2020 is about to begin and everyone is already creating their list of purposes and objectives for this year. It is time to take into account many things, to put on the table all our virtues and all defects. It is time to be clear and to know that what we want is not really what we need.



  • What you want: Aries, in 2020 you want to be able to find yourself. In 2019, you have realized that your confidence and your energy are something super valuable. And you are convinced that thanks to this you can go as far as you want. What you want in 2020 is to find all that self-love you lost because of someone, because of that toxic person.
  • What you need: Aries, you really need to pursue all those projects and plans you have in hand. You really need to find balance in your chaotic life. Quiet, because you will be presented with ways to make this happen, to make your life meaningful again. You have to be willing to grab every opportunity as if it were the last.


  • What you want: Taurus, you want with all your strength stability in your life. You want 100% commitment, both from you and from the people around you. You feel that you are finally in the right place and at the right time to find that stability. You want to calm.
  • What you need: Taurus, in 2020 you need to be more hipster than ever. You need movement, I don’t want to stop. Yes, it will be a year of stability, but just for that, you should not settle for anything. You have to be clear about what you want and what you don’t want and for that, you will have to try different options.


  • What you want: Gemini, you want to try and experience everything imaginable and more. Your mind needs to try new things and explore new places. As the new year approaches, your desire to run away from the routine is bigger and bigger.
  • What you need: Perhaps the ideal in this 2020, Gemini, is to settle the head a little. Keep up and enjoy what comes to you. You are always chasing and chasing new plans, new ideas, new ways of living life. Do not get overwhelmed and enjoy the moment. Accept what comes into your life without having to chase it.


  • What you want: This year, Cancer, you want things to be constant. You trust that you will find happiness when everything is constant, calm and serene. Right now, all you want is for at least everything to remain the same or for the better. You are looking for something or someone to trust.
  • What you need: Even if you deny it, Cancer, what you really need is a change. So get ready because this 2020 is loaded with new opportunities. You will have many doors to open and you will have to make many decisions. Cancer, it is time to look for you and leave your comfort zone.


  • What you want: Leo, you want all your dreams and your goals to come true. All you really want is recognition, you want to know what success is. You have worked very hard to find your place and you want to see the results of that for which you have struggled so much.
  • What you need: Being clear, Leo, you need to be very responsible, in every way. In 2020, you’ll feel more motivated than ever, but you can’t let this go to your head. You need to have your feet on the ground and, above all, try to keep everything under control.


  • What you want: Virgo, you really want to have a plan to hold on to. You know yourself and you know that your life works best when you have a defined plan. 2019 has been a year in which you have felt lost many times and you don’t want your life to continue like this.
  • What you need: This year, what you need is to take some time for yourself and to discover what you really want in your life. In 2020 you will have to leave your comfort zone and you will have to learn to adapt to different situations. Still, you need to relax and not want to control everything.


  • What you want: You want to live the present without any worries and have a more open mind than ever. Lately, you have felt very tired and this year you are looking for something that gives you wings and lets you fly. Your wish is not to be afraid to explore what you like so much.
  • What you need: You want to live 2020 in freedom, but you need to pay much more attention to your relationships. Libra, you need to open up a lot more and let people enter your heart. Both your partner, as your friends or family. Do not forget people who are always close.


  • What you want: In 2020, Scorpio, you want to be able to have absolute control of your life and all parts of it. This past year you felt like there were many things beyond your reach. What you want is to feel able to get where you set your mind.
  • What you need: You really need to embrace your freedom. In 2020, you have to free yourself from all those weights that you have thrown in 2019. You have to learn to enjoy freedom, but without abusing it. Make an effort this year.


  • What you want: This year, you want to be able to pursue everything new that comes into your life. He wants freedom and all you want is to be able to enjoy it as you have always done. Nor do you ask for anything else, you want to be able to remain yourself.
  • What you need: Patience, a lot of patience. Sagittarius, you have to learn to finish everything you start and not leave it halfway. 2020 is the opportunity to start everything from 0 but don’t give up until you get what you want. Be patient because you will be surprised.


  • What you want: To be more successful than ever. You are always working and trying hard to get your career going. You are excited about the fact that the new year is full of successful achievements for you.
  • What you need: Learn to rest and realize that having time for yourself is not a bad thing. In 2020 you will have to work to death, but you will realize that working has no benefit if you do not learn to rest. You need a vacation and realize how important it is to rest for your mind.


  • What you want: Be able to ignore all the criticisms and opinions of others and be able to focus on yourself. You don’t like to feel pressured and let others set the pace and direction of your life. You want me to stop caring so much what others say.
  • What you need: Explore your creativity and imagination to the fullest. You have very high expectations, Aquarius, for this 2020. It will put you to the test many times, and in order to pass all these tests, you will have to make use of your incredible imagination.


  • What you want: Being able to seize every opportunity with the maximum possible strength. This past year you have been living more in your head than in reality and you don’t want this to continue like this. You want to cling to reality to the fullest.
  • What you need: Open your eyes and see things as they are. 2020 is loaded with excitement so be prepared for changes. Don’t let your impulsiveness ruin it. You have the world at your fingertips, Pisces, you just have to realize that not everything is perfect.
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