What Each Sign Should Learn Now For Their Sake

I know you sank, you didn’t realize it at the moment when sadness became your shadow. You trusted that your life was going well, you did not imagine that the pieces would fall from one moment to another and that broke your entire soul. You thought you would not return to the ring, but you did, with everything and fear. That’s why today, I tell you from my heart, do it for yourself and for all the nights that you only had you. Every zodiac sign knows very well what I’m talking about. This is what every sign should now learn for their own good: 


It wasn’t easy to open your eyes, because you got used to putting yourself at the end of the list. You were the one who gave in, the one who let his passion for life be interrupted. Suddenly, your impulsive side was fading and with each day that passed your essence was lost a little more. Now, you know that the bad and the good exist, that you can’t avoid them, but you realized that there is no battle, that you don’t win, don’t forget, you always can.


If those who judge you really know your story, they would be silent on the spot. You have had to deal with people who do not know what loyalty is, they are used to living among negativity. However, your heart goes further, you are so brave that you have ignored their bad intentions and you do not give up. You may have a dark side, like everyone else, but it doesn’t turn off your light.


Your mind is always one step ahead, it’s amazing how your intellect opens up opportunities for you along the way and you appreciate it. You have the gift to connect on a unique level, you don’t settle for the first layer, you want more than just superficialities. Therefore, you know how to deal with the other side of the coin, when they hurt you and then they smile at you as if nothing had happened. That has led you to understand that loneliness is the best thing to have happened to you. It is better to be alone than in bad company.


Without a doubt, one of your most beautiful qualities is your ability to give love. No one has to teach you what it means to be unconditional, because it comes naturally to you. However, that sensitive side of yours also throws you off balance. There was a time when you couldn’t find strength anywhere, you felt abandoned, disappointed, and without anyone. However, you got over it and you didn’t need anyone. You are big.


People are usually so cruel that sometimes it is very difficult for you to put yourself in their shoes and you are a very empathetic sign. There are many people you have illuminated during your journey because you do not think twice when you have to give a hand to those who need it most. But when it comes to you and your world crashing down, where does his loyalty lie? Bad companies teach you that in the end you only have yourself.


In your being, there is a soft, amorous, and tender touch. However, you had to go through quite a few ups and downs to be able to understand that your self-love has to go above everything else. Falling into depression has made you change your perspective completely, you are no longer so harsh and critical of yourself. You accept yourself with your thousand defects, you know that you are not here to please anyone and as long as you want the world to roll.


You cry until your eyes are swollen and your throat is dry. Without a doubt, your emotional side is not in dispute, you accept it, but… you are also brave, you have a resilient part that scares many and you have learned to laugh in the midst of the storm. You run away from chaos and drama, but if you have to put someone in their place, you do it. You are no longer to beg anyone.


In a few words, they can rip your heart to pieces, they can tell you everything and even humiliate you in front of others, but with the same pain that they cause you, you open your eyes again. It is true, that you cry, you scream, and you get angry because you are not one of those who hide their emotions and less within the four walls of your room, however, you wipe your tears and move on.


The tenacity with which you see life is admirable, in your memory you have a lot of moments that you do not share with anyone, because the last thing you want is to be seen with pity. Your spirit is the one that never lets you fall, always with optimism ahead, you know how to steal smiles, even if pain invades you inside. Lifting others up while being broken is an act of incomparable love and so are you.


Your way of seeing life is so intelligent and logical that you can feel terrible and reflect on a deep level. You always like to put things in balance, making decisions lightly has never been your thing. You trust yourself, so much that you know that sadness doesn’t last forever, but that’s not why you’re going to hide your tears. Sometimes, all you need is to let go to continue, there is no more.


The situations that life presents to you scare you, but at the same time, you want them to pass. Deep down you know when things are going to end badly, but you insist on giving yourself the opportunity since you don’t like to be left wanting for anything. The bad thing is when time proves that you had to trust your intuition from the beginning. Remember, that the most important thing is that you believe in yourself, if you do, nothing can beat you.


Today I want to tell you to give a huge hug to your imagination, to value your creativity and all those beautiful feelings that you express through art. You are exceptional, the sign that does not regret what you give from the heart. Your visions are great and it would be absurd to let yourself fall for the bad vibes of others. For you there are no impossible, just a few downturns to then continue with more desire. That’s you.


What Each Sign Should Learn Now For Their Sake

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