What Each Sign Would Like To Say To Their Ex


Aries can be very impulsive, but when they make the decision to come full circle, they don’t beg, even if it means fighting their own emotions. All you want to say to your ex is a big thank you. Yes, thank you, because since he left he has found the strength to come out of the pain and move on. Now he knows that he is a person of great worth and that he does not have to let his guard down with the former to paint his days in color. It is impossible for him to keep hatred in his heart, for a long time he has understood that everything in this life has a reason and the only thing he wants for you is happiness, but above all that you no longer appear in his days, because without you he is better.


It’s ironic… when you were next to Taurus you didn’t realize how much it brightened your days and just when you couldn’t look at it love was born. Please don’t try to play with his wits he shouldn’t be anyone’s second table. If you left and didn’t give it the place it deserved in your life, now you have to face the consequences. He won’t change his mind just because you come back with your sad face begging for love. Taurus, just wants his ex to know that he’s not coming back, that his departure was painful, but he understood that the most important thing is to have himself and that as long as his self-esteem is his priority, there is nothing that can bring him down. Sorry, you missed your chance.


Who would say that after dating a Gemini your life changes completely? You stop living against the clock and when you least realize it, boredom is already part of your day. Gemini knows how to add that touch of adrenaline to everything. His way of living is unique and it is normal that you miss him when you are with mediocre loves. It’s a shame you can’t find her warmth and passion on other lips, but unfortunately, she can’t help you with that. Gemini, he let you go the moment you decided he wasn’t important in your life anymore. Please don’t try to pretend everything is fine because he will forgive you but remember why it all ended. There are millions more hearts, why stop at a toxic one?


I know, it’s hard to realize that no matter how hard you look, no one will love you like a Cancer. However, it’s harder to figure out that what once was will never come back. Cancer can be very gentle, dedicated, and passionate, but that doesn’t mean they’ll allow you to see their face all the time. It’s not fair for you to pretend to walk in and out of her life as nothing has happened. The best thing you can do is start erasing it from your memory. The only thing he wants to say to his ex is that in his heart there is no regret, but there is no regret either. Without a doubt, getting away from him was the best decision she could make. Now he has learned to forgive and overcome thanks to his ex, and this lesson will take him all his life.


You are a leader, intelligent, courageous, you are the one who can fall into the depths of sadness and rise up with the same strength. Did you really expect to see him defeated? Leo may love with all his soul, but his pride doesn’t allow him to crawl for anyone and the fact that he doesn’t want his ex to come back isn’t for revenge, it’s just that he realized how much he is worth and how happy he can be with your own business. The breakup has sent him into a catharsis to which he does not want to return. Leo, the only thing you want to tell your ex is that you are not going to fall into a vicious cycle, you are not there to be loved one day and not the next. This Leo is already in the past, now he’s making it clear that anyone who wants a place in their life has to earn it.


Virgo can have a really bad time at first, as they’re not used to being broken in such a cruel way and then pretending that everything is fine. However, over time, he analyzes the situation in-depth and realizes that it was for the best. Sometimes falling in love prevents us from seeing the real side of the coin, but life gives us a chance to distance ourselves from the wrong person. Virgo, doesn’t need to charge her ex, whatever he did wrong will stay with him and he will have to do his karma accounts. Virgo just wants to tell you that by far they are better and that thanks to his departure he was able to find his best version.


A love and a goodbye, Libra can break down when he says goodbye to a love he has given everything to, but deep down there is a part of a pride that keeps him from begging. You know very well that you do not want to stay next to someone who is available to everyone, you like exclusivity, but above all tranquility. Being confident that this person respects the bond is an inexplicable feeling. This is the reason why you will not waste time with the loves of the past. The only thing you can wish your ex to do well, to find someone who matches his beliefs, because his beliefs don’t match at all. So lucky, with Libra you have already lost all opportunities.


Do you know what Scorpio achieved when their relationship ended? It’s your own reason to start over. Things might not have turned out the way you wanted them to, but that’s not a good enough reason to stop believing in love. The only thing Scorpio wants to tell his ex is that he appreciates the time he’s been in, keeps the good, and lets go of the bad. His emotional intelligence doesn’t allow him to be around someone who is breaking him all the time. He’s not the same crying Scorpio anymore, now his dignity, self-esteem, and peace come before anything else. It is not in its essence to beg for leftovers. I’m sorry, but it won’t come back. He doesn’t want you to change or show him anything, he wants you away from his life.


Fortunately, Sagittarius has a lot of other things in life to be grateful for. He knows that the couple is very important, but he has never been one of those who leave his world to immerse himself in that of love. He loves a lot of other people and is not ready to give up his passions for anything or anyone. The moment his ex left he was reminded of his individuality, of how he always managed to move on without needing someone else to figure his life out. The only thing Sagittarius would say to their ex is that the days keep smiling and confident that the right person will come along. However, she no longer plans to return to someone who has hurt her so much. He definitely realized it wasn’t love.


Capricorn has power in their walk, it’s a sign that doesn’t like looking down on anyone and even less on a relationship that hasn’t worked out. It’s not that you don’t give in or love deeply, it’s just that you are willing to face failure, to push yourself too hard, and being defeated is not an option. . Capricorn, the only thing I would like to tell your ex is that it was not an excuse to let go of his dreams, on the contrary, he found inspiration in the middle of loneliness and now he knows he wants to hold the hand of someone who values ​​everything they do, there is in their mind and in their heart. There is no point in getting addicted to something that has already happened, now you are focused on your goals and the least you want,


Aquarius has already found the bright side of loneliness. Before, he was very good at managing his company, but after spending so much time with a partner and rediscovering his gait, things got more satisfying than ever. Honestly, Aquarius has absolutely nothing to say to his ex, that topic is being left out and he’s never had this recycling love affair. Once you get used to someone not being part of your day, it’s a sign that you don’t want to fall back into the same thing again. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most patient ex, years can go by and he won’t talk to you. Aquarius, he’s not rude, he has a pacifist’s heart, but he’s no slouch either. Don’t think that you are going to play with his feelings at will.


It’s cynical how people believe they can walk into a Pisces life and do whatever they want. Make no mistake about it, just because he was too nice when it comes to loving, doesn’t mean you’re going to turn his world upside down and then come back as if nothing had happened. Pisces are often calm but don’t put their cruel side to the test as it can take your breath away. There are many times he unwittingly walked away and it hurt him a lot. He can be understanding and forgive you, but he doesn’t want you to come back. The only thing you would say to your ex is that you are sorry that things didn’t work out, but you don’t intend to stay with someone who causes you constant tears.

What Each Sign Would Like To Say To Their Ex

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