There are things that are better left behind. 2019 has been full of complicated stories, of relationships that have been more toxic than positive, of problems that perhaps did not belong to us to carry behind us. Therefore, there are things that must be changed, there are things that must be left behind, there are things that must be overcome. This is what each zodiac sign should let go in 2020:


ARIES: You should stop thinking about the people who have hurt you Aries, you should stop wasting your precious time on that. These people are worthless, they failed you, you were disappointed and they left your life forever. There is Aries, do not turn it over, do not think about revenge or anything like that. It happened and it happened. 2020 is full of experiences that will make you forget that. Accept that they were wrong and that’s why they lost you.

TAURUS: You should let good things come into your life again, you should stop closing in band with some people or with some Taurus situations. You are afraid of changes, let the routine go away, let love, happiness enter … Sometimes you lose hope quickly, often you lose faith that good things should come to you. But it will come.

GEMINI: You should let go of your fault. You should stop blaming yourself for those mistakes you made a long time ago and that will not get you out of anything, mistakes that can no longer be solved. Although you are a person who lives in the moment, you worry about the past. It stresses you to think that you could do something you never did. Gemini has passed, let it go, change the chip in 2020.

CANCER: You should let go of that desire you have to please all Cancer. It’s okay, love yourself a little more and spend everything please. You have to accept that you are not in charge of the happiness of others, only and exclusively yours. Please try to react and don’t waste your time trying to open the eyes of those who want to keep them closed all the time.

LEO: You should put aside your addiction to social networks Leo. Leave your phone parked and take your time without technology nearby. It is very important that you disconnect that way from time to time. Also, the more you know about the lives of people you haven’t seen for a million years, the more you compare with them. Seriously Leo, you have a FULL life and if it is not yet full, it will be soon. Don’t waste time constantly sliding the photos you see with your finger.

VIRGO: You should let go of that desire to be right all the time Virgo. It is clear that there are people who take a lot out of you, people who open your mouth and kill you slowly but listen, it is not your problem, do not stress yourself, it happens to those people because they do NOT give you anything. Accept the fact that there are more stupid people than you and that it is not always good to try to convince them. It is wasting time.

LIBRA: You should put aside all those doubts you have and throw yourself Libra. It is clear that you have to do things with your head and it is not good to risk something that is not worth it. But if you have doubts, try. It’s not too bad to try once in a while. You may not be wrong. If you have something on your mind, give it Libra, you can do it, you are great.

SCORPIO: You should let go of all those grudges you have with people who in the past hurt you a lot. It is true that they do not always come out and that sometimes even, years can pass without even bothering you. But they are, and when you least expect it, they come out again. The past should only be a Scorpio place: in the past. Put it in your head.

SAGITTARIUS: You should let go of your fears Sagi, you should leave that comfort zone where you sometimes get in and from which it is difficult for you to move. Yes, even if you don’t believe it and even if you seem very adventurous, if you don’t move from where you are, you get settled, and days and days can pass. You need motivation so, look for anything to do something different. 2020 will be a special year but you have to push yourself.

CAPRICORN: You should let go of those expectations so high that you always have Capri. Yes, sometimes you leave things because you have not achieved all that you wanted but it is that, you also set a goal sometimes unattainable Capricorn. Try to be more fair to yourself, have more patience and try to think that little by little you will reach all that is going around in your head. To want is power, do not lose your nerves quickly.

AQUARIUS: You should abandon some friendships that are quite toxic Aquarius. You have a super positive vibe and there are too many leeches nearby. There are envies around you and you know where they come from. If it hurts you, let it happen Aquarius, are people who have just appeared in your life or always carry with you. Sometimes it is also good to take a break from all those people.

PISCES: You should stop worrying about the future Pisces. Focus on today. You better than anyone know that the moment is what counts, the here, the now, the instant. Already. Don’t go too far with anything. If you make any type of plan, please keep it short term. It’s what you really need now, do that kind of thing, get them, and keep motivating yourself little by little.


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