What Is That You Care A Lot But You Do Not Recognize

We are as we are, there is no more, and we must love each other with our virtues and with our defects. Strengthening the first and minimizing the second. Between the two, there is that part of us that sometimes we like more, or that identifies us, but that we find difficult to recognize because it gives us a bit of shame or objection. According to each sign, what is it that you care a lot about but do not want to recognize?


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Be brave to say it, Aries: your work matters more to you than you want to admit it. No matter how much you show yourself, saying that you have everything under control, that life is not just work, that there is nothing to subdue you, when you lack work you hit a major slump. The first thing because you are desperate not to have a job, you are desperate not to have what to focus on, to force yourself … You also like to be productive and have your mind and body set on some goal and a delivery time. Work also helps you to have money and live, which is what motivates you, live, go out, love, move and enjoy life in freedom. Without work there is no money, without money there is no freedom. This is how you see it, and that is why you never fail when it comes to working and being very responsible, because you want it but you also need it. Face it, YOU DO NEED IT.


Be brave, Taurus: your reputation worries you more than you want to admit it. You care a lot but you don’t want to admit it. It is true that you like how you are, your way of being, of loving and relating, your way of working, spending money and your type of leisure and with what you relax. But there is a hidden part of you where you are not as secure as you imply. And from that insecurity comes the need to be accepted more by people. Yes, it’s true, you care what people think more than many believe, you want to fit into groups, and when you do, you notice that your confidence increases. So you recognize that when it doesn’t happen, it makes you feel more insecure. And you don’t like that and it also worries you. And day by day, without much being noticed, you do your best to feel loved, valued, and you give love because it comes out to you,


Face it, Gemini, you are more dependent on others than you count. You care what they think of you even if you say no many times, and above all, you care that they see you too dull and superficial. It is difficult for you to recognize that reality and you hide it as much as you can because you prefer your image as a winner and someone who everyone looks for because he is a leader. You would like to be deeper, someone more mature, more empathetic with others, but sometimes you relate just to feel popular. You move in that circle that you have created in which everyone has something of you, and you get something of everyone. But if that does not make you happy at all, it will be for something. Perhaps because you should seek to feel good from within yourself, to feel good being alone, not needing anything others. And you know that you can


Face it, Cancer, you care about your partner more than your family of parents and siblings, and all the rest. It is true that if you consider your partner as a member of your family, you would not have to make this distinction. But you know that this is not the case, that there is a certain line that separates one from the other. They are different loves, and you love them all, but in the case of your partner, your partner is the most … and you know it for the times that you have not been for your family as you should because your love or your heartbreak had completely absorbed you. When you love, a large part of your person, your heart, your time and your strength are for your partner, because that love fills you completely. In spite of everything, you never neglect your loved ones, anyone. And you know how to be for each other without almost noticing what your preference is. But you know what it is and who you choose, and that’s it. Let it stay between you and you. No one has to know.


Leo, be the center of attention, you really like him very much. More than you like to acknowledge. You love to attract attention with your presence, what you say, do or have … When you buy something, you are dying to show it, when you meet someone, you are dying to walk by their side, when you get a good job you are dying to advertise it on all your social networks. Which by the way, you love them, because like this, you can teach your life to everyone without looking presumptuous, as everyone does … And you know that you do not openly recognize it because that way of behaving is called vanity and ego, which in its most positive version is self-esteem. But you hide it because your thing is vanity, that badly handled gives you pride. Luckily, you tend to brag especially about your partner and your family, and that says something very good about you.


Face it, Virgo, secretly, you think better of yourself than you’re trying to show. It is true that you are someone who seeks life, that you are not lazy, that you always try to help others and that you have an important point of generosity. But you are not as humble as you say, rather, you know that you believe yourself superior in many things, as above everything and everyone, what happens that you do with such subtlety and intelligence that it is not noticeable. The best example that you believe yourself above is how critical you are than others, when with you you are much less. With you you are a little more compromised, in many things. Perhaps in some you demand a lot of yourself, as with work, but because you are compliant. Well, that, you love yourself “too much.” Although the truth is that well managed, that is not such a bad thing.


Face it, Libra, as happy as you may seem with yourself, you are very envious of how others are. And the truth is that you are one of those people who have no problem complimenting their friends or co-workers. But that is one thing, and another, to envy them. You would like to be in another way, more launched, with more decision-making power, with more security, with more character to sing the truths to more than one. But you can’t, you can’t and you can’t. And you withdraw into your rosy world, you surround yourself with many people, many things and many plans and you forget what you lack, your shortcomings, what would help you to be more forceful in your way of being. And once again, you think, “if I can’t fight something, I’m not going to leave my skin fighting in the air either.” Well, if you handle it well, healthy envy is not so bad.


Scorpio, that thing that matters a lot to you but you don’t want to acknowledge is money. You don’t get to be a rogue, but you are not the height of generosity either. Or yes, of course you can be generous but because you are also someone very fair and know how to pay for what each thing is worth. But that is one thing and another is wasting money or offering it to others without important anything. You probably don’t talk about this topic with almost anyone. It will be one more of your taboo subjects, which you do not talk about because you consider it something very personal. Another topic that, along with your deepest thoughts, fears and needs, you consider only yours, and that you do not feel like sharing. And they will have to respect it, that’s for sure. In your defense, it could be said that you like money, the first thing because you work hard to earn it,


Sagittarius, don’t recognize it if you don’t want to, but yours worry you more than you like to admit. You go through life with the flag of freedom raised well, proclaiming your self, your desire to move without chains, your love for adventure and your desire to be above many rules. But deep down, there is a part of you that grows with the love of your family, the love of your partner and the company of your friends. And the truth is that it is only in your head not to recognize that everything is compatible. Perhaps the fears of when the attachments have made you pupa, or have reduced your ability to move. But that’s your problem, and it’s in you, it doesn’t have to be real. It is a personal job that you must do to free yourself from pride and bitterness when relationships have not turned out well for you. Get off the pedestal to hug those you love, You are not above any of them, and the one who hurts the most is yourself. Change that way you give affection but by becoming very paternal or caring, and from a haughty posture.


Face it, Capricorn, you like to meet all kinds of people, but you are only interested in those who have something that can help you. It is as if you do not look inside them, but only stay with their profession, their checking account, or how it can benefit you to be a friend of theirs, or their partner. Deep down, you justify your way of thinking and acting so selective because choosing who you want in your life is consistent with the type of life you want and what you bet on. But of course, it is materialistic, frivolous, not very empathetic and interested. And if you hide it, you who speak so clearly and directly, it is for something. You don’t like to acknowledge it, and you know you won’t be able to change it. So you hide it and act like you think you should. Point.


Aquarius, recognize that your concern that we live in a better world is sometimes so pressing that it leads you to live in a permanent state of alert and anxiety. It says a lot about you that you want to do everything possible to improve your environment, the lives of your loved ones, your city and the whole world. That universal and global vision of yours is why, thanks to people like you, things improve. But you will have to recognize that sometimes you care more about the outside than yourself, and you can lead a life that is a disaster. That it would be nothing bad if it only affected you, but since there are surely more people involved, that is where you make the mistake. And well you know, because you are not stupid. You are fixing the world and giving orders and dogmatizing but then you do not admit any criticism about what you should improve in your life. And when someone asks you what it is that matters a lot to you but that you don’t want to acknowledge, you have it clear: to be at your ball and pass everything and everyone, but very much. Let them leave you alone.


Acknowledge it, Pisces, but sometimes you don’t understand yourself or yourself. You want others to understand you, you suffer with relationships that come and go, and you never understand why. Perhaps it is a complicated personality, which at its worst is confusing, which is to your detriment. You want real loves but you live in the clouds, you get along well with everyone but because you lack the character to face sometimes, you say something different every day and you pretend to teach when you speak … And of course, it is hard when you yourself see that it is difficult Know where you are going, and that it is not the fault of others, which is what you hide behind to drain the bulge. What is a reality is that you do know how to understand others, so you don’t ask as much when you want them to understand you. Very simple then, clarify yourself, Define yourself and then ask others to respect you. And stand up to it.


What Is That You Care A Lot But You Do Not Recognize

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