If there’s anything in this life that makes your hair stand on end, it’s definitely when slowness surrounds you. You are a person who always takes leaps and bounds, even when you have no idea what awaits you on the other side, but despite everything you continue to move forward. You despair of people who leave things half-hearted, who don’t have the courage to say what they feel and are constantly fighting to escape their own emotions. For you, every second is sacred and you don’t intend to waste time with someone who is afraid to put their skills to the test. Narrow-minded people can become a stone in your shoe, which is why you prefer to keep them out of your circle even if they take offense to it.


Decidedly, you are one of those who bet on balance, you do not plan to stay next to those who only hinder your progress or who want to make you turn back, because they are afraid to see you achieve each of your crazy dreams. What you hate the most are sudden changes, anything capable of moving the pieces disturbs your nerves and can become the reason why insomnia visits you at night. Maybe for some, you are the most spoiled being in the world, because you don’t touch your heart to say goodbye to annoying people. You’re not going to become anyone’s savior, it’s already complicated enough to take care of your own life to still be responsible for another.


My God! It’s only one life, why do they ask you to shut up? Really, you find it very annoying when someone starts talking to you and telling you to change this and that. You’re not there to please anyone and you don’t care if you find yourself without anyone, but you’re not going to allow them to manipulate you like a little child for the world. What you hate the most is being judged without knowing at least half of your past. You are a love from the side that they see you, but you also have negative points and you know that you can become the headache of many, but… that’s how it is, nobody is a gold coin to conquer the world. You don’t want to be recognized by anyone, you just want them to respect your way of being.


Although you have a reputation for holding a grudge, the truth is that for someone to earn such a bad place in your heart, it’s complicated. We’re talking about people who really break you down on an extreme level, because you’re so kind that you end up forgiving. Cancer, this does not mean that you want this person to continue to be part of your days, you let them go and close the doors to them forever. For you, hate is overrated, because it doesn’t last long in your soul, it’s just times when your bad mood takes over and you have no choice but to defend yourself. You are tender, but not naive, that they dare not suppress your fears, because you will awaken theirs. Geez, when you’re planning to disappear from someone’s life,


Come on, it’s not that you’re an ogre all the time, but you’re not going to go through life with a huge smile when it’s not born. What you hate the most is surrounding yourself with hypocritical people, it makes you itch to know that the same person who claims to love you with their soul ends up saying the worst about you. Yes, you hate that they pay you that way, because you don’t take your relationships lightly, if you give of yourself you give it your all and your intention is never to hurt anyone. It’s very bad for you to realize that no matter how hard you try to show your best version, there will always be someone who just wants to laugh at your steps. It’s not that you think you’re superior to anyone,


It’s as clear as water, you don’t like it when clutter is part of your days. You are one of those who cannot conceive of a life in which waking up to uncertainty is normal. It bothers you a lot that they try to pass you off as the one who exaggerates, the one who complains about everything, the one who always finds a detail. It’s not that you don’t appreciate it, it’s just that your perfectionist side doesn’t forgive easily and makes you feel out of place when the pieces aren’t in place. Why do people demand that you control yourself? But they’re not good at recording feedback you didn’t ask for. You are like that, you don’t intend to shut up for anyone, and you’re obviously not going to change the way you are just because they’re scared of your success. You must not be envious of anyone, let them go.


Let’s say the word hates and you’re not the best companions in the world, there are a lot of things that annoy you and make you feel like the worst person, but that doesn’t mean you hold a grudge. However, you don’t like them cynically breaking your balance and then walking away as if nothing had happened. You hate conflict and for this reason you steer clear of people who drag you into constant confrontation. Libra, you know that this life is not perfect and that accepting the thorns is also important, but not so that they alter your emotional stability. You know the most precious thing is your health and if someone doesn’t respect it, there’s simply no reason for it to be part of your days.


You can actually be more thorough than you seem when it comes to your emotions, you’re not one to get carried away just because someone puts you at ease at first, you need good more than a pretty face, you want to see how beautiful your soul is, because that’s where the true essence of a person lives. What you hate the most is lies, you don’t swallow this fairy tale anymore, you want honesty, someone who is able to show their worst flaws and at the same time has the courage to love you no matter what. It bothers you that they insist on staying knowing they’re hurting you, you’re not there to give an opportunity to someone who doesn’t understand what it means to value another. You hate that you trusted this person and you torment yourself remembering the time you told them everything about yourself. However, you force yourself to let go and move on, there is nothing left.


They say your personality has that touch of weirdness that few people know how to handle, because no one can predict your steps and when you feel like running away, you do. Sagi, you may be a sign of love, that you value your friends very much and that you enjoy spending time with your family, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to let someone get over your individuality. You’re too liberal and you like it, that’s how you remember that every moment is worth it. What you hate the most is that they want to treat you like you’re immature just because you’re unwilling to comply with their absurd rules. If they don’t have the courage to relax and take a break when things go wrong, then stop criticizing yourself,


Sometimes it’s not so good that you are such a hardworking, independent and very brave person. That is to say, the world is not closed to you, but there are those who are just seeing what new life they sneak into to solve their own. It’s not worth it that you’re the one breaking your soul to get what you want and they just come around to take advantage of your success. It’s not that you’re envious, you hate that they’re so convincing, that when you’re having a bad time they don’t even show up to say hello, but to see you on top, everyone wants to be. It’s not your responsibility Capricorn, no matter how much love you feel for someone, you shouldn’t break out to give it your all.


From the outside it looks like you are still in your own world, many envy the calm way you deal with criticism and rude comments from people who don’t even know who you are. However, there are things that drive you crazy and you may even end up hating the presence of certain people. What you hate the most is when you start facing a bunch of claims that you don’t even deserve. Aquarius, you don’t like dealing with controversial people who just want to inject drama into your days. If you feel threatened by someone you’re leaving and it’s not because you’re scared, it’s just that your intelligence is too strong to lower yourself to the level of someone who no longer has remedy.


Although you can be a very tolerant person, there are certain things that irritate and repel you, Pisces. It worries you to know that there are those who do not respect your space or your peace and the only thing they are looking for is to make you nervous at all costs. You don’t find it funny that they play with your emotional stability, because that is only synonymous with the cruelty that can exist in a person. You hate it when they try to blackmail you and make you feel guilty about something that is clearly out of your hands. You know you’re not perfect, but your mistakes have taught you to be a better person, it’s not fair for them to judge you for something that’s already in the past. You’re not going to put up with anyone’s bad vibes, let them go, and dump all that trash they have in their hearts somewhere else. It’s better if they say you’re tough, but you’re not going to let them laugh at you to your face.


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