What Is What Each Sign Needs To Listen To Not Give Up

What Is What Each Sign Needs To Listen To Not Give Up

There are times when a hug is not enough, when your favorite song does not cause you anything. In which the conversation with your best friend leaves you with a lump in your throat. Sometimes you shut up your pain, because your strength is gone, you lose hope and the only thing that makes you want is to throw in the towel. What does each sign need to hear in order not to give up? 


Aries, you are the one who swallows knots, who is silent and disguises his fears with courage, because you are terrified of feeling that you are failing. Sometimes you are there but you are not there, because you get lost in a cluster of meaningless thoughts. There is a part of you that lies to you, that tells you that you are not going to make it. But you have to know that your steps are at the right pace, that there are times when the path is not clear and it is okay. It is the way you are going to achieve a new beginning, you just have to trust your intuition. You have to know that the losing streak will not last forever.


Sometimes, you forget about yourself, you immerse yourself in worries, in the way you demand of yourself every breath. There are times when you just want to run away from it all. But you have to know that even in the depths of your loneliness there is a lot of desire to get ahead. What does each sign need to hear in order not to give up? You have to remember, Taurus, that you are worthy in every way, that you are worth it, that it’s okay not to settle for crumbs but you don’t have to overdo it either. You are paying a very high price and you don’t realize it. When was the last time you did something you love? You left out, it’s not okay.


You are the soul that steals glances, the versatile, the one that inspires to break with the conventional. You are the one who wins the hearts of those around you and you have not realized it. You need to remember that you honor abundance, that you are here to take the bull by the horns and prove your worth. Don’t let anyone make you feel less for the way you are. Each of your movements has led you to enjoy success, you have a unique impulse and that does not compare to anything. The pressure comes from you, it is you who does not allow yourself to be wrong, who has minimized that you are an exciting journey.


The problem is that you cling to everything, even those who are not worth it and that is when you invest energy, love and time, in beings who do not know a little what reciprocity is. The truth is that life has put you between a rock and a hard place many times, but you have still emerged victorious. You have to start dusting off everything you have left, even if it hurts. Give yourself the opportunity to let go, you are not responsible for the lives of others. You have named yourself the savior of those around you and that is only wearing you down, you have to stop.


You are like that, you always go against the tide, you do not stand idly by and when your foolish side is present it is better for everyone to get out of your way. The problem is that you think that everything will always go your way, you cling to perfection in an incredible way and that makes you deal with your anxious part every day. There is no worse critic for you than yourself. Remember that every day is an apprenticeship, nobody is born having and doing what they want. It is a constant change and it is fine, nothing happens, routine is not synonymous with happiness, you have to move the pieces from time to time.


You are the one who can get lost in all those thoughts that your mind presents to you. You are always worried about what happened and what will happen. The truth is that you never stop, you don’t allow it and although you want to choose peace, restlessness surrounds you in an unexpected way. Just take a break, you deserve it, you are not a machine, you are not here to meet anyone’s expectations, you do not always have to do the right thing. Making a mistake is good and not wanting to do anything too. You deserve flowers, details, an escape from reality, you deserve to start over.


Libra do not be so cruel to yourself, do not be the one who takes away credibility before trying. You know very well that you are worth it, but your insecurities cling to make you believe otherwise. What does each sign need to hear in order not to give up? You have to remember, Libra, that you are here to give a lot to others. Life is like that, it has sweet and sour moments, but that’s not why you have to let yourself be defeated. Your soul is wise, it is creative, it is kind. Persistence is something that always accompanies you, that takes you by the hand when you feel like you can’t take it anymore. Trust you, if it’s not you who believes, tell me, who will?


You are a noble, dedicated, emotional soul. The problem is that you have believed what people think. Your dark side … It seems that the more cruel you are to yourself the better, it has been the way you can put a huge shell for all those who want to hurt you. However, life is about loving, it is not putting pain first, it is not despising, it is not trying to pretend someone you are not just to please others. You have to start putting yourself as a priority, you have to challenge love, because you have the gallantry to love from the gut.


Your life is like that, a nice coin flipped, the kind that put your feelings to the test. Of those that break with the conventional, of those that inspire, of those that love, of those that do not let go. You are the one who has high expectations, but you have to know that changing your mind as many times as necessary is okay. As long as you remain faithful to your convictions, to your intuition, to your way of loving, there will be no shadow capable of overshadowing you. Do not punish yourself for choosing what is in your heart, if you do not feel comfortable turn the page and move on as you always have.


A minute of silence for all the times you have put yourself aside, for the times you have put your work first. For the many times you forgot about yourself because you had to be responsible and disciplined. You are the one who breaks with the ideals of others, because you always want more. It’s okay to have big dreams, it’s okay to push yourself, but you must be clear that just because you have more does not mean that you are more. You are so much more than your job, the amount in your wallet, and the success you savor.


The problem with Aquarius is that he believes that it is enough to put an emotional barrier to not feel anything, to prevent others from hurting him. However, it is important that you set real limits, it is the only way they will really start to respect you. It’s okay to say no, it’s okay to change your mind, it’s okay not to deal with people you don’t tolerate. You have to start teaching others how to love you, but you won’t be successful until you love yourself. Be patient, it will not be easy but it will be the best gift of your life.


Pisces , there comes a point where you get overwhelmed, where all you want to do is take a deep breath and take a break. And it is that you have lived so long carrying what does not correspond to you that you are mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted. What does each sign need to hear in order not to give up?  You have to start listening to your body, Pisces. all that you carry, what you keep silent, what you suffer, is desperately reflected through your illnesses. You need time for yourself, to fight against the depression that does not let you move forward. It is time for you to sleep, for you to go for a run, for you to put your mind blank, but now.


What Is What Each Sign Needs To Listen To Not Give Up

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