We all have deeply rooted fears when it comes to love.

Some are irrational and others are the consequences of the trauma we have suffered in the past.

Anyway, these fears exist and are real, even if we do not see them or refuse to accept them.

So, what is your biggest relational fear? What makes you want to run away?


If you are Aries, what scares you the most is losing your independence in a relationship.

You are someone who always needs your personal space and personal time for yourself, and you are terrified of having a relationship that will deprive you of that.

Remember that all love is not necessarily possessive.


Even if you do not want to admit it, the truth is that everything must always follow your path.

Therefore, your biggest relational fear is a compromise – you do not like to end up making decisions together.


Gemini fears boredom more than anything in the world. When it comes to relationships, your scariest nightmare would be that you and your loved one fall into the rut.

You only see someone who will always give you butterflies, but unfortunately, this kind of person is hard to find.


Your biggest relational fear is not receiving in return all the love you give to your companion.

You are afraid of being the one who cares the most about you and gives his whole being, while the other person loves you only half of his heart.


You can not stand the thought of being cheated. Loyalty is so important to you that you would be completely devastated to know that the person you love has replaced you with someone else.

Your ego would be crushed to know that your partner believes that someone is better and more suited to him than you.


What scares you in relationships is letting someone in completely.

You are afraid to let anyone have the opportunity to see your vulnerable sides and your weak points that are hidden under the hard look that you wear as a mask.

In addition, you are afraid that your partner will see your imperfections.


If you belong to this sign, your biggest relational fear is related to your high standards.

The truth is that you are not afraid of the other person – you are afraid of yourself.

You are afraid of never finding someone who will meet all your expectations and needs.


What scares you most in a relationship is being stabbed in the back and falling on an unfair partner.

Your biggest relational fear is actually falling on someone who betrays your trust and friendship because it’s something you could never bear or tolerate.


If you are a Sagittarius, your biggest relational fear is that of useless dramas.

Even if you like excitement more than the average person, the truth is that when you ask, you do your best to avoid arguments and battles.

You do not want to lead a boring life, but you also do not want to be deprived of your inner peace.


Your biggest relational fear is to allow your heart to take the lead.

You are always both feet on the ground and you would not want to lose control because of someone who might not be worth it.


When it comes to your deepest fears, one of them is certainly related to romantic relationships.

You may not want to admit it to anyone, including yourself, but the truth is that you are extremely afraid of not being well enough.

You are afraid that the other person will not accept the real you and, above all, you are afraid to give in under pressure and agree to change the essence of your personality.


If you are Pisces, you are afraid of being hurt and heartbroken.

Of course, this is something we all want to avoid, but when it comes to you, this fear literally paralyzes you.

In the end, you prefer to be alone and hunt someone who is important to you, rather than giving them a chance to hurt you emotionally.



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