What Each Sign Hates About Their Own Heart

Imagine yourself, being strong, with self-love to the sky, trusting in what you do, and embracing each of your scars. It is true, that you are not perfect, there are versions of you that you would like to hide, but that would be falling into hypocrisy and it has never been your thing. Life has taught you that it is better to reconcile with your angels and your demons because thanks to them you are who you are. Your essence is unique and beautiful, but it is not for everyone. There are things that each sign of the zodiac is silent about… What is it that each sign hates in its own heart?


When it’s time to talk about yourself, you put up a lot of barriers before you get to the good points. You know that your capabilities are very broad, but you have a bad habit of focusing on the bad and that’s when you end up right where you are, hating how easy it is to push people away. You’ve become too intolerant and don’t give anyone second chances anymore, but you don’t always like that about yourself.


On the outside, you may appear to have a very cold temperament, even distant, because you are not usually the type of person to express your emotions. However, your actions say the opposite. The moment someone becomes an important part of your life, you give them your whole world. That’s what you hate about your heart, which love so much that there are times when it gets tangled up with the wrong person. 


There may be people who run away from you because they have believed that story that a cruel being lives inside you, who is capable of breaking self-esteem when they mess with him. However, you are quite the opposite, you don’t get hooked on ill-treatment and that annoys you because you quickly recover. Somehow, you forgive those who have hurt you and they don’t always deserve it. 


Of course, your resilient side is not up for discussion. You are a very determined sign when you propose it and if someone breaks your heart, it is better that they pack their bags and get out of your life because with you they no longer have hope. However, you hate that about yourself, perhaps it is the grudge that does not allow you to heal quickly. You need a long time to feel that everything is fine again. 


With you, you never know, Leo, because your intelligence asks you for something, but your emotions are extremely impulsive and in moments of tension you can do crazy things that you later regret. Without a doubt, you hate that from your heart, because it is very stubborn, it clings to who it loves and it is impossible for it to turn the page from one moment to another. You would like to be stronger in that sense.


In labor matters and responsibilities you have everything under control. You are a sign that sticks too closely to the rules and does not mind repeating a routine, if it works for you, go ahead. However, something you hate in your heart is your fickle part, you tend to fall in love with new projects, and new people and that’s when you lose yourself for a long time. Your heart hits the gas.


Your indecision is not something you feel proud of, because you think about the same topic so many times, that you end up missing out on opportunities. Libra, you are a very compassionate person, if it is within your possibilities to give someone a hand, you do it without expecting anything in return. However, you hate that your heart is dominated by your thoughts, and you believe all those insecurities that break you. 


In a way, you appreciate that people have made you a bad guy because it helps you ward off emotional vampires. Your character is very temperamental and overwhelming, but you don’t always show it, much less when love is involved. That’s what you hate most, becoming a fragile being, meeting a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and ending up in pieces. 


There may be times when you love that crazy urge to honor the adrenaline rush, but other times you just want to pause, take a look around and determine if you’re with the right person. That’s what you hate most about your own heart, that you fall in love with bad people because you have so much goodness in your soul that you think everyone can change, but unfortunately, it’s not always like that.


There are many times that you have tried to go beyond the traditional. However, you end up going back to your roots, where you close yourself off and don’t allow yourself to leave your comfort zone. Capri, that’s what you hate in your heart, to give up because your logical part tells you that you have to think a thousand times before acting. Breaking down walls to get inside you has become a challenge. 


It is true, that your love is very selective, you do not get hooked on nice words, you really need them to reach the bottom of your feelings to feel full and confident. Perhaps that is what you hate most about your heart, that it does not let go easily, it returns without warning to the loves of the past and that is when you stagnate, you close the door to new conquests.


You know perfectly well that your company is sacred, not everyone deserves to be listened to, showered with attention, and surprised with their favorite things. You are very intense, that of love in shades of gray is not in your vocabulary. The bad thing is that not all loves think the same as you and that’s when you hate your heart because it’s too sensitive and makes you believe that after a breakup you won’t get up again. 


What Each Sign Hates About Their Own Heart

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