What Each Sign Learned From Your Last Relationship

Talking about relationships is like tossing a coin, there are a thousand stories to tell. There are the bad versions and the good ones too. There are those who became a thorn in the heart and those who came to shelter it. However, the ending always hurts. It does not matter if you are the one who says the last goodbye or if someone cuts off your desire to move on. The truth is that no matter how much we love someone, we cannot force them to be close. When it’s over, it’s over, what did you learn? Each sign of the zodiac assimilated it in their own way:

1.- Aries

The past, stepped on. Aries your goals are so great that it is truly absurd for you to stop in a love that filled you with fear and little desire to continue. You learned that people can show their worst when they are with the wrong person. Now you know that you have to value yourself above all else, that if you don’t give yourself your place no one will. Above all, you understood that no matter how much you love, that no matter how much chemistry there is between the two, it is not a strong argument to give and give without receiving anything in return. Your last relationship taught you that you should not give up your life for anyone, because your family, your friends, your work, are also a priority and it is never too late to understand it.

2.- Taurus

There are lessons that are not forgotten, that you learn in the midst of bitterness, but they remain with you for a lifetime and are so great that at the end of everything you remember them with a smile. As you learned in your last relationship, you don’t have to force anything. Loving is not about controlling, especially when your stubborn part shows up. It is clear that things are not always going to go your way and that is when you may have a problem. The problem is that there comes a point where you want everything to be perfect and you idealize the person, you put make-up on them and when you meet reality is when you suffer the most. Now you prefer to see everyone without filters, looking for their true essence.

3.- Gemini

Go that life has given you strong shakes and more when it comes to love. The point is that there are times when you get carried away in an uncontrollable way, because there is a part of you that wants it all overnight. That’s when you end up involved with couples who are not ready for that much. Gemini, your last relationship taught you that you shouldn’t take the plunge if you’re not sure , just because you feel pressured. Commitment is serious, it involves the feelings of so many and it is not worth taking it so lightly. Gemini, it is not that you run away from ties, it is that you get tangled up with someone who is not worth it.

4.- Cancer

I admire your courage, Cancer, you are that person who, no matter how stabbed you are in the back, looks up and returns recklessly to the world of love. However, each crack has taught you to lower it a little, it is not that you no longer believe, now you prefer to prevent it. Your last relationship taught you that it is not worth it, that risking so much is exhausting and worse when you realize that you do not receive the same in return. Now you know that you cannot worry in an exaggerated way, if you can do something, you do it, but you no longer think of going out of your way. You learned that no matter the situation, you always have to put yourself first, because as long as you are okay, everything else will be.

5.- Leo

Simple and direct, your heart is not for crumbs, what you least want in this life is to settle for little love. Leo, you are demanding and you know it, but there is nothing wrong with that. It has cost you a lot to get to where you are in all aspects of your life, so nothing happens if you become demanding, you do not have to lower your standards just because the rest do not really commit to love. Now you understand that you need time, quality, a reciprocal relationship that is not filled with insecurities. You want displays of affection and if someone is not ready for that, the door is wide open.

6.- Virgo

Virgo, you have your hobbies, your flaws, your virtues, your moments of rapture. They are yours, you have to value them and embrace your way of being because for better or for worse, all that has served to give life to the pile of dreams that shake your mind. However, your last relationship taught you that you need to be yourself above all else , be in your environment and have time alone. The fact that they want to be on top of you all the time becomes suffocating and a relationship shouldn’t cut your wings. If it is synonymous with jail, it is not there. Do you understand now.

7.- Libra

Libra, the truth is that when it comes to opening the doors of love, you put one and a thousand obstacles. There is a part of you that has a hard time giving up completely because your insecurities get ahead. However, your past relationship has taught you that you have to give the opportunity to those who come with good intentions, that it has nothing to do with the time you spend with a person. There are those who have been together for years and are not happy. So now you know that you should not underestimate the spark of love, because when it arrives it does not ask your permission, it enters in an overwhelming way and it is not worth stopping it.

8.- Scorpio

Scorpio, all your life you have believed that it is best to be in command, your dominant personality has not allowed you to trust a new love. Feeling vulnerable to you is synonymous with defeat and you don’t want to become the person who begs. However, your last relationship taught you a great lesson, sometimes it is not bad to ask for help. You don’t have to always be brave. It’s okay to feel defeated, out of the blue and just put yourself in the arms of someone who loves you. It is not that you feel guilty about the breakup, it is just that now you understand that a couple is about support, even if it is too late to save the past.

9.- Sagittarius

Sometimes it has nothing to do with the person, or with you, it is the moment in which you find yourself. They say, that you are not cut out for commitment, that you go through life aimlessly breaking hearts, but you are not forced to stay with someone who does not fill your days with color. Sagittarius, you are looking for a bond that will infect you with adrenaline, love, charm and you don’t have to change your mind. Now you understand that when you feel ready for a serious relationship you will launch yourself to success without fear. The commitment is real, you should not feel pressured. You are to be loved pretty, so don’t let other people’s insecurities cloud your way.

10.- Capricorn

Although you are one of the strongest signs when it comes to making decisions, when it comes to putting an end to matters of the heart, your entire body shakes. Especially because there is a part of you that does not accept failure. That is, deep down you know that love is over, but it is not easy to take the next step. However, your last relationship left you a great lesson, that of self-love, clinging to yourself. Now you know that before taking such an important step you must work on an emotional and mental level. Prepare your heart for what is to come and so when something does not turn out as you expected, you will overcome it in a better way.

11.- Aquarius

Aquarius, people can give a whole mass about your lifestyle. The truth is that for a long time you stopped caring what they will say and now you only focus on what you feel and your interests. It’s hard for you to say yes in the relationship because you don’t find an affinity with just anyone. Your last relationship taught you that you do not have to stay in comfort, even if you are not happy. Now you understand that you want someone who shares your same goals, a partner with whom you do not have to pretend something that you are not. Someone who is not too different, who is not scared of your lifestyle.

12.- Pisces

Pisces you know that behind that serenity there is a bit of courage with yourself because you cannot reconcile that at one point you gave everything for someone who did not deserve so much. Thanks to your last relationship, you learned that not everyone is prepared to give themselves in such a transparent, profound way. It is difficult to accept that you have to be sure before taking the step because there are those who only come to visit your life and who argue that you are intense. Do not believe him, do not let the lack of commitment of the other person overshadow your way of being. Just go little by little, as they say around, giving and giving. The right person will arrive.


What Each Sign Learned From Your Last Relationship

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