What It Is To Fall In Love With Every Woman Of The Zodiac

Some serious, crazy, intense, sweet, empathetic. Some enter like a flare in the heart and others do it stealthily until they become the owners of your thoughts. They are like that, fearsome, but the truth is that without them this world would not be the same. There are women who leave their mark on you, who you remember even after the years, women who change your life, those who repair, love, sing, dance. What is it like to fall in love with every woman in the Zodiac? 


Aries is the one who has a rebellious soul, is independent, impatient, is the one who does not conform, if he wants something he goes out to fight like a beast . If you want their hearts, you should know that they melt in the face of challenges and love attention. She is powerful and knows it so well that she is not worried about using all her weapons. Aries does not beg you, do you want or do not want to be in his life. It is the bold, the one that drives you to face your fears. But behind so much courage hides a heart that enjoys being loved and needed. It is like that, the caress that touches you the deepest.


The Taurus woman is the one who has big dreams, but is down to earth. She is responsible, she puts patience first, she is the one that is not interested in loves for a while, but do not try to pressure the first time either. Taurus is determined, he tells you things up front and throws himself into the ring even though he often dies of fear . It is synonymous with sensuality, resistance, it is charming, it grabs you with its way of kissing, talking, with the way it plays with its hair and laughs as if there is no tomorrow. Taurus is loyal, she is the woman who will not put up with your infidelities.


The irreverent one, the one who goes to the rhythm of her heartbeat, the one who has the gift of mesmerizing with words. Gemini is competitive, smart, and not someone to settle for superficial talk. She is the one who has a magnet on her lips, it is amazing how lovely she goes through life. It is stubborn when it is proposed and changeable in the extreme. He is true to his convictions, he does not mind gaining the approval of anyone, Gemini does what he feels is right and there is no more. It is like that, sometimes he wants everything, sometimes he wants nothing.


An intuitive breath, one of those that touch your emotions. What is it like to fall in love with every woman in the Zodiac? Cancer is like that, complicated, there are few who get to know its really vulnerable side. He is sensitive and not afraid to connect on a deep level. He is the one who cares little about the material, he wants something more, a heart-to-heart bond. Cancer is the one who gets carried away, who loves to be heard, who honors home. She is the lunatic, the intense, the loving one, she is the one who can love you and teach you what true love is.


Leo is the one who smiles with fire on his lips. He is the one who makes his steps sound loud, he is the one who steals the charm of anyone around him . He shines and shines, but he also has a heart full of generosity, he likes to be paid attention because he gives himself body and soul. She is the one who earns admiration, she does not want a love to solve her life, she wants someone who loves her for who she is, she is passionate, committed and has a fierce side that scares her. Leo does not allow himself, he wants to be given his place, period.


Virgo is the one who puts up a huge barrier, not jokingly lets anyone know their weaknesses. She is witty, funny, but shy at first. What is it like to fall in love with every woman in the Zodiac? Virgo is the practical woman, the one who takes into account the details and is a perfectionist. It may be affection at first glance, it may seem that you have no feelings, but you prefer to be cautious and check that they are willing to give the love you deserve. Virgo wants more than superficial conversations. In sensual but also sweet, it is the caress that accelerates your life.


Libra is the one who wastes his social part in every word. She is the one who puts empathy first, she is a charm, but that does not mean that it is always synonymous with being interested. Pleasedon’t mistake her kindness for flirtation. Libra is the one who stops you cold, is the one who changes his decision overnight. He takes risks with few, because it is emotional. He does not always connect the heart with the head and he hates when they only come close to alter his mental and emotional stability.


Scorpio is the one who surrounds you with so much mystery, has persuasion in his eyes and can make several obsess over his charm, a pity because it does not always correspond to you. Scorpio is more than mere attraction, it is reserved because it hides an emotional part. She is distrustful, it is hard for her to believe the first timeand there are times when no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to enter her heart. She is stubborn and likes to get away with it, not just anyone can with such a rapturous and determined soul.


The Sagittarius woman , the woman who has humor in her pores. The one who walks with curiosity hand in hand. She is like that, funny, interesting, flirtatious, she is a cluster of energy. He is the one who comes into your life to teach you that the color of the rainbow is much better. Talking to her is synonymous with traveling, losing yourself in so much knowledge. It’s like jumping off a parachute, you never really know what’s going to happen. What is it like to fall in love with every woman in the Zodiac? Sagittarius is the one that illuminates, the free, the safe, the one that when it feels controlled runs away. Few know how to deal with the madness of his soul.


The lady who steals a sigh just by watching her go by, the one with ambition in her eyes, the one who doesn’t need to be taken care of, teaches you how to do it. He knows no limits, he enjoys breaking down walls and although he looks like an ice cube, deep down he is very sweet. Capricorn wants action, not a bunch of pretty words that go nowhere. And don’t worry, because he doesn’t care what’s in your wallet, he works hard to indulge himself and boy does he have them. She is direct, she tells you things to your face and without fear, do not try to make fun of her or you will regret it.


Like an unexpected wave, the kind that sweeps everything in its path. Aquarius is the one that breaks with the conventional, that secretes eccentricity, the one that does not know what it is to be bored . She is like that, unpredictable, cute, dreamy, you need much more than intelligence to keep her attention. Do not pressure her, do not demand of her, because she loves her independence, if she wants to be with you she will tell you. Aquarius wants to feel that you care, that you are not afraid to break the rules. She is the serious lady who melts with love in the right arms.


The Pisces woman is the one who takes insightful steps, is complex, empathetic and lives up to the profound. It is a heart that knows no limits, but that does not allow itself to be easily carried away, it needs something more. She gives herself when she meets a warm, friendly soul, when she feels understood, when they make her laugh. It is who is willing to really know you. She is selfless, sweet, and although she may seem like she breaks the first time, she is very resilient. Pisces is magic, inspiration, romanticism, it is the one who invites you to love in a different way. The kind that is only for the brave.


What It Is To Fall In Love With Every Woman Of The Zodiac

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