As every year, fashion trends are inspired by Haute fashion shows and big names in fashion design. In 2019, fashion marks a striking contrast between yesterday and today. Vintage pieces offer a revival to the delight of fans of retro pieces. As for futuristic creations, they will seduce the most extroverted. And you, what fashion trends will you adopt in 2019? Discover it right away thanks to your astrological sign!

1. The Aries:

Whatever your dress style, you will only see red to dress in 2019. It must be said, there is no better colour to characterize your dynamism and your passion. Especially since the red is ideal to face the gloom of the end of the winter …

2. The Bull:

This year, your wardrobe will be retro-chic or will not be. The timeless of haute couture will be your best allies. You’ll love the corduroy pieces or Tartan patterns. With you, we can be sure: the old school fashion has not said its last word.

3. The Gemini:

For you, the year 2019 will be rich in colours and patterns! And yes, you are a little bohemian Zodiac. The colourful does not scare you and you intend to mix the styles and colours for you to notice.

4. Cancer:

Wide and comfortable clothing, soft and pleasant materials … The year 2019 will be marked by a desire for cocooning and freedom of dress! To you the outfits and the sportwear look. One thing is certain, you will always be discreet!

5. The Lion:

Go unnoticed? Very little for you! Because you like to attract attention, your attention will be focused on a fashion trend can not be more prominent. That of animal motifs. But be careful, no matter how! You only count on noble materials for a wild but chic look!

6. The Virgin:

Conventional advantage that extroverted, you are not one to follow the dictates of fashion. Although your wardrobe is relatively classic, you are not less attentive to details. And this year, you will bet everything on accessories and jewels …

7. The Balance:

As a true fashion victim, you’ll be on the forefront of the fashion scene this year. All fashion trends will have no secrets for you … What will make you crack the most? Cardigans are worn on the skin. And you will be right, this elegant piece will saw you wonderfully!

8. The Scorpion:

It’s no secret that you are the most mysterious and glamorous sign of the Zodiac. And in 2019, your wardrobe will not break the rule. And to embellish everything, you will not resist the fashion of XXL frames.

9. Sagittarius:

Regarded as the adventurer of the Zodiac, you are inspired by all your travels to find your ideal look. That’s good, this year again, the ethnic trend has not said its last word. Bamboo bag, ethnic fabrics, fringes and santiag … To you the bohemian outfits!

10. Capricorn:

Unlike most astrological signs, you are not the type to point out. But this year, you’ve decided to add a little spice to your look. Light blouses with striped prints (ultra trends), skinny pants and pumps … enough to emphasize your character soaked!

11. The Aquarius:

Although you are the sign of avant-gardism, it is in the past and thrift shops that you will find all your fashion inspirations! Thus, you offer a look worthy of those of the 80s. Epaulettes, sequins and pop colours. Here are the keywords that will dress your wardrobe in 2019!

12. The fish:

Artist at heart, you love fashion when she is creative. The iridescent trend is for you. With mesmerizing colours like oil fabric and a captivating mirror effect, your wardrobe promises to be once again original in 2019!


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