Looking for love? What for? It comes at the least expected moment. And no, he’s not always the love of your life, so you don’t have to settle for someone who gives you more tears than happiness. Sometimes, you have to be a little selfish, if you want respect, trust, something that is mutual. If not, all that remains is to turn the page. What is the reason why you walk away from the love of your life?

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Aries doesn’t have time to wait for the person to truly commit. It is a sign that goes against the clock, when someone likes it, they say it up front and without fear of formality. This attitude may scare most, but for Aries it is key,if you do not dare it is not worth it. You want someone who is a part of your world, who respects your circle of friends, jobs, and hobbies. You walk away when you do not see interest in them, when they are not prepared for something genuine, a love that brings you, that fills your soul, mind and body.


You’re the kind of sign that when you want something you fight through thick and thin. Taurus is stubborn by the side you see him and when it comes to love, he gives himself in a deep way. You don’t shut up to pretend, you say things in the most honest way even though, at times, you can be hurtful. You walk away when you don’t see that the person wants something permanent, you don’t like games or one-night stands . You are not flexible at all in that, you prefer something long term, otherwise you do not share your emotional side.


Gemini is a sign that was born to have fun, it has a huge heart and kindness to give, but it will not do it with just anyone. He is the one who gets bored easily, his thoughts do not stop and he needs someone to keep up with him. Otherwise, you do not compromise, you feel that you are wasting your time and your freedom, for someone who is not worth it. Gemini does not wait for you, theyare one of those who turn the page without remorse. He runs away from love when he is afraid, when he feels that they want to tie him down, he enjoys stability but he has to think about it.


The problem with Cancer is that you are very emotional, you can lose control and believe your anxiety, which tells you that it is not enough. So you sabotage your relationships because you feel insecure. A sign that has not had a very good time in matters of the heart and it is difficult for him to trust again. That’s why you don’t give second chances, you don’t have time to deal with someone who doesn’t have the emotional maturity to make a commitment. You walk away because you fight with your weaknesses, you think that nobody is perfect and that makes you doubt love.


Leo is brilliant, but he has a hard time living a life in which routine is a part of every day. Somehow, he feels that if he has a relationship he will lose his freedom, he does not like to feel that someone dominates him, he is a being that wastes power at every step. Also, he is very demanding, if someone does not meet his expectations, he does not even take the time to pay attention to him. Leo firmly believes that he deserves more, so it is difficult for him to appreciate the virtues of his partners, he does not lower his guard and it is easy for him to let go.


Virgo is an expert in finding something that he does not like in a partner. He is a person who demands himself at every breath, so he does not hesitate to be critical in his relationships. He is patient but does not have time for someone to interfere with his plans in a negative way. You walk away becauseyou don’t want to deal with someone else’s flaws. Sometimes, they are only in your mind, because they block the wonderful in the person by focusing on the bad. This is Virgo, it is hard for him to accept that he is the right person.


Libra proceeds cautiously in matters of love because she does not want her soul to be torn apart again. You do not want to give the other the power to make fun of your emotions, much less have your face seen. A sign that prefersto pause the feeling of the heart to avoid pain. That is the reason why you distrust, cancel invitations, ignore compliments and have little faith in who wants to help you. However, he knows that there will come a time when he must put the shell aside to once again know happiness next to someone else.


Behind an imposing personality, mystery and overflowing passion, Scorpio hides a fearful soul, which lacks security. He has a hard time opening his heart because he doesn’t want to be the one to open the door to get hurt. He distrusts everyone at the same time, because he is very sensitive even if he does not show it to anyone. He moves away because he wants a healthy love, because he got tired of so much instability, of lies, of not being sure that the person he loves will give him something mutual.


The person who loves with sensitivity, passion and adventure. Sagittarius is very understanding but his expectations are sky high , he does not settle for just anyone. The downside is that his idealistic side takes over and he can get carried away like a sock thread, until he just doesn’t like his partner anymore. He believes in love, but it is difficult for him to accept that everyone has defects and virtues, that is when he is disappointed and prefers to continue with his loneliness. He is very independent, he distances himself from those who do not understand his way of thinking.

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Capricorn has everything, except time for a relationship that is going nowhere. He is the type of person who has an excuse for everything and work is the one he uses the most. There is a part that betrays him, the one that only thinks of itself. He has ambitions, dreams and goals, he wants a partner who will keep up with him, who loves organization and who has no problem against the clock. You have a hard time making space in your schedule, even for the love of your life. Sometimes, he does not separate the work from the sentimental and that has cost him a few goodbyes.


Aquarius is the one who puts on a huge layer so that you can know him in depth, you can even take years by his side and have no idea who he really is. He’s sweet and dedicated, but he doesn’t do it with just anyone. He cannot stand that the rest know his weak side, he is terrified to know that the other can use his weaknesses to harm him. When he begins to fall in love, he runs away or sabotages the relationship, because he feels in danger. He wants someone worthwhile, to stay with someone he needs to go slowly, it is the only way he feels safe.

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The sign that honors love, the delicate, attentive and dedicated. Pisces enjoys feeling that tickle in the stomach. However, he can be very demanding , he wants someone who respects him, who gives him his place, who has the courage to clarify things and, above all, someone loyal. You walk away when you think that person will not reciprocate in the same way, you know that nothing is perfect, that relationships have ups and downs, but sometimes you give up easily.


What Is The Reason You Walk Away From The Love Of Your Life


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