What Each Sign Does When It Goes Out Of Cups

What Each Sign Does When It Goes Out Of Cups

To provide! Sometimes, in the midst of a bad streak, all you need is to be with those people who fill you with life and remind you how fun it is to have a couple of drinks together. It is not always about sadness, also for joys drinks are worth it. Each zodiac sign has a peculiar way of sharing tears and happiness to the rhythm of a good meeting. But what does each sign do when it comes to drinks? There are those who cry, laugh, dance, and become more introverted or extroverted, which one are you?


You love to enjoy a good night, if you don’t feel like it you prefer not to go out. You are one of those who do not put excuses when it comes to having a good time and when the drinks go up a little you get quite intense. People who are not prepared to deal with the truth are better off staying out of it because you don’t touch your heart in these cases. You are too direct, but you do not regret it, you do not lie.


Enjoyment flows to you in every pore. You are usually a quiet sign in your work environment or with your family, but once you gain confidence, your other self comes out. It doesn’t usually end up under a table when you pass the drinks, but you do like good jokes, and meeting new faces. Of course, if you’re drunk the spirit of craving calls you, that’s when you get hungrier, and you get very crazy with food.


For you, a good clash of drinks depends on your emotional state, you do not like to keep up appearances, if you are going to get drunk it is to throw away your sorrows and focus on the good things that life is offering you. Let’s say that’s when your sentimental side kicks in and all you want is to laugh, dance, cry, and dance again. You get very thoughtful, but your company is nice, you connect with anyone.


You are definitely an emotional whirlwind, you can walk around with a relaxed attitude as well as an extremely intense one. With you, the gray dots do not exist and people love it because you become the sensation in meetings. A couple of drinks make you relax and your social side takes control. You take off any kind of filter and love to sing until your throat hurts.


It is better that they get out of your way, Leo, let’s say that you with a few drinks on you become a latent danger. Your darkest side comes out and there is no human power to stop you, you honor the persuasion and you can even say hurtful comments. Perhaps not with the intention of hurting the other, but you do not measure much what you say or what you do. You are one of those who is surprised the next day when they tell you about your exploits.


I feel very sorry for the people who have to put up with your bad side when the drinks are too much for you. And it is that you are not usually a negative soul, but when you propose it, your tongue is loosened until your words become pure fire. That is the reason why you do everything not to overdo it. In fact, you prefer to enjoy what others do, and seeing how they end up losing their dignity can be interesting.


Of Libra, they can say what they want, but it is the type of sign that even in its highest state of intoxication maintains its composure. I don’t know how you do it, but you still look sophisticated in your worst moments. You are a sign that loves fun, deep conversations and discovering new places. You like to be up to date, but there comes a point where your social side shuts down and you want to return home as soon as possible. 


When you miss the drinks, the only thing that happens is that you are less subtle when it comes to saying things. The truth is that you don’t usually shut up, if something bothers you, you say so. You can’t stand dealing with hypocritical people and your emotional side also comes out, so it’s very possible that a couple of tears will appear. That is your essence, that of a soul that feels and does not intend to keep up appearances for anyone. 


Drinks don’t scare you, on the contrary, they motivate you, you have no problem letting yourself go because you’re used to people talking about you as if they really knew you. You are a very genuine sign and being at a party awakens your essence, you love to do what your heart dictates. Sagi, you let the music and the atmosphere surround you, you are one of those who dance until dawn and still have energy left.


In your case, the situation with the glasses becomes quite interesting, because they allow you to show that side of you that you usually take care of. You are very disciplined with your appearance, you are used to being in control, you are the one who decides what part of you you show to the rest and the truth is that you love it. However, being drunk allows you to open up more, and show your emotional side, but yes, you never lose your elegance.


Without falling into tension, Aquarius, that’s you when you share a couple of drinks with your loved ones. You like to start slowly because you want to analyze everything around you, if people don’t give you a good vibe from the beginning, you prefer not to waste time there. You let yourself be carried away by laughter, the unpredictable, a pleasant time, without breaking your barriers, because you are not one of those who open up to just anyone. 


You have a fanciful and sweet side, that is already known, you don’t need a couple of drinks to show it, because it comes from your soul. However, when drunkenness is present in your body you are usually twice as reserved, a part of you protects you not too trusting anyone and you appreciate it. You prefer to talk about something crazy than to focus on things that break you. Few can see your vulnerable side.


What Each Sign Does When It Goes Out Of Cups

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