How is a breakup going for a man?

What are the stages of a breakup for a man?

What is the reaction of a man hurt by a woman?

Above all, how can you help and love a man coming out of love depression?

Of course, when we talk about the reaction of a man hurt by a woman, we immediately think of the breakup.

But there are many ways to hurt your partner.

Wouldn’t it be better to call a plumber?

Pauline made this reflection, innocent in her eyes, but her man was deeply hurt.

The leaky tap was fixed in two minutes by the plumber and Pauline was delighted.

But what she didn’t see was that Jeremy spent an hour trying to fix it.

Without success…

For her, it was not a problem.

She just wanted to make life easier for her companion and solve the problem they had.

But for Jérémy, this reflection was like a dagger in the heart.

He withdrew silently.

Pauline didn’t even notice how hurt her partner was.

But he interpreted it this way:

She thinks I can’t fix the faucet because she thinks I’m not a real man.

Pauline doesn’t esteem me and she sees me as less than nothing.

The idea of ​​the male role model has changed over time.

Women used to want a man by their side who would protect them and take care of the family.

In the meantime, the models have changed and with them the demands that women place on a man.

Good work, a fit body and manual skills no longer reflect the ideal women have of men today.

When choosing a partner, the 21st century woman is looking for a man who, on the one hand, has the classic nurturing qualities and, on the other hand, should also be romantic and sensitive.

In short: the ideal image corresponds to that of a softy alpha (a softened alpha male), who in the best case combines dominant and emotional characteristics, but is also allowed to show his vulnerable side.

But in reality, things are different: the wounded men withdraw.

In other words, they react more emotionally than we think.

Yet 22% of men wish they could talk about their feelings more easily and be as empathetic as women.

The reaction of a man injured by a woman is different from that of a woman injured by a man.

But what exactly causes these mental injuries?

Reaction of a man hurt by a woman: what hurts men the most?


Just because a lot of men are afraid of feelings and are less likely to show their emotions doesn’t mean they don’t have them.

Sometimes a thoughtless remark is enough to trigger a behavior in a man hurt by a woman.

A study conducted revealed that the reaction of a man injured by a woman is triggered by:

  • 50% of men are hurt if their partner refuses to communicate with them after an argument.
  • 41% of men think it’s hurtful to see their girlfriend make a decision without including them.
  • 38% of men feel uncomfortable when their partner yells or throws things during a fight.
  • 18% of men feel hurt because they can’t tell their partner they love them.
  • 11% are hurt when their sweetheart doesn’t introduce them to family or friends.

But men are not only upset by certain behaviors.

The woman may also verbally offend her partner emotionally.

For example, when she criticizes her appearance and abilities, the reaction of a man hurt by a woman can be strong in this case.

She also hits a nerve with her partner by criticizing her mother.

In addition, there are phrases that seem completely innocent to women, but destroy a man:

  • “You are quite cute. »
  • “I don’t care if you lose your hair. »
  • “You’re not driving very well. »
  • “You have really bad taste. »

The break leads to the reaction of a man injured by a rather virulent woman.


Of course, what hurts a man the most is the breakup.

Especially if it is sudden.

In my opinion, there are two types of breakdown:

  • the extended break
  • the sudden break

In both cases, the men are shocked by your decision to end your relationship.

The extended break comes after weeks, months, even years of misunderstanding, arguments and lack of respect.

Both partners lie to each other thinking that they will change and the situation will be better.

After an argument, they reconcile even though the issues have not been resolved.

The storm is calm for a few moments, which gives false hope to both partners.

However, sooner or later, one of the partners is fed up.

He or she decides that this vicious cycle must be broken.

When it is the woman who breaks up, the reaction of a man injured by a woman is extreme:

How dare she?

After all she’s been through and all the fighting, he wonders how she can give up.

In reality, she does the only thing there is to do: she leaves.

For the first time, she thinks of herself and her well-being.

But the man trapped in his pain does not understand.

He feels rejected and he plays the victim.

Sudden break up is a bit different.

Generally, there is nothing to suggest that a separation is about to occur.

In the couple, harmony, respect and communication are excellent.

But all of a sudden, the woman feels that she no longer has a place in this relationship.

She feels like she would be happier alone and that this man isn’t giving her what she needs.

Let one thing be clear: it is completely legitimate.

She has the right to want to break up and seek her happiness.

And she doesn’t have to justify herself or give warning signs.

But it is a real shock for the man.

And in this case, the reaction of a man injured by a woman is not only sharp.

Indeed, misunderstanding and confusion reign.

This is often where depression in love enters his life.

Love depression is caused by a separation and has all the symptoms of depression.

The signs of love depression are:

  • Sleep problems
  • Sadness accompanied by pain
  • Eating disorders
  • Negative thoughts
  • Clinging to the past
  • Guilt
  • Loss of self-esteem
  • Loss of pleasure
  • suicidal thoughts
  • Loss of feelings

Reaction of a man injured by a woman: what are the stages of a breakup for a man?


Separation is easy for very few.

When a love falls apart, we don’t just mourn the loss of someone important.

We also have to say goodbye to the life plans and dreams that we have associated with this person.

It often happens that women and men experience a separation very differently.

Most men follow a similar pattern after a breakup, consisting of three phases:

  • stiffness
  • anger
  • sadness

Most people, male or female, are initially in emotional turmoil shortly after a breakup.

They can barely understand what has happened and it is difficult for them to think clearly.

The second phase is particularly typical for men: after the initial shock comes a feeling of pain and anger.

This is especially pronounced when the woman has decided to break up.

In the third phase, a sense of acceptance of the new situation slowly develops.

The man understands that it’s finally over – and with that understanding comes grief.

However, this stage is rarely reached by men, because they prefer to stay in the second.

Women suffer more intensely, but men suffer longer.


Of course, the stereotype of the muscular, protective guy who can’t let his feelings out, let alone talk about them, is a cliché.

However, studies also show that men tend to feel less lovesick.

While women indulge in their suffering, cry in front of their friends and eat chocolate by the kilo, men often prefer to be distracted.

This has the advantage that they can first avoid their grief.

In the long run, however, it’s not a good idea to suppress feelings – especially since it rarely works.

Men who have been distracted by sports, new relationships or work are said to suffer less.

At first glance, it looks like they got over the breakup quicker.

However, the separation is like a wound that can still open and heal only slowly.

So, in general, what is the reaction of a man injured by a woman?


It is not always easy for women to recognize and interpret the feelings of the male gender.

But what is the reaction of a man hurt by a woman?

There is no universal wisdom about men for this.

It always depends on the personality of the individual.

In principle, however, certain patterns of behavior can be identified which apply to most of them.

For example, many injured men withdraw and try not to show that they are injured.

Because it could be interpreted as a sign of weakness, and that’s what men want to avoid.

A man often reacts offended when his partner has verbally abused him, for example.

Some men then punish the partner with ignorance and remain silent, do more things with friends and remain stubborn until the partner realizes the mistake and apologizes.

While some go into mute mode, others give free rein to their feelings.

In relationships, this often leads to arguments.

Reaction of a man injured by a woman: the signs that do not deceive


When a breakup happens, you might think your ex has moved on right away.

But the reaction of a man hurt by a woman after a breakup is a little different.

And there are signs that can tell you that your ex is still dealing with pain.

1. He needs to be in constant contact with you.

The reaction of a man hurt by a woman can be strange.

For example, many exes continue to text, call, or comment on social media.

When a man is stuck in this stage, he suffers a lot.

This can be the ultimate proof that your man regrets the breakup.

2. He doesn’t cut ties.


As he always needs to stay in touch with you, he finds it difficult to put an end to your relationship.

Thus, it keeps all the memories that bind you, it does not block your phone number and answers as soon as you want to get in touch.

The reaction of a man hurt by a woman can be difficult to pinpoint.

Indeed, on the one hand, it hurts.

But on the other hand, he does not want to end his suffering.

As if the breakup aroused regret in this man.

3. He immediately begins another romantic relationship.

What is the reaction of a man hurt by a woman?

To get revenge, to forget his pain or to try to get out of the emotional abyss in which he finds himself, he finds another partner.

This is called a rebound relationship.

Unfortunately, this often ends in disaster.

4. When he talks about you, it’s bad.

Unfortunately, a breakup often brings out the worst in people.

So he’s in so much pain that the only way for him to feel better is to destroy you.

In any case, to destroy your reputation.

For example, he will tell lies about you or change the way your romantic relationship ended.

5. He changes personality


This man no longer acts like himself.

For example, he may become reckless, mean or alcoholic.

In short, he adopts behaviors that have never been part of his personality.

Of course, he can also completely close himself off and no longer have contact with the outside world.

6. He can’t express how he feels.

To hide his feelings, he goes out a lot, drinks or does a lot of sports.

In short, he is looking for a distraction.

The man tries to fill the emptiness he feels and the regret of the breakup, flooding his life with people and activities.

How do you love a man who’s been hurt by a woman?


What happens when you fall in love with a man who’s been hurt by a woman?

How do you make him understand that he can trust you?

What should you prepare for?

How to love it?

1. The emotional wall

You meet someone who may seem open at first, but only to a certain extent.

At some point, you find yourself faced with what feels like an emotional wall that you can’t get past.

This could be because that person notices that something is growing here that may become “dangerous.”

You need to earn that person’s trust and prove that a relationship with you is worth it – it takes time and nerves.

2. No time for games


You meet someone who is rather pragmatic, even sometimes cynical when it comes to love and who no longer believes in idealized and romantically overloaded concepts such as “soul mate” and “forever and ever”.

You may have very different ideas about happiness, relationships, and love.

Above all, these people have no desire and no time for games and are direct.

They say what they want (and don’t want).

3. Actions not words

You connect with a man who has an extremely well-tuned bullshit sensor and can smell every lie thirty feet upwind.

People with multiple heartbreaks have been through enough to know who or what is good for them.

This means: without honesty, you will not go further here.

4. Bad experiences


You are about to fall in love with someone who is sensitive to delicacy and less sensitive to change.

Bad experiences unfortunately have a lasting effect and people naturally want to avoid pain.

This may mean that at the beginning of your relationship, you will have to endure arguments over perceived trivialities that have their roots in past relationships.

5. Independence is sacred

You have a man by your side who has learned to fend for himself and who does not depend on you.

For you, this means: you have to give this person space and you can never take them for granted.

This is the kind of reaction from a man hurt by a woman that you can expect.

What is the reaction of a man hurt by a woman and how to love him?

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