You are the first energetic combat starter. If your friend wants to reduce his ex-lover’s tires or beat someone who is not very nice, you are the main one.
Now you don’t choose unnecessary fights. You may have a temperament but you know your limits
Your determination will prevent you from letting your future collapse due to an irrelevant dispute. You might get the idea for a second, but your strength lies in your ability to hold back.


Bull, you are continually labelled as a stubborn ox. This is not true not only because you are not perfect, but because you are sensitive and can become defensive when you are accused of something.
You want to be the best for your loved ones and being stubborn is just a defensive mechanism for you. You know you are patient, strong and dedicated. But you are also human and you can admit your mistakes.
Your strength lies in your sensitivity; it makes you a better person and a better friend. Your friends can count on your strength when they need help, and you should also be able to count on them.


Gemini, you have a bad reputation for being “crazy” with several personalities.
You are not crazy, nor do you have a dissociative identity disorder. You just have an incredible ability to adapt. You can enter any new situation without holding on to old beliefs and habits.
Whether you need to be fun or serious or both, you can easily slip into this state of mind. Your quick wits help you decide the best response to any situation. Your strength lies in your ability to quickly absorb information and align yourself with the best results.


Cancer, yes, you do tend to complain here and there, and the only way to like something is if it is very specific to your interests. But it’s only because you feel comfortable a number one priority.
If you don’t like something, you will let people know and show it through your emotions. When you are sure what you like, you are 100% committed to it. You don’t lower your standards for anyone.
Your strength lies in your tenacity. Your determination to be content is confused with weakness.


Lion, you can be known as the queen of drama. If you don’t get attention every 3 seconds, you will panic, calling everyone you may or may not have a good relationship with to thank you.
Yes, you like attention, but it is only because you are so compassionate and want a connection with others. You want your warm heart and your generosity to be mutual.
You have all this love and friendship to give, and if you have no one to give it to, you feel lost. Your strength is in your selflessness. You are ready to give in to someone as long as they do the same.


We can sometimes call you an OCD robot. You like to keep things neat and tidy, while you can also spot someone’s faults without a second thought.
But you don’t do this out of spite. You show how much you care by trying to push others to improve. Of course, not everyone sees this trait as positive. but you know the truth.
You want your loved ones to be the best versions of themselves. You put the most pressure on yourself to be better, so you expect others to do the same.
While it may hurt their feelings, your intentions are pure because your strength is your kindness. Your kindness may be misunderstood due to your critical approach, but you don’t really want to be hurt.


People call you a charming charmer, Libra. Well, not really, but it’s the most positive term in the name.
You can talk your way through anything; you know exactly what to say and how to say it. But your intentions are not mean; you want the best for everyone. If you could make others happy all your life, you would be happy with your choice.
Sometimes you can be undecided, which can anger others. Your strength lies in your generosity. Your charm is not badly intentioned and it is not really your fault.


Scorpio, people tend to label you as the “crazy” ex. But it’s only because of the depth of your emotions.
You feel all of your emotions at a stronger level than any zodiac sign, so when your heart is broken, it hurts to an incredible extent. But you can’t help but keep your emotions so intense.
You want nothing more than to love and be loved. This is what makes your strength in your passion.
Even if your heart is broken and you feel like an 18 wheel is rolling on you, you get up and try again. Your passion drives you to relive life in search of someone who knows you are a gift from heaven.


Sagittarius, you hold the photograph of the traveller who is never at home. It may be true, but there is nothing more for you than being a traveller.
Your zodiac sign is synonymous with the word wanderlust. But on a deeper level, you are looking for enlightenment.
Your intense curiosity and your idealism lead you to seek the answers to the legendary questions that life presents. Most importantly, your strength lies in your desire for everyone to experience freedom.


Capricorn, people can call you a personalized desk behind your back, but you’re not as boring as people say. You are traditional, conservative and methodical, but you are not boring.
You know how to have fun with all your friends. You are the mother of the group because you know how to be responsible and disciplined and without you, your friends would drown in deadlines and missed responsibilities.
Your strength lies in your ability to manage things. You practice self-control every day because your ambition prevents you from exploding in the face because of a small error.


You have been nicknamed a stranger insensitive to other people, Aquarius. Not only can you feel cold, but you can isolate yourself from anyone and everyone, including family.
But you know it is not true. You just have a great fear of rejection as you prepare in advance, even it means blowing up the gun and giving the cold shoulder. The cold is only a defensive mechanism, but you have a warm and supportive heart.
You listen while being able to engage without speaking about the person. You care at a deeper level because you see the big picture.
Your strength lies in your friendliness. Not everyone deserves to be your friend and you know it.


You are the depressed and sensitive artist in the eyes of others, Pisces. The theory that you never take responsibility for anything and that you are the extremely starving artist is exaggerated.
You are an artist but you are not a victim. Your strength is your big heart. You see good in people when others don’t, and it can be a blessing.
Some people still need this support even if they have made some mistakes. No one is ever perfect, as you know.



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