There are loves that do not need explanations, loves that waste energy, that burn with kisses, hugs, intense words that pierce the soul. There are deep, emotional loves that do not understand reasons, but do understand the desire. Loves like Scorpio and Aries, a mysterious relationship. And it is their bodies that become magnets, those that demand themselves, those that miss each other. The chemistry between the two is capable of knocking down everything in its path, even those advice that tells them that being together is not the best. What happens when Scorpio and Aries decide to unite their hearts? 

Aries and Scorpio are synonymous with an impetuous encounter between fire and water. The water does not resist the heat, but when it decides to flood, it ends up with the last ash of Aries. They are two signs that are under the command of Mars, but Scorpio also has Pluto on its side. This is synonymous with war, they are two beings that face their dark sides. So much so that they can end up in a toxic relationship, where fights, screaming and constant criticism begin to normalize. It is not exactly tenderness that holds them together.

Aries and Scorpio are a time bomb, you do not know when the most hurtful things can be said and then try to solve everything in bed. Vicious reconciliations fall, those that leave you with a bitter taste that nobody talks about. Your connection may become emotional, but it is not healthy. They get used to it so much that they need each other, even if the tears are more than the joys.

Scorpio hides a sweet soul, who is willing to hear what his heart hides, he wants someone who does not minimize his thoughts and feelings. Aries doesn’t always have the patience for it, they get bored easily, so they are always looking for a way to add a touch of risk to things. Aries wants action and Scorpio a little compassion. There comes a time when Aries feels tied, in which the emotional part suffocates him.

That’s when Scorpios get tired, when they feel that no matter how hard they try over and over again, they will never be enough to receive the love they dream of. You feel ignored, sad, and hopeless. Their differences are as clear as water and oil, but that does not mean that both cannot do their part. The key is to give in, to love the other so much that they respect their individuality and don’t try to change themselves.

Actually, the two are very smart signs, when they put the cards on the table they can reach an agreement. Scorpio can get lost in the passionate way in which Aries sees life , he becomes its greatest admirer. Aries is also fascinated with the mystery of Scorpio. If Aries decides to make Scorpio a priority, things can be fine between the two, because that way Scorpio does not feel rejected.

What happens when Scorpio and Aries decide to unite their hearts? Aries and Scorpio can have a crazy bond, the kind that are not compatible during the day but discharge all their desire by crumpling the sheets. They are both powerful, they like the magnetic attraction to speak for itself. They are dominant and love to break the rules. They may not find the love of their life in each other, but they do find a moment that will last a lifetime. They are the kind that are remembered biting their lips even after the years. Both are persuasive, charming and although they are synonymous with war, they leave traces that not just anyone can erase.


What Happens When Scorpio And Aries Decide To Join Their Hearts

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