What Is Your Super Power According To Your Sign


Speed, telekinesis, healing, intelligence or strength are some of the superpowers that the signs of the Zodiac would have if superpowers existed or were in their hands. Each sign has incredible characteristics and hence, they had these powers:



If you were a superhero, there would be no doubt that your superpower would be super speed. Aries, you love living life in an accelerated way. You characterize yourself for being a very impatient, very impulsive person. You hate something or someone wasting your time, you are more than acting as you think, quick answers and very concise.

You love to enjoy your freedom as much as possible and you are a super independent person.

It makes you very nervous / people who do things at their own pace or who take all the time in the world to make a decision. Aries, you are a sign that is characterized by impulsivity, by throwing yourself into the void without even thinking about it before. There is no doubt that being able to make use of super speed is something that would make you very happy, to be the fastest person on earth, to be able to control the speed of everything around you, to make everything much faster.


If you could have a superpower, it is clear that it would be the ability to slow downtime. You are one of the most patient people in the Zodiac and there are times when you would like to be able to stop time. There are times when you think that everything is going too fast, that the world lives too stressed and you would like to be able to stop everything so you can enjoy the moment much more.

Unlike Aries, you are one of those who detest going fast to all places, you like to take your time to do things and to savor it and enjoy it as it deserves.

You are more about letting things happen in due time and not about forming situations.

You would like to have the superpower to slow down the time to squeeze every minute to the fullest. In addition, you are a super ambitious and super hardworking person, you always have something to do. There are times when you would like the day to have 25 hours instead of 24 to give you time to do everything and without a doubt, if you had this superpower for you everything would be perfect.


Without a doubt, Gemini, if you could have a superpower it would be to learn anything very easily. Gemini, you are a super social person, who has no problem adapting to any medium. In addition, you are someone who knows everything, you are so intelligent that you even know the smallest detail of any situation. You have many ambitions, Gemini, and many dreams to fulfill.

You love learning new things and expanding your ability.

Therefore, you would like to be able to learn anything with incredible ease. Your mind has a lot of information and you have to start managing it, but if you had that superpower everything would be much easier. You might be able to learn to do all those things you still want to learn in less than a day. Your mind would be an extensive library full of wisdom and experiences, as much as you like. You would be really happy if you could live with that superpower, but we are sorry to tell you, Gemini, that at the moment it is not possible.


If you could have a superpower, Cancer, it would be that of extreme healing. Cancer is known to be the best friend and best family of the Zodiac. Cancer, you are that person who is always there to help others, you are one of those who always puts his shoulder so that others cry. You have a huge heart and that’s why you put yourself in the skin of the people who suffer. If it were for you, if you had that power, you would do something to stop people from suffering. You don’t know, Cancer, but you already have a superpower, you have the ability to make others feel better when they are with you.

You have that ability to make everything with you much easier.

You know how to take care of your people, you know how to love the people who really deserve your heart. There is no other power that identifies you better than healing anyone in need. One who is able to fix broken hearts, sorrows and heart problems. It is up to you to take care of those people who are wrong, it is something you cannot avoid.


There is no doubt that your superpower, Leo, is the super-strength. You are the lion of the Zodiac, the king of the pack, who is day and day also fighting and working hard. You are brave, strong and persistent, you are not one of those who abandon as soon as the thing begins to twist. You also have your moments of weakness and downturn, but still, you try to dress with your best smile and go out to face life. Leo, you always stay positive, even if inside you’re not as happy as it seems. You are not a superhero, but you already have that superpower.

Everyone knows that you will always be able to overcome any adversity because you are so and so much. In addition, you are so strong that sometimes you can get a little stubborn.

Yes, Leo, acknowledge it, when an idea gets you between eyebrows and eyebrows, not bad, very bad. You are a blunt person, a person who is very strong and has clear ideas. You are one of those who are not afraid to express their opinions, of those who overcome any pothole and of those who can eat the world with just a bite.


If you had a superpower, Virgo, it would be superintelligence. You would like to have that power to know absolutely everything. From how to cook your favorite dish to how the world’s rarest disease is cured. You are a person with a privileged mind, you like to inform yourself, you like to soak your brain of information. You are a very curious person who wants to know from the last gossip in the neighborhood to what is happening right now on the other side of the world.

Your power, Virgo, would be to have the ability to know everything there is, everything that happens, everything that is happening in the world.

Without having to study, without having to look for it, without having to ask. Know everything without having to do anything. It would be a privilege for you to have that perfect and knowledge-filled mind. In addition, you who like to have everything planned and everything under control, this superpower have nothing but advantages. By remembering everything perfectly, you would have no problem when you had to square your agenda or when you had to make some crucial decisions. EVERYTHING would be advantages.


If you could have a superpower, Libra, you would have the power of super protection. Your greatest wish is for world peace to exist. You hate to see people suffer, you can’t stand the idea of ​​harming someone without wanting to. If it were for you, you would create something to protect others from harm, so that everyone could live happily without having to suffer. You are of that kind of people who believe in goodness, you are one of those who do not judge without knowing. Libra, is that you have a huge heart and very few people know how to value it.

You hate fights and unnecessary conflicts.

You are one of those who, before reaching any conclusion, stop to listen to both parts of the story. Your power, Libra, is your ability to protect those who are being mistreated, those who are being treated unfairly. Because remember, that another thing you hate is injustice, you hate that there are people who are created with the power to harm others. You always try to mediate so that nobody gets hurt and that is what makes you someone special. There is no doubt that your superpower is to protect others from the harm of others.


The superpower with which you would defend yourself at all times, Scorpio, would be persuasion. You are a very intense person who loves that other people listen to you, heed you and makes you right. And yes, you are a bit evil sign, but for that, you don’t need any superpower. But to persuade people and “manipulate” them at will, if you had this superpower, everything would be easier for you.

You are dying of pleasure for having that power in which with just one word everyone is already paying attention to you.

These people will not be able to refuse what you ask them, they will not be able to oppose you at any time. They will always have to do what you say, what you order. So your life will be much easier, you can live much quieter because you know that you will have everyone at your feet at any time. You will not have to use your Machiavellian techniques so that people are right at all times. This superpower is all advantages for you, Scorpio.


There is no doubt that your superpower, Sagittarius, would be the one that allows time travel. Because it unites the two things you like most in the world: travel and learns new things. You would love to be able to travel to the past to know how people lived in other times, how were their customs, etc … Even you would like to live again when you were little, you would like to know what your origins are. And, also, you would not hesitate to go to the future, to see what awaits you.

You are so impatient that you cannot wait to see what life has prepared for you.

Teleporting could also be your superpower, but being honest, it would be too boring for you and in the end, you would end up tired. But the power of time travel would never bore you because you will always learn something new. There are many times when you can travel, many countries, many cultures. Just thinking about it, Sagittarius, you’re already dying to make a trip like that.


Your superpower, Capricorn, would be camouflage. You are an earth sign, a reserved, calm, hardworking person, who is always on his own. If you could camouflage and “disappear” for a while, you would be the happiest person in the world. Without anyone bothering you, I would come to ask for favors or mess with what you are doing. Come on, you would save yourself giving a lot of explanations to people who don’t deserve them.

You are a person who loves to go unnoticed and not stand out from the crowd, so there is no doubt that being able to camouflage would be your best superpower.

People could not criticize or mess with you because they can’t even see what you’re doing. No one can copy or follow your steps for that reason. Seriously, if you had this superpower, it could be you without fear of anything. And there is nothing you hate that people are bothering you when you have a thousand things to do, it is something you can not stand and will never endure, no matter how much patience you have …


Your superpower, Aquarius, would undoubtedly be telekinesis. The power to move objects, things, people with your mind, without even leading to touch them. You are a person who is very concerned about social issues, the problems that occur in the rest of the world.

You can’t stand that today, injustices continue to exist and it makes you very nervous to see that people you love have to suffer.

With this superpower, you would begin to control people and their actions simply with your mind. You would move people not to do so much nonsense and to realize that what they were doing was wrong. You would try to ‘convince’ through your superpower that there are things that are better not to do, things that can harm others. You would love to have this power because you think that this way you would fix many of the problems that are happening right now around you.


The superpower you would like to own, Pisces would be the power to do magic. Of all the signs of the Zodiac, you are the one with the most imagination, the most creative, the one who loves to dream.

If it were for you, you would like to have the power to make your dreams come true, to make all those fantasies that constantly live in your mind come true.

There is no other power that would make you happier than this. In addition, you are a person who believes in magic, which attracts a lot of attention to what is out of the ordinary, that which is spiritual. If you had this power, you would be much closer to that which cannot be explained in words. You could surprise others with your wonderful magic tricks, leaving people with their mouths open with everything you do. Furthermore, you could continue living in that world that you believe in your mind, but this time live it as if it were a reality.

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