and dedication, but with them, he will make you the center of his life. And he will brag about you wherever he goes. Her ego is her center, she loves herself very much, and that high self-esteem makes her strong and confident in life.

When he commits himself, he does it to death and wants stable relationships and absolute loyalty. You may have stories to pass the time but you like to be in a relationship and with plans for the future, and that is what you will always look for. But you won’t have to be figuring out what he wants because it’s direct and clear. It will respect you that you also know what you want and that you put it in its place if necessary. Normally, she likes to dominate as well as to be dominated, she plays whatever it is, but always with love and respect as the basis of the relationship.

Do not provoke her with jealousy because she enters the game quickly and you can be chastened. When he gets angry, it is difficult for him to get out of the black cloud, and he is looking forward to it. But she has a lot of pride, especially when she feels that you have offended her, annulled her, avoided her … and that she is right. When the fight is serious, or I say goodbye, say goodbye because when you make a decision like that it is because there is no going back.


The Virgo girl is a practical, detailed, perfectionist, sometimes cold but very loving at heart. He takes his time to get into a relationship because he does not want to be hurt but it is because he does not know how to handle emotions well. It is more mental than emotional, and that is why it takes time to start. Then she surrenders and is touching because she lives love with great naivety.

When you have a relationship with her, you will see that she dominates the conversation with intelligence and that she uses sarcasm and many scathing comments (who do not want to hurt you even if it seems like it). If he gets his wits talking to you, it means that he considers you a good opponent at his height. Try to be up to par in your answers, don’t be superficial, and laugh with her. Her family, friends, and work are very important to her, you don’t want to take her away from them because you will lose out. She is sensual and sensual but she needs time to loosen up. He does not like pressure, neither in bed nor outside of them.

She will greatly value the romantic details you have with her, and she likes crazy plans because she feels like she is someone else. She tends to worry a lot about everything, so when she breaks the rules she feels very liberated. But remember that playing with her is not a good idea. He is strong and once he recovers from the shock of a betrayal or a breakup, he has a lot of strength to walk away and not look back once.


The Libra girl is sociable, kind, indecisive, and diplomatic. With her you can talk about any topic, make plans of all kinds, and in all this, you will see that she feels comfortable. He adapts very well to his partners, but do not trust yourself too much, because he also likes to know that he controls. Nor do you pressure her, or to go out with you, or to get you engaged. She takes time to make decisions, but she doesn’t want anyone to make them for her. When he gets angry, as easy as it is for the good, he turns around and brings out a character that will leave you very surprised.

Learn to know her, because she needs to feel safe in emotional issues, in which she feels more indecisive than usual (and wanting to run away many times). Don’t be jealous either because they have a knack for relating and always have a secret admirer. But if she is with you, you can be calm She likes to love and she likes you to teach her and take control, but when she feels safe, let her reign between the sheets because the art she has can surprise you a lot.

When he gets carried away, show him that you know what you’re doing and that you weren’t showing off for showing off. The Libra knows that she is indecisive and that is why she puts herself in the hands of her partners, but because she trusts them to do it better than her, if not for what. When you have problems, do not forget that he handles words and that he also knows how to handle your emotions, because he has the experience of always working on his own.


The Scorpio girl is mysterious, suspicious, and persuasive. You may feel very very attracted to her, but the normal thing is that you fall in love and even become obsessed. And you can never say that you really know her. If you feel that there is something about her that attracts you and you don’t know what, don’t worry, you have the normal symptoms that dating a Scorpio girl produces. But don’t be like others and learn to respect his reserved character and to treasure every confidence he makes to you, every feeling he reveals to you, and every plan he wants to make with you. If she is giving you it is that she likes you a lot, if she gives you more it is that she is feeling … but she always decides, do not get your hopes up.

Be smart and make him feel like he wasn’t wrong about you. Love is your way of expressing what you are, what you want, and what you feel. Try to be at the height. And take advantage of every moment in or out of bed to create greater bonds with her. In fights, you want to get away with it. She always wants to dominate, before, during, and always. And he knows how to manipulate, he wears it as standard. If he falls in love with you, he is always faithful and will worship you like a god. But if you hurt him, he will have no problem collecting it. He has reserves of anger, vindictiveness, and resentment to give and take. And if you become his enemy, he will know how to hit you where it hurts the most. She can be your heaven or your hell. It’s up to you.


The Sagittarius girl is fun, curious, sociable, and well-off energy. You will surely notice it because it gives off an aura of joy and good vibes that few can resist. But you will realize, or will tell you herself, that her freedom is her most precious treasure. And he never wants to lose her, least of all for someone. Before he decides that he wants something serious with you, he will want to live life by your side so be prepared to go out, travel, play sports, has a lot of love, and long conversations.

The Sagittarius girl is not looking for a partner like crazy, she wants love and she wants love and she wants to share plans, but she is not in a hurry for anything else. Expect everything to come according to the moment. Do not force it, take the opportunity to enjoy it, and to see you with different eyes. She likes to learn and cannot stand boredom, or being pressured or tied up. Let it move on its own and it will always come back to you. From the moment you meet her and until your first fights arrive, you won’t have to think if she meant this or that. She will tell you. She is direct and sincere and expects the same from you.

The mysteries do not go with her, do not play cat and mouse because she gets tired quickly. He always has better things to do. And when there are arguments, be honest, do not accuse her of immature or criticize her without having good arguments. Yours can be overwhelming and in some cases conclusive. Because when you want to go, you will.


The Capricorn girl is ambitious, enterprising, knows how to take care of herself, and is materialistic. If you like and want something with her, think about it before you start persuading her because she will not make it easy for you. But because he does not like to waste time, nor lies, nor frivolities, nor insecurities (neither emotional nor economic). Her idea of ​​Prince Charming doesn’t exist, nor is she a princess. In any case, she is a queen with power, and if you like power and you have it, she will want you by her side so that you can share both of your mutual powers. She is more loving than she wants to show and she resists so much not to suffer if it goes wrong.

Once it relaxes it is the opposite of cold, you are going to hallucinate (this goes for the bed too). He will show you with actions more than words what he feels. Try to get to know her before judging her, don’t leave her out for your friends, and be honest and direct. He does not know how to play mystery or pretend. If she falls in love with you you can bet that you will have in her everything you need, everything, everything. His level of dedication once the relationship is stable and committed is brutal.

If the relationship does not work, it will be difficult for you to admit that you have been wrong, and you will suffer, for having lost a very painful investment in time and love. If you cheat on her, don’t bother talking about it because she won’t forgive you.


If you hope to date an Aquarius girl doing the same thing that you have done with other girls, forget it. Because she is unconventional, nor does she follow any tradition if she doesn’t like it. She is authentic and of course, she likes boys just as authentic. To move forward with you, she will have to feel that you accept her as she is, that you do not want to change her, as everyone tries to do with her. In exchange for assuming how special he is, you will have a good conversation and he will follow you on whatever crazy plan you can think of. You won’t get bored with her, but don’t let her get bored with you either.

In love, for example, he likes everything new, and if he breaks rules, the better. You can already use imagination and courage but you will receive a wonderful lover in return. Your Aquarius is very independent, do not pressure her for a lot of time or her full attention. He always has many ideas and many things to do in mind, and he likes to have his space and time for them. He lets you be part of his life, but you are not his life. That you will not forget. She likes respect and when she falls in love she gives herself from the heart, even though she really likes her freedom to do whatever she wants. And when there is a problem, talk about it all. She likes to solve things by talking. If you don’t, it is unpredictable in all its facets. Maybe take the door and not the time again. Don’t play with it because you will lose.


The Pisces girl is loving, sensitive, selfless, and compassionate. As you like it a little, you will end up liking it much more, but do not think that it is easy to get to it because it moves physically and mentally in a complex way. She is a dreamer and in her mind, she likes ideal relationships and ideal boys. Try to be one of them and get the best of you to make her fall in love because she likes to believe that dreams can come true. Like a good romantic, she likes to be persuaded. Take the first step, have details with her, take care of her and protect her, and make her laugh and feel heard. She also likes to listen and she will give you more than anything that she receives good from you.

In general, it will make you very happy if she is happy with you. If he feels unhappy, he will return the same to you. Do not forget. He likes relationships with a future, but he knows how to enjoy if the relationship is less stable if he sees some magic. When you meet her under the covers, because of her soft and passionate way of being, you will want your relationship to last a long time. When you have problems, if you are sincere, he will understand you, for something he is dating the most empathetic girl in the Zodiac. If you lie to him, he will set his mind to revenge, a mind that works very well, with its touch of insight and complexity. Don’t risk it and check what he has planned for you. Because you still lose.


What It's Like To Date With The Girls Of The Zodiac


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