What Each Sign Does When He Feels Very Uncomfortable

There are presences that are intolerable, it is enough to have them slightly close for your mood to change in an instant. Sometimes, out of politeness, we don’t say anything, but our gestures and behavior scream everything. Each sign of the zodiac has a peculiar way of acting. What does each sign do when it feels very uncomfortable?


The truth is that Aries hates when others notice something that bothers him, that is why he becomes an expert to hide. He’s apparently more relaxed than ever, but inside he’s wishing he would never see that person again. Although it is a very impulsive sign, it knows how to control itself very well and not fall for absurd provocations. But if you find him in his 5 minutes in a bad mood, the only thing I can wish you is that life blesses you.


Taurus has a mania for keeping up appearances, it is a way in which he has been protecting himself from bad intentions, if people do not know his vulnerable side, they can hardly tear him to pieces. At least, that’s his theory. However, it terrifies him to think that people realize that something is uncomfortable, especially when it is a social issue in which they will get something in return. So all you do is put your distance, avoid talking too much.


Geminis are those who have the gift of communication, they are really good at public relations. If you discover that someone shares your way of seeing life and is a lover of the intellectual, you will not let go of a conversation. But … if you feel uncomfortable, you become the calmest and most serious person in the world. Geminis are not having a good time when they participate little, the only thing that goes through their mind is that they want to leave as soon as possible and they will disguise it with a few smiles.


Cancer is so transparent, so full of goodness, that it is very difficult for him to hide when something does not please him. And it is that it shows in every gesture, when his smile disappears, when he feels ashamed of everything. Because somehow he begins to force himself to pretend that nothing is wrong, but in reality he hates being next to that person. Cancer is okay if you don’t like someone, it’s okay to leave if you prefer. Don’t put your sanity on the line for something like that.


Leo is an expert at escaping from uncomfortable situations, the truth is that he is not rude, but he does not stay in a place where he does not feel comfortable at all. So, find excuses to help you flee the site. Let’s say that if a friend is not available to call you and makes up an emergency, they do it on their own. Acting comes naturally to him when he receives an important message in which he, unfortunately, has to go, but he is equally grateful for the invitation.


Few people understand Virgo’s dark humor , but in reality his intelligence is so superior that he is able to laugh at his own tragedies and that’s fine. When he feels uncomfortable we don’t need to figure it out, because it comes out of his mouth. He does it in a very sophisticated way, in which little by little he jokes about the situation. Let’s say it’s a way to relax and accept that people aren’t always going to like you and that’s okay. You have to learn to deal with it.


What does each sign do when it feels very uncomfortable? In this case, Libra flees like a butterfly in the meadow. The truth is that it is one of the most social signs of the zodiac. He has friends to throw to heaven and if in a meeting he is not living together it is because he really feels out of place. However, he is an expert in getting through awkward moments, if someone doesn’t like him, quickly search around and find the right prey. Someone with whom you will surely spend the rest of the celebration ignoring others.


Scorpio is a lot of fun when he wants to. But if you don’t like someone you are not going to pretend, it does not matter if it is a family member or close friend. It is a sign that is distinguished by going against hypocrisy, so don’t even jokingly think that it will fall into your goal of making him feel uncomfortable. You simply disappear from his life, he pretends you don’t exist and that’s it. Scorpio becomes the most serious person in the world, but if someone else who likes him approaches, he will laugh out loud, simply because he is born.


Sagittarius knows no limits in anything and when it comes to discomfort is no exception. We are talking about a reckless sign, who says things as he feels them, does not have time to reason anything. What does each sign do when it feels very uncomfortable? Sagittarius when something is uncomfortable is noticeable, in the way he speaks, in his disapproving gestures and he says it without fear of the consequences. Let’s say you’re an expert at making everything twice as uncomfortable, at least for the rest, and that’s when you feel a little more relaxed.


Capricorn is extremely special when it comes to defining something that makes him feel comfortable. Sometimes the silence of loneliness is what keeps you on your feet. He simply does not like to feel a cluster of people around him, in those situations he only wants to be in his center, where tranquility and stability are what rule. The truth is that he makes his limits clear, he will not pretend that nothing is wrong, he simply avoids interacting and he may leave the place.


If there is someone who becomes quite intolerant when something bothers him, without a doubt, we are talking about Aquarius. A zodiac sign that feels awful when people start up awkward conversations. You know, comments and criticisms that they didn’t ask for and shouldn’t care about either. Aquarius simply raises his barrier, sets a distance making it clear that he is not going to allow you to comment on his life and if it is necessary for him to pout at you, he does.


It’s funny, because Pisces is a very empathetic and sensitive sign, but when something is uncomfortable, he says it without fear. He really does it in a special way, where the other party doesn’t get hurt. He has the gift of adding a touch of fun to ease tension. However, when he does not tolerate someone it is practically hello and goodbye. Because he does not force himself to be where he was not born, he has done it before and the truth is that it has been one of the worst experiences.


What Each Sign Does When He Feels Very Uncomfortable

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