What Each Sign Should Know About Its Regent Planet

Behind the zodiac signs, the ruling planets are hidden, those that are linked to the soul and the heart. What is it that each sign should know? They are the ones who influence our way of loving, valuing, expressing. They are our home, they touch us in a subtle and intense way, so much so that they have the power to change our mood overnight. Maybe after reading this you understand a lot about your personality.

1.- Aries

Aries you have to know that Mars does not let you go, it is the one who adds a touch of struggle to each of your steps. Thanks to your ruling planet you have intensity in everything you do. Mars represents your ambitious side, the one that does not give up and goes out to work hard for your dreams. It is your implacable side, the one that is capable of showing its animal instinct if life requires it. Mars is synonymous with passion, knowing no limits, it is the one who is here to show his warrior side, the leader of the zodiac. He does not want to compete with anyone, he wants to show himself that he can be better every day.

2.- Taurus

Taurus is the one who has Venus on his side, the planet that reminds him that not everything is organized. Sometimes, you have to let yourself go, let life decide where you have to be. It is the planet that honors love, the one that has the gift of satisfaction, thanks to it you have a sensitive, dedicated, and loving side. Taurus is an Earth sign that often gets lost in material, work, and long-term goals. However, Venus is the one who bathes you with hope, who does not allow you to give up, it is the planet that drives you, inspires you, and has the power to turn a gray day into the most colorful.

3.- Gemini

Gemini is lucky, he is the intellectual who can combine everything he knows with the strength of an imposing planet. He has Mercury on his side, he is the one who improves his communicative side, which makes his thoughts overflow. The planet that reminds you that there is always something new to learn, to share, to analyze. It is synonymous with wit, with a personality that steals attention. That is the reason why Gemini always excels, no matter the location. Mercurio is the one who gives shine in his words, he knows how to perfectly articulate a conversation, that’s why he always gets his way.

4.- Cancer

Cancer is the most charming heart of the zodiac, it is the one who melts you with such goodness, having him close is synonymous with home. The reason is simple, it is the Moon that governs your emotions, the embrace of your feelings. Cancer comforts you, he is the one who knows how to smile even in the middle of the tide. The Moon is maternal, who invites us to show our empathetic and sweet side. Thanks to her, Cancer follows her intuition, trusts when something tells her that this person is not a good vibe. The Moon makes Cancer stand firm, that it can forgive, but that it does not lose its dignity.

5.- Leo

Leo is the sign that does not go around with small things, when he decides to go for something, he does it with everything as if there were no tomorrow and ignores what bad people think. It is because he has the Sun on his side, he is the one who governs him and inevitably makes him the center of attention in every place he steps. The Sun fills Leo with creativity, it is his luminous part, which awakens the vitality that is in his spirit. The Sun fills each of your insecurities with confidence. He is the one who represents positivity, work, and discipline, that is why his energy seems inexhaustible.

6.- Virgo

Mercury is also on the side of Virgo, thanks to this planet you can have a reflective side. It is the reason why you have to analyze everything meticulously before taking such an important step. Virgo is practical, energetic, organized, like Mercury. He is always on the lookout for details and prefers to plan ahead rather than face the unforeseen. Mercury can become your inspiration, the strength you need when bad spells are present. He’s the one who always keeps you oriented.

7.- Libra

Venus is also the one who rules the romantic side of Libra, she is the one who reminds him that life is one and you have to enjoy it as if there were no tomorrow. The planet of love, who is responsible for stabilizing our hearts when having a relationship. Venus is in harmony, she is the one who bathes Libra with dreams, wanting to enjoy everything around her. He is the one who brings out his creative, fun side, like a hug to childhood. Venus makes Libra stand out for its aesthetic side, it is who makes its beauty unique, the one in which you can lose yourself. This is Libra, like Venus, more than a caress to the heart.

8.- Scorpio

Scorpio is the sign that has the underworld on its side, it is synonymous with power, gallantry. It’s like your planet, Pluto. Thanks to him you have the power to transform yourself in the midst of pain, it is the planet that represents life and what lies after it. The perfect duality, the one that can create and destroy with the same intensity. The energy of Scorpio can with everything, it is the dark and esoteric side of existence, there are few who have the sensitivity to understand such a unique soul. It is intensity, it is here to evolve, to remind you that behind every obstacle there is an opportunity.

9.- Sagittarius

Jupiter is the good luck charm, he is the one who maintains the positive side of the zodiac, and, boy, Sagittarius is very lucky to have him on his side. Jupiter is the one who maintains his optimistic side, who is capable of making Sagittarius look up even in the worst moments. It is synonymous with expansion, learning, traveling, going out to conquer new horizons. It is the energy that invites you to renewal, to say that you can, even if it seems the most complicated thing in the world. It is his adventurous and reckless part, the one that does not give up and fights for his dreams.

10.- Capricorn

Capricorn is always basing his life on goals, it is the sign that honors work, that puts discipline, concentration, and the desire to achieve every last of his dreams. Capricorn has Saturn on his side, that is the reason why he enjoys the structure, why he does not allow anyone to interfere in his decisions. He is determined and often leaves romanticism aside because he prefers to see things from a realistic point of view, just like Saturn. Some may call them bitter, but their goal is to build something important in life.

11.- Aquarius

Call him aloof, the one who puts up an emotional barrier before letting anyone know his underbelly. Aquarius is the sign that is not afraid of sudden changes, on the contrary, they are his encouragement to keep going. It is like your planet, Uranus, who challenges at every moment, is the inspiration that many need to finally dare to take that step. Uranus is the one who symbolizes the revolutionary part, who is here to innovate, that is the reason why it is the perfect complement for Aquarius. Uranus flees from the conventional, breaks with the limits, is the rebel, is not here to please anyone.

12.- Pisces

Pisces, the sign that bets on the imagination, waste creativity in everything, even in those thoughts that he keeps, because he is reserved when it comes to giving someone permission to enter his heart. Pisces is governed by the force of Neptune, the planet of illusion, who honors the spiritual realms, who intensifies the sensitive part of Pisces. Thanks to him, she has the courage to cling to her dreams, it is her artistic part, the fantasy that we all need to move forward. It is love, happiness, peace, it is simply the union between Pisces and Neptune.


What Each Sign Should Know About Its Regent Planet

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