What happens when two Leos fall in love? Truly incredible things can happen. Leo is a very protective sign, very familiar, who gives everything for his people, for his partner, for his friends. And when two people like that get together, the bomb can be incredible. In addition, he is a very loyal person and when he is in a relationship, he is able to give absolutely everything to his partner in order to make her happy. For a Leo there is nothing better than falling in love with another Leo, but like everything else, it has its pros and cons … Read on to find out the 6 things that happen when a Leo falls in love with another Leo:

  1. In a Leo couple there can be strong power struggles

To begin with, you have to be careful because when two Leos go out together, two very powerful people come together with enormous pride. Leo is someone who loves control and power. Both of them want to be the one who takes the reins of the relationship and that can cause real problems … It will cost them a lot to agree with the other and leave things calm. When two such strong personalities come together they can cause strong arguments …

  1. There will never be trust issues

When a Leo goes out with another Leo, you will never have to worry about whether your partner is cheating on you or lying to you. Leo knows the importance of being honest and trusting his partner and therefore, when two Leos get together, they know that the foundation of their relationship will be trust. In addition, they are not good at lying and for that very reason, they prefer not to try. As soon as there is a problem or an issue to be solved, they will speak it with politeness, maturity and sincerity. The truth is that they prefer it before lying to their partner behind their back.

  1. They will always express their feelings

In some relationships, there are problems because one of the two parties has a much harder time expressing their feelings than the other. And that’s when they start to blame each other, blame each other, etc … But when two Leos go out together, there will never be that problem. Leo is quite an emotional sign, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Whether it’s good emotions or bad emotions, Leo can’t just shut up and pretend nothing is happening. He is passionate about feelings and feels free to bring out what his heart feels. When two emotional Leos go out together, that relationship can become very wild.

  1. There may be communication problems

Leo expresses himself very well when he wants. The truth is that in general, Leo prefers to be honest rather than keep quiet. But, there are times, especially when there is something that bothers him or when he gets angry, that Leo closes his mouth and swallows his words. Simply to get the other person’s attention a bit. He shuts up to make the other person see that he did the wrong thing. When two Leos go out together, this can become a problem. As both get angry and pride is present in the room, that discussion may not end in years …

  1. Chemistry can be incredibly strong

There is no doubt that a relationship between two Leos can be very intense, especially in bed. The passion between two lions is incredibly high. The fire will never go out, of no doubt. Leo is always willing to give and receive either affection, attention, affection, pampering, hugs and even much more. The duo between two Leos is the perfect duo to fall in love with, because each time they know that they need an extra dose of affection and attention. Nothing of that is ever going to be lacking in this relationship.

  1. They give each other the independence that is needed

Although they like to spend time with their partner, Leos are very independent people, who like to have a social life separate from that of their partner. When a Leo’s independence is in jeopardy, the earth can shake. The good thing about all this is that, being so equal, they know how to understand each other well and they know where the limits of each are. In a relationship of two Leos, generally, there will be no independence issues. Which will make it a pretty healthy relationship, regardless.


What Happens When Two Leo Fall In Love

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